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  1. I understand why they did it for Forbidden Door, but J.R. not being out there for the first half of the show again has me wondering if they're thinking of doing a WCW style booth where they add someone at the top of the hour. If so, please take someone out. A 4 man both (5 tonight inuding Regal) is just too much of a clusterfuck. Great show though and that main over delivered on FREE TV. FREE TV. Can't reiterate enough how happy that I am for 2.0. Think about this, June 25, 2021 they are released from their WWE contracts and within 370 days they go from being developmental fodder to main event stars in one of the most high profile matches of the year on national TV in front of 13,000+ fans. A E fucking W
  2. This is fair, but the other side is that D.O. were the first dark/creepy/gothic group plus the Brodie Lee memory as well. I could see Dark Order being a group they keep around possibly forever (okay, not forever, but you get the idea) as an homage to his memory. Plus, where would -1 go?! The sports entertainers and JAS?
  3. Bray did just recently trademark "Wyatt 6" which could be a Dark Order thing since there was never a 6 in the Dark Order. Maybe revamped DO coming soon?
  4. You know who'd be perfect for United Empire? Kip Sabian
  5. Also need to give kudos to Kevin Kelly and the job that he does. When I first started watching NJPW a few years ago, he became one of the announcers I gravitated towards. I love is style and approach to commentary. Probably was a good job saving JR and Tony for specific matches. That definitely helped the card. I can imagine JR shitting on ELP's heel antics had he been commentating.
  6. I'm of the mindset that they are purposely holding out for this exact reason. The longer it goes on, the more people begin to question whether it's a work or a shoot. For my money, it's 100% a work. You don't put a live microphone in the hands of a disgruntled employee on National TV with executives there unless it's a work.
  7. I'm glad everything worked out well. In a world full of politics, two wrestling promotions co-promoting a major PPV is absolutely awesome. Moxley touched on it in the post presser, but those old PWI's would put together dream WWF vs. WCW shows, but to actually follow through with something of that ilk, very impressive. Also was glad to hear Rocky Romero was a big reason for the relationship working so well. TK has no issues with giving flowers - just another reason to love that guy.
  8. Very excited for the card tonight, regardless of the names that we aren't getting. I like the idea of it being a battle for "King of Sports" and hope maybe they dig a little deeper for some sprt of a backstory either tonight or in the near future. Early prediction for MOTN is going to be OC/Ospreay with the triple threat tag title not too far behind. I fully expect Orange Cassidy to get an excellent showing tonight but lose, whereas I'm all in on FTR taking the IWGP Tag Team titles leading to another winner takes all match with the Bucks. Speaking of the Bucks, I see them losing to the Dudes with Phantasmo taking the fall leading to more "strife" between the Bullet Club and Undisputed Elite. Jay White I'm expecting to retain, probably by pinning Cole to further that storyline without Hangman or Okada eating an L directly. Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa is another sleeper match for this card that is one of the few toss ups to me. TK likes his long title reigns and rightfully so, but Storm is firing on all cylinders right now. Take me to a Storm/Hayter title feud please . I still haven't gotten to ZSJ's world class mystery opponent who I expect to be Claudio. This is such a tough situation with Blood and Guts looming, because I'm firmly in the camp ZSJ NEEDS to go over here, so I'd like some Taichi interference (bonus points for Miho Abe too) to cost whoever it is this mystery opponent may be. All-Atlantic title match is another sleeper for me. Color me interested in seeing what Clark Connors can do with the big boys of AEW. There's only one right choice for the winner in this match and that's the Redeemer, probably pinning the aforementioned Connors. Jericho, Sammy, and Suzuki versus Kingston, Wheeler Yuta, and Shota Umino will probably be solid. I'd be lying if I said I don't really care too much about this match outside of team Kingston, and even then it's just for my unwavering love of Eddie. So, yeah, go BCC + Shooter. AEW Interm World title, a match that I should be more excited for than I am. The build for this match has been years in the making, but going off the past few weeks and how the title got here with Punks injury, this had to get tossed together last minute. Either way, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that both of these veterans are going to give Chicago a match to remember. Moxley will probably win here as I don't think realistically the AEW World champ will be competing in the G1, but who knows. It's pro wrestling and this is why we watch!
  9. Isn't it kind of ironic that less than a week ago that was the topic of discussion here... and here we are? Seems to happen pretty often around these parts. Almost like someone is lurking.
  10. I'm surprised KENTA didn't find a spot somewhere on the card here. I feel like he's a big enough name, has worked AEW previously, and while I know he was shouting for a GTS match with Punk - did seem open to the idea of at least wrestling on the show.
  11. I think Riccaboni should be next in line for an AEW announcers gig whenever Schiavone or Ross retire. I have all the time in the world for that man.
  12. No, but there's a litany available online where I purchased my DVD from if I really wanted one that badly. I will twist this to wrestling just to fit the theme of the board as Jurassic Park and my unadulterated love for it probably wouldn't be best suited for an apt comparison. If you wanted to go back and watch old ECW, WCW, or WWF - you can just as easily go to the Network right now. Everyone here knows that the amount of wrestling available right there is second to none. However, how watered down from their original airings are those? If I watched an episode of RAW on the Network now from 1998, how much stuff is blurred out or edited or bleeped due to the cursing? Now if you had some DVD's from the early 2000's, or VHS tapes, or what have you, you have about to as close to the original as possible. We are all fanatics to a degree for wrestling, that's why we're on this board. So as "historians" in some cases, I know we would much rather see what actually happened or as close to the original as possible without it being watered down. In the case of my DVD, does it hold stuff that I can't see unless I own it? Yes it does. That's why it's so valuable to me. I literally can't find some of this stuff out there unless I own it. You wanna see a classic "Enter Sandman" ECW entrance? You better own a VHS or something of those early shows, cause if you try and show a new wrestling fan now, the experience the Network is going to show you isn't going to be the same as the VHS would be. TL;DR - You're owning something that can't be altered at a later date, thus keeping it as close to OG as possible.
  13. I purchased Jurassic Park 1-3 on DVD. Now, if they ever take it off of HBOMax, I don't need to find a 3rd party site or jump through hoops in order to watch it. Plus, I get all the deleted scenes as well as the "making of" which you can't find anywhere. That's the stuff that matters to me. Of course a DVD or something can get destroyed or stolen, almost anything can - but nobody purchases anything with that assumption. Besides, I'd assume someone would steal my $3,000 PC or hard drive (which, well, anything digital I own on there is now gone) before a $15 DVD, but to each their own in 2022.
  14. SAME. There's just something about physically owning something and knowing it can't be taken from you that I love.
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