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  1. Now these are the types of signings I can get behind
  2. AEW desperately needs to quit running the same markets to help improve their carbon footprint in the wrestling industry. We all know that NOOOOOOORTHHHH CAROLINAAAA will sell tickets as will Chicago and the NYC area, but I feel between those three places and Texas - that's about the only place we have seen shows recently. I don't know if that's because of the pandemic, but they need more variety in the locations they choose to go to. Also, last surprise for me was actually just a week ago with 2.0 and Danny boy FINALLY getting a big win over PnP and Eddie Kingston. PUSH THE NEW NASTYS NOW!!!
  3. Makes me wonder if TK has any idea of who might be the people to replace JR and Schiavone when they do decide to step down and retire. Not sure how long away that is, but for Schiavone - I could see it being 2024 possibly.
  4. I personally like that and think it's a great idea. They have enough content spread throughout YouTube that I think a topic of its own is viable.
  5. Are there any matches of the Bucks you can recall off the top of your head from AEW where this is prevalent? I'd like to go back and re-watch it to see what you're talking about to have a better understanding.
  6. Just went back and re-watched the Lucha Bros vs. Young Bucks match from All Out. I think at this point I have to say that as far as I've been a fan of professional wrestling, the Young Bucks might just be the best tag team that I have seen. For two straight years (one could argue three if you wanted to throw Esculera De La Muerte on there) the Bucks have been in what I view as the best match of the year. Revolution 2020, that match against Hangman and Omega was just so good that I said and still maintain it was the greatest tag match I've ever seen. To have three storylines all going on at one time during the match, along with the actual match itself was just absolutely top notch. Fast forward to last year and they put on an absolute BANGER with the Lucha Bros inside the cage that the crowd gobbled up. Again, the backstory and history that the teams had between each other, the ripped masks, the blood, the pop, Penta embracing his family after the match. Talk about hitting on all points. I get it, the Bucks aren't some people's cup of tea in the ring and that's fair - but as far as presenting a good storyline with a good payoff, they are as good as anybody in my opinion. Granted, I wasn't around for the Horsemen or the Freebird days so that stuff may not resonate with me as much as 1999-now but I'll be damned if the Bucks aren't in the pinnacle of wrestling tag teams.
  7. Also, Sammy vs. Daniel Garcia for the Interm TNT Championship is exactly the type of match I'm hoping for when I personally tune into AEW. Two young, hungry guys who were letting their punches fly in that little scrum they had at Battle of the Belts. Very excited for that match - appointment viewing.
  8. Same problem I have had with the WWE lately. Granted, when they're in a stadium you can't tell, but the Rumble was in a normal arena like 3(?) or 4 years ago and it looked like a RAW. Didn't feel special whatsoever. Please wrestling, bring back the unique titantrons. I'm not asking for an 8K screen, just give me something that fits in the vein of the event (Backlash swinging scythe, KotR electric chair, ect.)
  9. I second wishing these specials were 2 hours long. I feel like 1 hour just isn't enough time with the absolutely stacked roster that they have.
  10. I'm sure he's probably worked a Dark or two (I have no idea who he is)
  11. That GIF right there is why Marko Stunt initially got signed.
  12. I know how difficult competing at the highest level in ANY game can be, so respect to you for reaching the semis! That's a great accomplishment. What game was it if you don't mind me asking?
  13. I can hear his promo now "I've had guys on the inside for quite some time now" Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly attack the ELITE.
  14. Speaking of which, I was watching the Halo Championship Series event a couple of weeks ago and Mr. Bay Bay made a guest appearance in Raleigh and was actually doing pretty well. (He played in a Big Team Battle exhabition. Was even killing some of the all time graats in Halo. My mind was blown) Seeing my two favorite things, competitive Halo and wrestling cross polinate (Jebailey and Fyter Fest 2019 as well with CEO) is always a joy. Just another reason I love AEW.
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