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  1. After this last little issue with AEW, I'm all out of time for CM Punk. Really happy with what he brought to AEW and the MJF storyline, but the backstage drama and bullshit seems to always center around that man. Almost every place he has ever been, there's always stories of him being a little pecker. Whoever said the Elite ARE AEW is 100% spot on. AEW just feels like AEW with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. They are what CM Punk wanted to be, except their revolution blew up a little bit more than Punks.
  2. I'm underqualified and only joking, but my point does stand that I love this side of wrestling talk. Also, Jade to confront Bow Wow on Dynamite this Wednesday.
  3. Believe it or not, I'm actually studying business in college right now - so half of this stuff is right up my alley. Hey Tony, if you're reading the message board right now - I am available.
  4. 1. Why does he look like a goof? 2. Who cares? The things people try and parce with "well he should've done x..." is getting kind of absurd now.
  5. Never understood the hate for Khan; unless people are just jealous they aren't in his shoes. The guy has done so much for wrestling as a whole. Say what you will about the quality of shows and whether they're your cup of tea or not - but he's done and tried to do nothing more than bring all wrestling together. If I was in Tony Khans shoes, I'd have done the same exact thing and I bet there are tons of wrestling historians/fans on here who'd share that same sentiment.
  6. Credit to SRS on Twitter. Spoilered for size, but complete rundown of the Full Gear media conference call.
  7. I'm kind of surprised that a lot of you don't see Saraya as a star. I know this isn't the greatest metric but she has more followers on Twitter (2.7m to 2.4m) than Sasha Banks and a healthy 6+ million followers on Instagram. Had a movie made about her and was one of the pioneers of womens wrestling being taken seriously. Also she didn't say she headlined the Tokyo Dome, she said "I've DONE Madison Square Garden, I've DONE the O2, I've DONE the Tokyo Dome" which she didn't... but she did do the Beast in the East show a couple of years ago from Ryogoku Kokugikan . A long shout from the Dome though.
  8. Thank you so much for the answer! That was exactly what I was looking for.
  9. I was just talking with some buddies of mine and had a question that I felt some of the more well educated posters of DVDVR may have the answer to. Okay, when the UFC goes over to let's say Ireland; is there an athletic commission that is located over there separate from the UFC? Does a country have to have an athletic commission set up for them to go there and hold an event? Or can they just basically bring in all of their own people? The only reason I ask this is because I got to thinking about the O'Malley vs. Yan judging of the fight and it got me wondering. Well what if they held the event in say Russia, would there be Russian judges who give him the nod? I guess my question is - does the UFC supply the judges or does an athletic commission? And do those rules vary when they travel out of the United States since I'm not sure if they have to still follow the rules while being not on US soil. Sorry, very long winded and I don't even know if I conveyed the question properly, but it was just something that I thought of and didn't even know what to google to find the answer.
  10. I think that adding someone like Jarrett is going to be a home run for the company overall. I know, call me crazy - but Jarrett does have a good mind for the business as he has been in it or around it since childhood. I'd dare argue HE has more experience as a promoter than Tony Khan does. Maybe this is what Tony and AEW need is just a few more people to funnel in ideas and such. Even with such a large roster, I have to imagine it's hard for one single man to try and do everything. At least back in the day Vince had Pat and Bruce to facilitate ideas to - whereas here - I don't know if Tony has anybody that he's willing to work that closely with. We don't really know in concrete how the creative necessarily works in the back (is it TK only booking these shows and angles? Is it a collab with the talent? Do the coaches like Jerry Lynn, Billy Gunn, etc. offer any kind of input) so I think this may actually help the company. I also don't expect to see Jeff Jarrett holding the AEW World title hostage like he did the NWA World title in TNA, so that also lets it slide for me. They really missed a prime opportunity to bring out Chuck Palumbo and it makes me sad. If you ever do turn Daddy Ass on the Acclaimed, bring back Chucky P one time only so him and Billy can challenge for the titles as a blow off of sorts. Fuck it, let's get really weird. Also, we should be talking more about Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm. I wish they would've given these two ladies a chance to be the main focus of the feud, because I have no doubt that a BANGER!!!! is incoming at Full Gear. I almost say screw it and let Jamie be the one to beat Toni, but I wonder if it's too early in her reign to lose. Hasn't even had a PPV title defense yet.
  11. I'm begging the powers that be, let Daddy Magic get some surprise fluke victory (which will never happen because records mean too much) and give that man a World title match in two weeks.
  12. I gave Punk the benefit of the doubt with everything that went down in WWE. One time is an anomaly, two times is a pattern. Now trying to play the sympathy card with Larry? Lol come the fuck on. That would've been one of the first things I mention after the scrum. Everyone will babyface an innocent dog getting hurt. Odd timing on the release of that info. https://twitter.com/SeanRossSapp/status/1585450541647384578?t=bFMo8F5oRBPjuFmMjbw_LQ&s=19 Edit: of course my hyperlink doesn't embed ?
  13. The buck absolutely stopped when Cody couldn't challenge for the AEW World Title anymore, because that was essentially the end of what his giant arc was supposed to be. I mean think about it in retrospect; this was a guy who went out to do it his way because he felt he was destined for more than what he had been given in WWE. Yet as soon as the doors open on a new promotion he throws out a never challenge for the World title again stipulation and actually goes through with it. Maybe that's some of that "old school rasslin" where there actually needs to be consequences because this established that really early in AEW. The only thing is, to counter this consequence would be to turn heel and challenge for the title - something he openly admitted on air to not wanting to do. However, you then have to think back to the line somewhere about Tony Khan knowing all along how the championship arc would go (Jericho -> Moxley -> Omega -> Hangman) so maybe Cody knew early on that he wasn't going to be in the hunt for the title for the first couple of years. I mean that arc that Khan supposedly had planned out just ended in May when Punk won the title. Part of me wonders if Cody is trying to go full on Hulk Hogan ultimate babyface ride for a while until he (surprise!) turns heel ala Bash at the Beach 96. If he wanted to do that, he'd definitely have to establish his face character for a long ass time - maybe around 8 years. Then he turns 45 and can turn heel and get a fresh paint for his character since he's seeing how long others like his brother are staying in the game. I'm kind of just rambling on now, but I think Cody's aura was lost when he couldn't challenge for that title. In turn, it made all of his feuds feel isolated outside the broader picture of the wrestling promotion. Everyone's goal in wrestling is supposed to be champion. People provide for their families and all that good jazz, but the competitor is always supposed to strive to be world champion. I think the best analogy I can give is for college football. Imagine if you're a fan of say LSU or Ohio St. and they go 12-0 but can't challenge for the National Championship because of sanctions. Before the season, you as a fan are already going to have limited interest because you know "yeah we can run the table, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter". Now think of that, except forever. You're a fan of LSU football, but they can NEVER challenge for the National Championship. As a fan, that really wains your interest. Sure smaller schools like Tulsa or Kent St. aren't out here challenging for National Titles, but at least they have that opportunity to. With that being said, Cody's feuds then felt like... what exactly? A dead end in my opinion.
  14. You'd think she would be another name you'd want out there mixing it up on a weekly basis with the star power she has. A Saraya/Paige feud (lol) would probably attract a lot of eyeballs one would think with how big their respective fan bases are.
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