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  1. The Viking Experience is described as a "unique, team-building adventure for you and your co-workers!" HR says it's mandatory unless you have a doctor's note.
  2. The Viking Experience is a garage band in Rockford, Illinois that hasn't figured out you can't pull off Nightwish's gimmick if none of you can sing.
  3. Norway Ivar and Denmark Erik are better names than The Viking Experience.
  4. I spent an hour in stunned disbelief at how terrible the name was, (well ok I spent like eight minutes in disbelief and the other fifty-two cooking up jokes about it) and then I'm like "alright this is trash but I'll bet the match is gonna be fun" and then Graves said that line and I went nope and turned off the show.
  5. The Viking Experience is the kids menu at the IKEA cafe.
  6. Wait I've got one more The Viking Experience is a four hour PBS concert featuring classically trained musicians playing traditional Norse folk music on authentic period instruments.
  7. The Viking Experience was a concert tour billed as "family-friendly" Scandinavian metal that folded less than four dates in due to poor ticket sales.
  8. The Viking Experience is Vegas' seventh-most popular all male adult revue.
  9. The Viking Experience is the name for a bizarrely painful poop that happens the first time you eat lutefisk.
  10. The Viking Experience is the name of a theme restaurant in Texarkana started by a guy who had four recipes from his Norwegian great grandmother who hasn't been closer to Scandinavia than Nashville
  11. The Viking Experience is an entry on Urban Dictionary describing an improbable sex act written by a spotty teenaged boy who hasn't had physical contact with a vagina since the day of his birth
  12. The Viking Experience is what your dorky fifth grade teacher called the history module on Vikings in his never-ending, never-succeeding quest to make history interesting to his students
  13. That crowd was like 70/30 for Cole at the start of the match and by the end every freaking one of them were behind Gargano. No one has to like what they don't like but they had the building 100
  14. I think Zayn still holds up as arguably the greatest NXT run of anyone, bar none.
  15. Moore made about $200K in 3 years of WCW, then worked another 5 years or so in two stints at WWE. If he lived frugally, it's pretty easy to see him having $50K from his WCW run, and $50K/year from WWE.
  16. Hang on. AFD pranks resulted in a violent altercation and not only hasn't the company cracked down, but when another prank gets an angry verbal reaction, they suspend the person the prank was pulled on? What kind of morons run this company and how can I get hired there so I can cash in with an easy 6-figure lawsuit?
  17. Ok but again, "can't make a living in this industry" is, I would argue, quite a bit different from "dying decades younger than is normal". Whether Meltzer and WO are shitty bosses isn't necessarily as important as the issue that in this instance they are promoting.
  18. Can people really not just read what I wrote, understand the difference between companies with big money behind them paying six figures for exclusive contracts and indies paying 20 bucks and a hot dog for a night's work and deduce that I'm only talking about one of those groups?
  19. How many Observer writers have died in their 40s?
  20. So are we bringing up AEW/RoH to say that these companies should also be forced to lose "independent contractor" status for workers under exclusive contracts, or are people bringing this up to say that if pushing WWE on this front doesn't also push those companies, it shouldn't be done, because if so, hi, welcome to how this works when you're waging a PR campaign. You target the largest, most visible corporation, the one that sets the standard for the industry, rightly or wrongly, get them to do what you want, and then go after #2 and #3. It's why people who've been pushing for $15/hr minimum wages have targeted large fast-food corporations and Amazon. Because if WWE can be profitable while treating fairly with all their workers, (and they absolutely can,) then the rest will fall in line.
  21. I got to hold the ropes for him as he climbed into the ring to talk to a group of fans and a few prospective students before APW's KOI in 2001. He was 71 at the time, and still had a tremendous passion for the business, even as he was long past working in it.
  22. My department had to do a mandatory test on some new Google software that my department would use like 20% of, giving us the choice to either spend 12+ hours studying courses we would never use or get in multiple choice guessing hell, where failing meant you couldn't retake the test for 24 hours. I found an answer key for 5 euros online, and sent the .pdf to coworkers I liked.
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