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  1. McMahon never took much of a position on gay marriage either way, calling DOMA a "states rights issue", and very intentionally not elaborating so it can be spun either way.
  2. I'm not down on Ziggler, and WWE could be doing a lot more with him, but the notion that "he doesn't need the WWE, the WWE needs him" was you taking a detour through downtown Crazyburg.
  3. Good point. Hollywood has a real dearth of handsome actors who can convincingly portray self-absorbed dickheads...
  4. Zaha CAN cross....he just generally chooses not to...
  5. Whoa whoa whoa. Let's not get crazy here...
  6. Ok, so he doesn't need to hit the cutoff man when he's THIRTY FEET FROM THE INFIELD.
  7. I find a good intro to hoppier beers is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Has that west coast hop profile that's found through a lot of the region's IPAs, but in a milder dose, so you can acclimate to the bitterness.
  8. The BevMo in my town has recently started carrying Aventinus Eisbock. Lovely stuff.
  9. Because people have forgotten Miz was even involved in that segment?
  10. All those Gold Cup walks in the park have convinced Eddie Johnson he's actually a skilled player.
  11. Trying that thing out, I picked "Huge Crowd", "An American Football owner", and said my favorite color was red, and it told me I support Everton. So now I'm pretty sure one of you people programmed it.
  12. "AUSTIN/SANTINO 2014!" "Is that a match or a political ticket?" "EITHER WAY IT'S GOT MY SUPPORT!"
  13. So either you want your would-be player coach to take on an incredibly difficult job in addition to his responsibilities as a player for no extra money, or you want a team with a player-coach to have their coach's salary take up cap space.
  14. Of course he did. His 3 pops of the night: 1) Coming out when Vince was about to screw over Bryan by making Maddox the ref. 2) Pedigreeing Maddox. 3) After Bryan/Cena when the crowd was the hottest they were all night.
  15. Well this'll be interesting to watch.
  16. Would the world rather see HHH vs Austin or HHH vs Daniel Bryan? I don't think the world wants to see HHH in matches. HHH getting into a program with Bryan now just brings back memories of him shoe-horning himself into an angle with the then-hottest act in Punk two years ago so he can at least attempt to seem relevant. The problem is that being in there with each guy just points out how much fresher each of them feel compared to him, and how much better they are than him at this stage in the game. HHH comes off like the middle-aged dad who throws around modern phrases to try and seem cool, but has no idea what he's saying, so he just comes off as even more out of touch. If they were dead-set on using HHH in a high-profile Wrestlemania match for control of WWE, who should they put in there with him? That's my question. If they use talent already on the roster, who fits? Would they be better off bringing in someone for a short-term gig (not necessarily Austin)? Does your answer depend on whether or not HHH is supposed to win? What if they don't settle on who goes over in the match until the week before Wrestlemania? Sting.
  17. The world would probably rather see Hogan vs Austin. This is why you ignore the world and "do what's right for business", i.e. let Austin give someone the rub.
  18. If you're going to bring back Austin for one more match, HHH is about the last person he should be wrestling. Cena, Punk, Bryan, Brock (someone wants revenge for that stunner at Mania XX, maybe) Taker at Mania. Hell, Vince for old time's sake. Or, y'know, put him in with Trips again. Cuz Hunter's desperate to still be relevant.
  19. For the "Brock needs to go over" crowd, you know we're probably not going to see him again until Mania-time or thereabouts, right? Just curious what the thinking is.
  20. Y'know what I was thinking after that really great promo where Cena brought the intensity and invoked Make-A-Wish, just the thing to drive his fans wild, and Bryan brought the intensity and invoked Japanese wrestling, just the thing to drive HIS fans wild, and Cena slapped Bryan and Bryan refused to slap Cena back and that sleepy Sacramento crowd had finally been woken up and was going nuts? I was thinking "I hope HHH comes out. That's what this needs."
  21. I find that hard to believe, if for no other reason than "Why'd you bring a banana to the ballpark in the first place?" Not like they have a fruit stand behind the CF bleachers there.
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