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  1. If it was when Zuffa took over, Vince probably made the right call. The company was a money pit and wasn't legal in a ton of states. If he bought it then, people would immediately be crying that fights were fixed and it would have never taken off like it did. It was just a bad fit.
  2. Just watched this as well and agree. Glad it was only 90 minutes but thought it was pretty damn funny for what it was.
  3. I thought the same thing then remembered I was in an Efed for three years as a teenager so I have no real room to talk
  4. She wanted his body burned and scattered so people thought he died in the explosion and not by killing himself.
  5. I saw it yesterday. It was ok if not pedestrian. I only paid $6 so I wasn't too upset but I wouldn't recommend it beyond a redbox or catching it on HBO.
  6. I rewound it four times and I could swear Mick drops an F bomb at the beginning of the episode
  7. Arrow had one of the best hacking battles in history. Explosions and Shakespeare. So good
  8. I legit laughed hard at them hyping this plan and then immediately blowing it. Anyone watch Quantico? It is the worst show that I feel forced to keep watching just to see how many ridiculous twists and turns they are going to fit in
  9. Box office Ranking Captain America: Civil War (May 6) Finding Dory (June 17th) X:Men Apocalypse Suicide Squad Independence Day: Resurgence Ghostbusters Star Trek Beyond The Legend of Tarzan Jason Bourne Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Ice Age Collision Course The Nice Guys Now you See Me 2 The Angry Birds Movie Warcraft (June 10th) Rotten Tomatoes ranking Captain America: Civil War (May 6) Finding Dory The Nice Guys Jason Bourne Suicide Squad X:Men Apocalypse Legend of Tarzan Central Intelligence Star Trek Beyond Ice Age Collision Course Independence Day: Resurgence Angry Birds Movie Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Now you see me 2 Warcraft (June 10th) Tiebreaker: Jason Bourne: 94 Million
  10. The company i work for was owned by another company. They sold us yesterday to a MUCH larger company. In the course of a day, I got a matching 401K, life insurance, much better health insurance, more vacation time/holidays, tuition reimbursement and a host of other perks. Also, my boss I absolutely hated with a passion stayed with the other company and my new boss is one of my closest work buddies.
  11. They had all the WCW wrestlers sitting ringside. Should have had NWO run out, WCW guys hop the guardrail to stop them, Sting beats Hogan clean. THEN Bret comes out and they do a face to face to build to who the REAL world champ is. next night you do the Wolfpack split and have NWO vs NWO as the understory to Bret vs Sting
  12. Flight is booked and going to Packers @ Jaguars week one. Also possibly going to Packers @ Titans and if I can get a cheap ticket Packers @ Redskins
  13. WCW had Steve Austin for years and couldn't make him a main event draw, what makes you think he could be one in the WWF?
  14. Not the real Sid. Just some super Smart Mark sullying the good name of Sid by complaining about Roman Reigns push
  15. Was going to buy them but I don't think I would look nearly as good.
  16. Considering the criteria for the WWE Hall of Fame is that you exist, he absolutely is a Hall of Famer.
  17. Yeah the last thing I'm going to want to do after sitting thru a five hour wrestling show is stay up until 3:00 am watching more wrestling.
  18. Packers @ Eagles NFL Wildcard playoff game on the run that led to the Super Bowl title UFC 101 when my favorite fighter Anderson Silva completely clowned Forrest Griffin UFC 129 in Toronto in front of 60,000 fans. The energy when GSP came out was insane Packers @ Lions this year that was the ridiculous Hail Mary finish. I randomly went to the Orioles game where Cal Ripken Jr. decided to sit out and end his iron man streak. Yankees @ Orioles playoff game a few years back that was rain delayed and the Orioles ended up winning a very close one. Playoff baseball is intense.
  19. Honestly this whole Cam thing is completely media created. One dumb person posted an open letter about his showing off and then ESPN And the clickbait sites ran with it. They are creating this storyline to fill time
  20. Unfortunately WWE doesn't get to choose who gets the royalties. Unless Pillman had a will stating otherwise, all royalties go to the surviving spouse
  21. Not as soul crushing as last year but a damn terrible way to go out of the playoffs. Oh well, onto next year.
  22. Growing up in Baltimore we didn't have a team. Green was my favorite color, Favre was pretty cool and they seemed to be televised more. Almost went to the Redskins but my dad was a huge fan and a dick so I was like nah. 1996 the Ravens come to town, same year Packers won the Super Bowl. Still root for the home team but every four years I am rooting for the Packers to squash the Ravens
  23. If you count one guy bringing a box full of homemade shirts as "being sold" sureI mean, I imagine he's selling them, so sure. I think it counts. Just got home from the game. The guy was also selling Aaron Fucking Rodgers shirts. No one seemed interested. The dude selling a dozen Krispie Kreme donuts in a fundraiser box for $5 got my money though.
  24. Have Balor win the rumble with the help of the debuting Balor Club, do HHH vs Reigns at the February PPV and Reigns vs Balor at Mania
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