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  1. Being totally objective, (the new generation was the peak of my childhood fandom but not the start) there really weren’t too many great episodes of Raw in 1994. It still wasn’t the true A show yet as Superstars still claimed some of the big angles in 1994 while the roster continued to shrink as WCW simmered and brought in Hogan. It wasn’t rock bottom like 1995 but 1994 was when things started to really decline.
  2. Today's Hidden Gems addition is becoming a bit of a tradition for the "big 4", with another new TV special. This time hyping up Survivor Series 1994: The special has the following card:
  3. The match is the most chaotic on the card and Sawyer is definitely positioned as the babyface.
  4. The hidden gems addition for today is another good one, offering up a near-complete card of the first event at the Omni after The Last Battle of Atlanta: And here's what the video includes: The opener (Pat Rose vs Les Thornton) is the only match missing, with everything else completely intact.
  5. The latest hidden gems are a pair of dark matches from a Superstars of Wrestling taping that took place on Halloween Night 1989:
  6. https://www.wwenetworknews.com/2019/10/24/exclusive-this-weeks-wwe-hidden-gems-addition-to-feature-full-great-american-bash-event-including-a-war-games-match/ A full Great American Bash tour card from July 16, 1988 is being added today with the following matches: The video has a runtime of 02:07:42. While the WarGames match was (obviously) released as part of the WarGames DVD set, it looks like the vast majority of this hasn't had a wide release. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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