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  1. He was a bad teammate in Pgh and apparently wasn't well-liked by a lot of the locker room, but he seemed to be able to stay just inside the line with the Steelers (keeping in mind the line gets extended a lot further out if you're talented). He did a lot of attention-seeking, me-first things which, on the surface, probably didn't endear him to the team but don't seem as out there as his more recent behavior. I'm a little surprised he lasted as long as he did in Pgh considering he seems to have made enemies of a lot of the locker room leaders (apparently he started a spat with Dick LeBeau shortly after arriving, which led to Troy Polamalu and other defensive players wanting to beat the stuffing out of him).
  2. I kinda want a triple threat with Meltzer's social media. But I also feel like you need at least one guy to be able to work babyface for that to work.
  3. This part by far Although, I expect the most entertaining part of this saga to be the forthcoming legal battle where AB takes the Raiders to court and somehow manages to win.'
  4. Wonder how big the Smackdown ratings bump will be after Vince signs him?
  5. You want your tv to fake its own death and work at McDonalds for 20 years? Weird....
  6. This one's not good enough for you? Nope, that's competitive fly-swatting. Or lacrosse. Or maybe soccer. One of those.
  7. Mauro really wanted us to know that Io Shirai is the "genius" of the sky. He mentioned it at least three times before the first commercial break (maybe 4 min or match time). Ugh. I'm kinda hoping he gets promoted to SDL next month. Mostly because I'm not home on Friday nights and probably won't record the show.
  8. Ubisoft did an incredible job simulating the social skills of your typical hacker.
  9. Order the dish on the right at your own risk. Yano doesn't seem to know if it's even edible.
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