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  1. When you know someone is suicidal, talk to them as much as you can. Not even about suicide, make them feel valued and loved. Make sure they know there is no shame in asking for help. Don't make them feel guilty for being depressed or "negative". Now there are no gurrantees unfortunately, but I feel being there helps.
  2. I graduated and can move forward in my studies if I choose.
  3. You were a huge help in making it look professional and I used all of your advice. I'm sorry if I forgot to thank you at the time. I was nearly homeless and had started college. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  4. I will try not to be too long winded or coy, I am Victator. Reading other people's stories relate to my own experiences. In the last two years I was consistently bullied and dogpiled by people here. I was definitely in the wrong at times and I admit it. But nobody else will. It got to a point I could say the earth circles the sun and Craig or Technico would accuse me of heresy and killing puppies. It turned out beyond Matt, I have zero friends here. I don't care if its my fault. I know I have lived within my code and tried to do right. If I got banned with Craig, I would not be as mad. But instead I get banned with Jae making no attempt to contact me with a heads up. It was clearly personal. Smelly McUgly, or whatever name he desperately hides behind, attacks my family and calls me a "RACIST ANIMAL!!" in PM and he gets suspended for a week. I would have been banned. Now in fairness to SMU, I did start it. But I also tried to apologize and he attacked my family. Someone else wanted my family to die in a fire, but I'm the bad guy. I could not get anyone related to this site to contact me. That is very dehumanizing. Treating me as if I am a nothing. I am not sure why this gets under my skin, my real life is filled with serious problems. Have I personally wronged Craig or Jae or even Zeidler? Craig is a two faced bum, I have accepted that. But I know I was a good friend to Zeidler. Maybe because this showed me I am as alone in my virtual life, as I am in my real one. A very dehumanizing experience, I know I did not deserve. Just wanted to say my piece since apparently it isn't just me. I truly hope you all find happiness. Victor
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