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  1. I’m a huge Stafford fan but the Rams aren’t doing jack IMO. It was the Saints and the Ravens tried to give them that game so many times. That was not a ran toe to toe with the best team like they were that good game. It was a fooled around and found a way to lose to them like always game. That George Pickens INT play isn’t getting talked about enough IMO. Then when people talk about it it shifts to Tomlin or something else that’s supposedly causing players to play like that. I get that but that 1 play is possibly the alltime chickenshit play ever. It might replace the Ricky Watters not catching the ball across the middle play. It definitely beats Rodgers hearing footsteps and Cam not going for the fumble IMO.
  2. I lost the ability to watch obsessively in late 1992 until 1994. I’ve since caught up and some of the better 1993 stuff you mentioned, while good, just wasn’t original. Sting vs Vader was original at the time but the skits were not, the Bulldog stuff was not, and Flair vs Sting for the 100th time was not. That was also possibly their worst match vs each other. Arn vs Barry was a great match but 1 thing in it annoyed the heck out of me lol! Arn was working a bigger babyface bit than Brad Armstrong and Doug Gilbert combined Xs 1989 Flyin Brain. Him jumping up and down happy and smiling was so silly lol! Bulldog wrestling in WCW was fun but he lost interest fast and started no showing until they fired him on purpose IIRC.
  3. Dang I didn’t know about what happened to him in 2022.
  4. I can’t wait to see it. I actually haven’t seen that first documentary that they sold on Amazon that good good reviews. I’ve seen Darkside of the Ring and the WWE set which was amazing. That territory is something I could watch documentaries on for forever like some people can with WWII or something.
  5. That’s pretty genius because not only is it a good idea, but it’s an idea that could be done pretty easily with the help of a Tony Schiavone type announcer who asks dumb questions about what’s going on in the ring like he’s surprised, then answers them to influence the viewer who buys it for some reason, us included. The bad guy could steal the match that way without killing the good guy’s heat. Then the good guy could reexplain what he figured out happened on TV the next weeks and they have a rematch, just as 1 example. That could go a ton of ways.
  6. I believed Rodgers was coming back less times that I believed Favre wasn’t coming back. Rodgers saying he was just trying to bizarro world match that would be a GOAT troll move, but he’s not clever enough to hatch that scheme. Hines Ward was awesome.
  7. Yep…agreed. And he still thinks it and is still right. I hated that match. That was an alltime old wrestler low point for me like Heroes of Wrestling is to many people. I still love ole Ricky Morton though. I hate that he has nothing but he could be in worse shape. Some guys his age who lost it all were in much worse shape this many years later.
  8. That makes DeVito even more awesome than he already was ftw.
  9. And he made that INT because he hit his own man wow. Now serious question…did the Eagles coach go for the touchdown because he would rather win or lose now vs play in OT way out in Seattle on a Monday night late in the season when they’re already in the playoffs?
  10. Wrong again wow the Eagles absolutely blew it vs a team that is not better than them, unless they can do a miracle here in a minute.
  11. Well I was sure wrong about the Eagles answering. Wow. I still think they’ll pull this out but no thanks to that. I don’t know why they even tried that. They had the lead and they were hitting the 10 yarders easy.
  12. Trent Williams might have been the real difference. Skill players in SF stay hurt. That’s how Deebo became a part time RB and that’s how CMC came to town. Know what else though? I can recall 2 pretty good quarterbacks who had a nasty 3 game skid early in their 2nd season. Tom Brady and Brett Favre. Yeah it happened if you want to look it up. Meanwhile others have had way worse 2nd seasons before their HoF inductions. So I think Williams was the difference but I also think Purdy is that good, having tasted his own blood even. Meanwhile Pete Carroll probably just cost his team this tie. I think the Eagles would have went on down the field and scored afterwards anyway but still what an alltime coaching screw up.
  13. I worked at a Roses for 4 years lol I learned all kinds of stuff like that. The Seahawks are going to make a game out of this but it looks like Hurts is going to have a flu game. Meanwhile think of what the 49ers did to these teams. Wow.
  14. It was almost INT’d also yes. The WR definitely made a play. That doesn’t make me as mad because I’ve seen enough GOAT TD:INT ratio stats that don’t make it to January. Neither does a missed call or 2, but that was 4 while Cris Collinsworth sells it as Fran Tarkenton.
  15. Cris Collinsworth is taking this opportunity to lose his mind over this certain quarterback because all of the others out of the group that he’s grouped them into hasn’t done well on SNF this year. That last play Lamar Jackson was great but holy crap every single OLman was holding for that entire play. That’s what the player was saying after the play, not OMG Jackson is so good. Wtf.
  16. There’s no question it was Dorsey. Cook wasn’t even getting the touches let alone the yards with him. Then in the game that got him fired there were 2 TD drives that were all runs. There’s just no way that anything else besides McD having to tell his OC to run the ball until it quits working, is what happened.
  17. I feel sorry for that WR and Fields. Fields has been busting his ass every bit as hard as Jerry Rice. He’s just not that good and it doesn’t help that he catches every bad break like that today. And I still remember the story about him taking a loss earlier in the year so hard that he sat wherever he first sat in the lockerrom after the game for 4 hours or whatever it was. If Zach Wilson has a concussion then it really doesn’t matter. He has bullshit for brains already. They just threw a flag on the Bills for a personal foul, on a play where the penalized player didn’t touch the other player. I think technically that has happened like when they call tripping, but this wasn’t tripping.
  18. Zach Wilson either just got benched 1 YD shy of Colin Kaepernick’s infamous yardage total when he was finally benched, or quit if you heard what the sideline reporter said wow.
  19. And because I have to say what I think about the Bills every week…I’m pulling for them but I just don’t know if they can go toe to toe with the Cowboys just because it’s the 3rd big game they need to step up in. Had they not missed that 1 play to Gabe Davis and won that Eagles game, they would be on the biggest late season run in history maybe. As it is if they win out they’re still on the ballot IMO.
  20. I have the Dolphins vs Jets on and Tony Romo just LOL’d at the Aaron Rodgers question, and added “he’s not coming back to the roster.” The next play would have been a sack had Wilson not tossed it to a guy’s feet. Then play after that was a sack. Tony LOL’d again and said something that I can’t remember exactly but it was some like “not being this OL.” As for the Dolphins, they might be frauds but I still respect that they’re doing 1 thing and 1 thing only - the 1 thing that works every time. If they don’t like it that much they should stop it. Until then they’re not going to lose.
  21. I hate Sean Payton lol I want to know more about that too. I had the Lions respectfully written off. They weren’t what I’d call frauds but they were similar to the Bills last year. To me they were the preseason heartthrob team that proved to be legit, but just couldn’t keep going full steam for such a long season. I was wrong. They came back today.
  22. Was this posted or discussed? I don’t buy it but I’ll save it for wherever it was discussed if it was discussed.
  23. Ted Ginn Jr is a more interesting discussion than quarterback breakdown number 10,000 IMO. He was that good, but he never had a deep ball dime guy, and the 2 guys he had were mentioned there. At the end with Brees I don’t know how he even had the energy put on his helmet. If that were many other WRs there would have been a meltdown. RIP Franco an alltime great. Staley and the Chargers are being overanalyzed because it finally happened after a longer than usual wait. The world wanted him gone since the playoffs. The mad fans wanted him gone since before then. I do think they need to rebuild but they need to start with the foundation and the poles, not the drapes. Herbert has been knocked around as bad as Josh Allen or anybody else. Get an OL and TEs that can block. Keep the skill players you can’t afford to get rid of yet and replace them when you can.
  24. I’m sure that’s interesting. I’ll have to check it out when I’m in a more serious mood. Did any corporate stable ever last? Would the WWF one count? I’m not a WWF expert but I’m assuming that one was atleast booked towards what it turned into, and maybe even technically existed beyond what it once was. All of the other corporations were big giant corporations for a short while then poof they were gone. Meanwhile the stables with the worst spending habits lasted lol!
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