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  1. I thought Mariota was going to be good, and I’ll still damage control about a little bit. He’s not bad because he’s not-good. He’s bad because he’s a lazy and doesn’t care. He’s just cared and never cared that he doesn’t care. He’s 1 of those.
  2. The Saints with Brees were such turd shoveling statpadders and I still hate them for 2009…but ROFL at the Falcon’s coach. That’s not exactly what that was. If you don’t like it stop it. My last take on Bill B is the same. Only his muleheadedness is stopping him. That will be enough to ultimately stop him IMO which is a shame because other than that he’s still the same good coach. He doesn’t-not-know that they suck, and he doesn’t-not-know that his solutions to weekly problems weren’t going to work. But he was the boss and that wasn’t going to change. If I were looking for a coach I would get Bill in the office and ask him if he would be interested in coaching Marty Schotty style. If he said no I would say ok how about Bruce Arians? Where you coached and called plays during the game but let the others do work during the week? And I would add that he can’t hire yes men for coaches. That would work IMO.
  3. The Colt’s coach did a better job than he’ll get credit for yesterday. They were stuffing Taylor every time on 1st down late in that game which is why they ended up in 3rd and 5+ twice in a row. The Colts converted those 3rd down with Taylor because coach knew he could get it as long as the defense wasn’t sold out to the run. Other coaches would have threw it atleast once, and probably twice. They were only in a position to win because of that good X and O coaching. Then came the call which is east to rip in hindsight. I thought it was the right call because the Texans were sold out to the run again. Of course maybe Taylor still could have gotten a yard but they probably had more than a yard and maybe a touchdown had they caught it. I also thought it was a better throw than it looked like. He couldn’t lead him to much with everything being so tight down there. Also, he overadjusted on the try at catching it. All he had to do was catch it. He didn’t have to turn and try to reset his feet. He just had it so easy which is so rare and he screwed up which is what happens in those situations sometimes.
  4. It sounded like the announcers were trolling Pickens to me, but that would probably be a little too clever. It was also realistically game over either way and they had to talk about something.
  5. Willie Taggart is the Raven’s RB coach. That is why they can’t hold on to the ball and that is why the Ravens have the worst rushing attack in the league if you don’t count Lamar Jackson’s yards. I appreciate the Peanut Tillman references by the announcers but naw…what I said lol!
  6. Did Watt’s knee bend like they are saying? I thought it just banged the other guy’s knee and that maybe he just got a really bad contusion which hurts but isn’t fatal. I know from experience lol!
  7. Aaron Rodgers is a great teammate when everything is working against some 2010s 2-14 NFCN team, or when he’s able to bask in celebrity who does nothing status. I mean when he’s in a situation like he’s been in this year he’s like a male Mrs Muffet. So nice and sweet as long as he doesn’t have to do anything but look cute. I expect this Ravens vs Steelers game to get competitive but until then the Ravens look like they’re not even trying and if that doesn’t change well…yeah. I don’t even know anything about the Texans and Colts anymore. I was going to watch the game and pull for who I thought deserved it. Do we still root against Irsay just because or is that old potatoes?
  8. https://youtu.be/KJrJzBJRq4c?si=_fyZF5EtdWUTgx7l
  9. I haven’t seen a picture of him in a long time but the last 1 I seen he really did look like an anal wart. Dude is just gross. IIRC Vince Russo has a cousin who’s a local sportswriter or radio host or whatever they call themselves now. He looks more like a talking male body part than he does a wart last I seen him. I think he was on that NFL Top 10 show for a while.
  10. It sounds like you understand fine to me.
  11. The standard. Which is the standard.
  12. 2 enormous mistakes by the Bengals that will go overlooked IMO. The punter kicked an alltime great punt. They had time to jog down there and cover. So when he finally caught it the first guy there went for the missile shot instead of tackling and wrapping. The returner barely even had to sidestep to only get touched by 1 arm and he took off across the field where nobody was because the punt was so good the coverage team didn’t think they had to stay home.
  13. And the fact that they shouldn’t have tried to be cute is just such a weak try and making it the Lion’s fault, even with hindsight vision. The ref either shouldn’t have screwed up or shouldn’t have been calling a rigged game because that’s what I’d call it before I blamed the Lions for anything.
  14. I’m the hugest fan of teams winning ugly when they deserve it for refusing to quit. That means the Bills, Lions, 90s Packers before they hit their peak. That doesn’t mean the Chiefs or recent Packers teams. I counted the Eagles with the Bills and co but hearing about today now, I just don’t know. They’ve let it happen 1 to many times and they just don’t look good. So anyway all this mediocre football talk is trash. It’s not mediocre football. It’s teams be each other who aren’t going to just let the other team win as easy as everybody thinks. Also I hope Josh Allen didn’t just get hurt holy s*^%.
  15. Kirby had 0 intentions of letting up because Kirby was in on the take ftw. I’m not a conspiracy person but there’s just no way all those players played for love of the scrimmage. Saying they would have beat us anyway is just not good enough. Horseshit and everybody knows it. Now with all that said and meant, I will meet halfway on something else that’s not getting repeated, that proves I have a clear head about what I’m saying and am not just mad. The problem with FSU was the fact that they were not mentally prepared to play a football game on the night of November 18, 2023 (North Bama). The whole thing started falling apart from the sound of the opening gun of that game. We weren’t ready to play, we didn’t respond to getting hit in the mouth, and the star player got hurt when he tried to be all Brett Favre in a highschool game. I could smell it about to happen. I don’t know if I ever posted that here but I swear to gosh I knew it was coming.
  16. Yeah but the Lions shouldn’t have tried to be cute is…….just not enough to cancel out what happened. They were screwed no matter what yeah but you pull out of your butt. Also this stuff being gone over with the refs before the game isn’t something that you hear about alot, but it’s always went on and it’s basic stuff. Some people are talking like they’ve never heard of that type of thing. https://youtu.be/BHuF0xTTCjg?si=sWdIk9tDnhibNkn2
  17. Ok so what I saw with my eyes happened. That’s all I need to see, no pun intended. There’s no way that anybody but him messed that up, and not by failing to see or hear the 2 giant men talking and signaling to him.
  18. Also the Cowboys weren’t going to play Prevent in OT. And is this real? I didn’t see this on TV IIRC.
  19. I know very well that Dan Campbell’s Madden tendencies aren’t always smart but that was more 90s Brett Favre if you ask me on going for 2. He saw the win to be a play away and went for it in that play. He didn’t think there was any other way. Then what was he going to do change his mind just before he was about to bust? I’d take the Lions in the rematch, and I’d take the Cowboys topping themselves vs the 49ers for the 4th straight time if they have a rematch.
  20. It’s a better game than armchair stat nerds will say, like a lot of football this year is IMO. It’s 2 good but not great teams battling it out. And they’re not just letting calls go like delays of games.
  21. I’m proud of Joe Flacco but the Jets weren’t ready to play football, which would be an improvement perhaps because of how bad they truly suck at football when they try. The Jags were already falling apart and the last team they beat was the other team Flacco beat. A playoff team would beat the Browns by 3 touchdowns IMO. And Idk what’s going on in this Cowboys vs Lions game. It’s about to be a 2 possession game when the team winning has a turnover and a negative yards total besides 1 WR’s yards.
  23. I’ve been saying that the Dolphins are the 1 team that does what works and doesn’t ever get to cute but that’s not the case today. I don’t know what they’re thinking. They got 7 YDs on that last first down run then didn’t even run it again. Before that they ran up the middle and competed basic passes to Hill all the way to the redzone and didn’t try either again.
  24. Cactus Jack and Vader was great AND original for sure. I was leaving out the absolutely perfect stuff just to make my point lol! SMW in WCW was great along with many other things that didn’t last long enough, like Cactus Jack and Vader. While they did last a while, that was not long enough. Remember they were actually considering doing a long feud and making Jack the champion for that 1 minute.
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