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  1. Can somebody explain to me how 1998 was WCW’s most profitable year? I ask this after having gotten sucked into a discussion about Starrcade 97, after having put the Sting doc in during about the 32nd hour of rain here in Fl. 

    I want to say there was a write up on the old board about how WCW’s books worked and that 1998 was realistically when they started losing money but I might have imagined that. This isn’t the first time I’ve read that 1998 was the year they made the most money though.

    What I remember about 1998 is empty seats, piped in Goldberg chants, the Warrior and Master P getting $1,000,000 without contracts, and a main event match on ppv that included technical difficulties to the point that they showed it on Nitro the next night.

    And that’s not even getting into personal opinions of many people like that year having the worst ppv ever, the worst match ever, and just general boring jobber TV plus a main event with clusterfuck finishes. And Lee Marshall and that skit with the mayor they did that 1 night in that town and such in between.

  2. I didn’t notice that that was actually from WCW Prime! That show was actually full of historical references. Like so many that Jim Ross would have been mad lol! I actually remember Dusty Rhodes going on tangent about The Assassin who he connected dots back to during some shill, among other examples.

  3. But they were talking about the time Liger was unmasked, but you didn’t see his face because of the crimson mask. I’m not the Super Junior historian so I don’t know where that happened. It couldn’t have been in WCW. That’s something way to advanced for them to think of let alone execute correctly had they thought of it.

  4. 2 hours ago, Web Conn said:


    Wow that was solid. About as good as 5 minutes gets. Good commentary to. Gordon Solie, the Super J Cup, the cruiserweight tournament and if I’m not mistaken a reference to some wrestler who suddenly disappeared named Keiichi Yamada. 

    Or was that crimson mask thing a reference to another time?

  5. 19 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    well, the one time Brad Armstrong left WCW, he went to a fed that went out of business within months.. so...

    Meanwhile things that happen when Bill Watts inherits a booking on Lyger:

    this is a tremendous matchup from the POV of hair though

    Good grief I thought you meant Jimmy was going to beat Liger. Brad left to late. Imagine Brad vs Tracey for 20 minutes on SMW TV for the TV title hot dang. 

  6. Jerry Lynn coming out to Jerry Flynn’s future music. I wish Brad would have gtfo of WCW. I don’t know how rich he would have gotten or how many belts he would have won but as far as having good matches, just as Jerry Lynn what leaving and just trying something else would have amounted to.

  7. On 6/3/2019 at 3:47 PM, Cobra Commander said:

    If Arn Anderson had to do it over again, he would have given his spot to The Gambler instead of Curt Hennig



    It would have worked. The Gambler was a solid meat and potatoes wrestler who also looked like a history teacher. He was basically a young Arn Anderson (I said young Arn Anderson...not established GOAT interview and GOAT heel Arn Anderson). Also what a cool set on that particular show.

  8. I’m going to guess it was Japan.

    ECW had them. There was some comedy relief mixed in but it was at the expense of Jason who was feuding with the women of ECW (lol!) and not the women. And they were still what I’d call competitive. Meanwhile before that there were many instances of violence towards women, women picking fights with men, and just really heavy stuff in general that you’d never seen women do in wrestling that made it “competitive” and would ultimately lead to organized intergender competition.

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  9. I haven’t seen any of Konnan’s supposed best matches but I’ve read that he was solid before he got lazy. I could see it honestly as he was solid in WCW on his way up to the US Title. Even carried OMG to a couple good matches. For a guy his size he wasn’t bad. People forget he wasn’t exactly a cruiserweight. 

    Same goes for Zenk, speaking of the Can Am Connection. He wasn’t a cruiserweight but he could hang in the old lightweight division with all of those guys. 

  10. This belongs in the locked Bret Hart thread but it goes here today. If you remember we talked about just how technically sound he was, technically sound being an overused, sometimes copout (like whenever they didn’t have a gimmick for somebody...call him a great technical wrestler!) phrase. He really was it, so much it that technical wrestling ability didn’t make him great, he made it great. He became champion and he became both the most loved and most hated wrestler doing it. 

    So about the promo. Obviously Bret’s mic work always ends up being debated when compared to his flawless qualities. I recently realized something - Bret was as technically sound on the mic as he was on the mat.


    It’s true. He was the fluent, thorough, promo. The catch is that that’s not necessarily a great promo like the most technically sound mat wrestler is a great wrestler. Meanwhile great promos are often giant shits dropped on the English language. BPP, Iron Sheik, Randy Savage etc. 


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  11. Bill wasn’t never going to work very long in any place that he didn’t run from top to bottom. I imagine WCW would have found a way to mess it up like they did every idea they ever had.

    Vince goes national no matter what. Whether or not it spawns it’s own unique era of wrestling and entertainment in general is the only question.

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  12. I’m a little late to this party but I hope this comes out on a DVD set 1 day. I don’t even know what Vice TV is lol!

    WCW quit sending Sting down from the rafters out of respect for Owen and whoever might not have appreciated them continuing that spot after it hurt Owen. I remember the spot coming back regularly during 1 of Sting’s return runs after he’d all but quit in 1998.

    How accurate was the Road Warriors story? They’re second only to Hogan in the amount of lies they tell and the free passes they get.

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  13. Wow a slightly juiced up Kevin Sullivan doing some pretty good wrestling. I guess he was a good worker once or he wouldn’t have worked for his whole life in this business. 

    Match number 2 has made the rounds over the years. Such good stuff. That’s everything a heel squash is supposed to be really. They looked legit, furthered their heel mission without giving it away, had a brilliant heel commentator on the horn putting them over while the play by play man acted ashamed, and it was entertaining! And nice touch on the end. A new spin on a worn out take (the guys rescuing).

    The Slaughterhouse was a perfect midcard heel stable that was just waiting for the right bunch to get serious on. They had a fun match on the Pro against Norman, Mike Rotunda, and a face Abdullah the Butcher who smashed a wooden chair to pieces while Lance Russell sold it like he always did. He was the Pat Summerall of wrestling lol! 

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  14. 23 hours ago, LP Steve said:

    It was intended to be tongue in cheek, but my God that mat was a mess. I'd really be interested in knowing who was involved in that bloodbath.

    Yeah I got that much, but I wasn’t even sure if you were actually asking about the match. There was a gag that went something like this on the old board I’m sure. Sort of the equivalent of people asking WHAT back in the day lol!

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  15. I looked the dates up to see if the incoming idea would work but it said Buzz was gone from WCW after getting hurt at WrestleWar 90. That can’t be right can it? I thought sure he was around until his death which wasn’t expected.

    Anyway similar to the Brian Pillman angle they came up with in 1990 that Dave Meltzer called the best angle in a long time (the original epic plan not what they ended up doing half ass...look it up if you haven’t!), they could have done this with Big Josh who was over as a happy midcard face.

    Have Rich turn on Ms York, maybe after accidentally clocking him with the computer against some other midcard face who could use the win. Cut a promo apologizing to the fans immediately after who would have took him right back. Then on TV he does squashes followed by promos apologizing to  Big Josh who won’t appear and give Rich the pleasure of a formal apology and new friendship. Then the last TV show before Tommy Rich vs Buzz Sawyer at The Omni Rich says he has to put this behind him before he gets in the ring with Buzz whether Josh accepts the apology or not. Josh finally appears and says something to the extent that he’s moved on (with his team? He might have been the 6 Man champion by then) and that Rich should do the same. 

    At the Omni Rich does a prematch promo saying no matter what happened he’s ready for his match with Buzz. Of course in the meantime Jim Ross would have been making vague references to the obvious from the start. Buzz and Rich have a competitive match but Buzz ultimately gains the upper hand and beats Rich to a bloody pulp...like near death but won’t pin him. Ref tries to stop it gets tossed. Big Josh comes out with his ax for the rescue and Buzz backs off but doesn’t leave the ring. Staredown, mic less dialogue, and then Josh turns around and finishes Tommy Rich. Postmatch promo doesn’t need explaining. 

    It’a raining here lol

  16. Also alot of squash matches weren’t great because they included guys who needed them, who needed those wins on the way to losing a bigger match. Monster heels are obviously the exception here. Atleast 1 of them appeared every hour. Besides them it was alot of Doink, Roma, Watts, etc. Matt Bourne was good enough and gave enough of a shit to make them entertaining. 

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  17. On 5/13/2020 at 1:42 PM, Pete said:

    If we ever get a Squash Match HOF, the MX are going in on the first ballot. This is just a masterpiece. Corny's absolute face-melting burn on Dusty at the end is the cherry on top.

    You weren’t joking about a burn. And they were done in the style of Rodney Dangerfield which was genius lol!

  18. I approached this thread grumbling. At the old board squashes were oversold and some of the novels people typed about them were so contrived. But the good ones sure are good. Meanwhile I appreciate the others for the glimpse back in time not only in wrestling but my life in general. The announcers voices, the clack of the ring ropes etc are sounds from the background even when I wasn’t watching. Like I’d get up and go play during a squash or something but never not hear it just in case something good happened.



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