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  1. The Freebirds Flag paint was as synonymous with them as Sting’s neon, Road Warriors black combos etc. That pic of them with Buddy Roberts chomping his teeth is probably my favorite picture in wrestling history. Meanwhile Flag face stuff was as cheap as Jim Duggan and his flag tbh.
  2. The Confederate Flag made more than 1 appearance in every territory and WCW I’m pretty sure. I have a soft spot for such old timey heel stuff but the truth is it was your mama is fat level heat way before it disappeared for good. The Bushwackers go back pretty far even by wrestling standards where it feels like everybody wrestled since 1980. Trying to bring back the Sheephearders would have probably been a bigger misfire than times we’ve seen Jake Roberts, the Iron Shiek etc come back. This was a good idea for a topic. Tons of guys from eras gone by could have never been a face then. Now there is nothing they can do to get booed though. Abdullah the Butcher still makes cameos in Puerto Rico and gets cheered.
  3. Heck the WCW/NWO Revenge Roster alone is the GOAT roster. It came out when every wrestler happened to be in WCW even if for a short while. Like I think it every wrestler who ever worked for WCW besides Ric Flair and Abdullah the Butcher.
  4. I’m not as big a fan of the guy as most people were from the old board but I respect him. Him and Steamboat beating the Enforcers was my favorite match of his. Also I’m who put in the request for the Terry Funk thread in the old “Top 5 Matches You Need to See By” folder and enjoyed the heck out of that. I don’t remember if the Dustin match came up.
  5. They were 6 Man Champs and the other 2 were obviously in the Stampede. The Killer Kahn thing above has my attention. I’m not sure about the Clash question that was unanswered but I would bet the answer is yes for a few obvious reasons.
  6. There was a time and a place for that stuff at 1 time that’s for sure. And it might have even been doable then had everybody not hated the face they were all after. Also besides the Zodiac, that promo is a bunch of guys who at 1 time were heels that legit scared the s*** out of people.
  7. Which promo thread does this go in ? https://www.wwe.com/videos/kamala-shark-zodiac-and-meng-in-the-dungeon-of-doom-saturday-night-sept-9-1995
  8. Is there a comp somewhere of tag team partners wrestling each other 1 on 1? Like real tag teams whose matches against each other were rare, not Eddie vs Jericho wrestling each other and tagging week to week on throwaway WCW TV.
  9. This is a little late but I enjoyed the heck out of the WCCW doc by WWE and Kevin. They nailed alot of stuff they’d never touched before on that one and not just the Von Erichs.
  10. It was good ole WWC. That’s right Scott Steiner held Abby and Carlos’ ole belt. I think he was the last oldschool guy to wear it. His reign was short but I think he wrestled there for a couple of years. He jawed with those crazy fans, did goofy s*** while brawling, etc. I haven’t seen much of it either but it seemed like a bucket of hidden gems if you were a BPP fan.
  11. I’m trying to figure what regional TV show it was I used to watch every Sunday afternoon on Fox 31 out of Albany, Ga. It came on during an afternoon block of wrestling that included Worldwide and I want to say Mid-Atlantic. I could have swore there was a team called “The Masked Man Number 1” and The Masked Man Number 2.” I clearly remember them being called individually but never as “The Masked Men.” I’ve since found a few The Masked Executioners (NWF) matches on YouTube and the announcer referred to them individually and as a tag team. That sounds close I guess this was it.
  12. Any NWF historians around? I have a few questions.
  13. The actual point Flair was trying to make was right though wasn’t it? That Invader I had lost his daughter and Brody didn’t want to do business?
  14. Technically this doesn’t belong here because this isn’t how you cut a typical promo but I think it’s safe to just put anything here that qualifies as great which this is, especially anything that people might not have seen before. https://youtu.be/RLannrVWHao
  15. I bet this one has never been shared here because of the few other promos this guy cut that became famous for other reasons but this is hilarious yet legit like a Scott Steiner promo. I never thought I’d find a promo where this guy’s point was “I AM NORMAL” lol! ”Quit a hittin my leg!”
  16. I loved it. The Samoans were also soon buried, by the Midnight Express no less.
  17. I got absolutely flamed and melted down on by a YouTube psycho recently, even by YouTube standards by saying that this was a good show that was just overshadowed by the several possibly better ones and just overall good year for WCW/NWA. The main event was a solid Flair match where for 15 minutes they wrestled in 5th gear and not for 45 minutes a gear or 2 lower. That’s not to say I didn’t love of the historical Clash match but it wasn’t exactly something that had never been done before (Flair vs youngun that ends in a draw). The Starrcade 89 match was with a driven storyline that wasn’t just Flair vs youngun. It wasn’t the match where some youngun was going to wrestle Flair, it was the match where STING was going to BEAT Flair. Obviously the nontitle match win wasn’t a new thing either but this one had some nice twists. There was the tournament and the insane heat by the time we got to the match based on that night alone let alone their history. Burying Muta has been a minor gripe about this show but I thought they did well enough. Losing to Flair and Luger the way he did didn’t lose any heat and he had to lose to Sting. That ended that feud and started the Flair feud. Muta was gone soon after anyway. Doom being buried is another, but they were basically put together to get fed to the Steiners anyway since the Road Warriors couldn’t possibly work full time for a national wrestling promotion and lose a match. That was my complaint...the Road Warriors/Steiners finish. I could have lived with it had Patrick executed it a little better. He should have hesitated or done something to sell the fact that he was doing something that rarely happens. He just counted to 3 and said the Steiners won as if they won a squash match on TV. That’s still a darkhorse pick on greatest WCW match lists. With a better finish it might have been number 1. It wasn’t an hour classic or anything but the Steiners were perfectly crisp that match and the Road Warriors apparently only minded losing to the Steiners, not working with them. It was a dream match at the time and heat was as high as Sting/Flair. Next is the Samoans. I thought they did good here going with them. The Midnight Express wrestling the 3 other muscle tag teams would have just buried them and looked backwards in general. And we wouldn’t have gotten Jim Cornette in commentary. Norman the Lunatic’s cameo was well done. A real fun show that is overshadowed by a few others, and drug down by the blunder that was Sting’s knee injury making the main storyline that hit a new plateau that night pointless.
  18. The Sting DVD documentary finally set this straight. Eric did mention that Sting showed up kinda meh, but went on to explain that it was because the minute he walked in the room he could tell Hogan was being Hogan. Then a little while after that Nick Patrick admitted, on JR’s podcast I think, that the count was executed as booked. He didn’t botch it, it wasn’t a screwjob, etc. It was a desperate attempt to keep Hogan happy without neutering Sting. Only 1 of those results went as planned as we all know.
  19. I can’t help you with any of this but I thought I’d give you a bump and say that I have never seen any oldschool WWC wrestling that wasn’t epic. Lots of good work from all phases of the oldschool from mat wrestling to hardcore. Whatever lacked in the ring occasionally was made up for by the rest of the show. Those crowds were like 80s JCP crowds on rage pills. The main Spanish announcer was good too. Even if you couldn’t understand him you liked him similar to how you like a good announcer in a soccer game. And I’ve read good things about Scott Steiner’s world title run in the 2000s down there. That’s on my list of things to dig up for sure. Now with all that said I doubt you’ll get to many compliments on the place because of Bruiser Brody. His unfortunate death seems to be the 1 that upsets people the most. I understand we lost the man and everything don’t get me wrong, but I’m able to discuss things without bringing him into every one those things similar to how we can discuss Attitude Era WWF without always bringing Owen into it.
  20. He had a better match on Thunder against, of all people, Luger. That was Luger’s last good match. It’s on any list of Bret Hart hidden gems that people need to see imo. Not that the Sting matches were bad, but let’s just say those are some of the ones that really hurt to go back and watch because of how much better they could have been at 1 time. I was glad to hear Bret admit he misjudged Sting his DVD though.
  21. Nick Patrick’s slower as the match went on counts used to annoy the f*** out of me! They were probably why heel Flair got so many face cheers lol! As for Bret in WCW, I’m a bigger fan of it than most. If you personally love Bret Hart like most fans, you’ll love his WCW work because of how seriously he took it and how solid it was inside that squared circle, booking aside. He just wasn’t going to go out there and dog it no matter what.
  22. There’s nothing cooler than a wrestling belt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 1 that wasn’t neat even if it wasn’t the absolute coolest. I like the older ones that were darker silver and gold, and not always just leather dipped in silver or gold, and rather leather with silver and gold designs drawn on it that you could make out. But then who doesn’t like the big gold belt and such? We need to make a thread for old wrestling belt cameos, like when the Steiners wore the old tag team belts to f*** with Eric Bischoff after they were stripped of the current ones in 1997. All the times regional titles popped up on in older WCW, Mid-Atlantic, etc.
  23. How epic would it be if that was an inside smark phrase all those years
  24. I grew up on southern territories and WCW so I’m behind on Bret Hart matches but he had so many good matches that most Bret Hart marks are still behind on Bret Hart matches. The guys I watched were all about mat wrestling, brawling but not abandoning the “wrestling” part of it, and telling a story with their matches. With that said I think Bret Hart straight out of cartoonland might have been the best at it all. My favorite thing about him was something I’m not sure everybody else noticed, but take it away and he’s nowhere near as good. What I’m talking about is how he wrenched in on every wristlock, waistlock etc he ever did. He would grimace his face like he was actually trying to twist the guy’s arm. When he did a headlock there was no daylight between the guy’s head and his elbow. When he had a guy in the scissors he was the only guy who looked like he was actually restraining the other guy with his legs (the scissors was usually 1 of those painfully fake looking resthold tbh). He practiced the neobasics.
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