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  1. That was fun stuff right there - watching cartoons all morning then ramping it up at 12 or 1 for warfare! It was Florida State football for me on Saturdays. Then on Sundays it was 3 or 4 hours of rasslin on Sunday afternoons on Fox. We had a giant antenna that you had to manually turn like the Tea Cup ride at the fair and I’d turn it until my sister said the TV was less grainy that it was. I didn’t watch wrestling on Sunday through a clear TV until Worldwide popped back up on NBC at 7PM on Saturdays in 1994. On Saturdays though it was Worldwide, the Pro, and 2 regional shows that I clearly remember. Over the years there might have been more for all I know. I think 1 of the regional shows was Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and the other was 1 that I’ve posted looking for info on many times. NWF wrestling seems to be it but I don’t know for sure. Then NWA or WCW wrestling came on Sunday nights on CBS every now and then. I’m guessing it was preempted by football usually.
  2. I’m behind on everything and don’t even know how Podcasts work ? EDIT: I just found it on YouTube. I didn’t know many of those shoots were Podcasts. I thought they were just regular shoots. Anyway Arn was right. My favorite part of it was this quote, following an example he made through commentary. “There’s so many ways to put your opponent over without demeaning your self.”
  3. There was nothing better than shitty old wrestling of any kind. If there was 1 thing better than shitty old wrestling of any kind it was good old wrestling of any kind. Really been missing it all lately. Being stuck here in the rain is part of it but it’s always been a tad more dramatic for me as the NWA/WCW rose and fell right in line with me coming of age, all the way down to that last Nitro ending the March after I’d graduated.
  4. 1 week ago today in the darkest hour of rain I popped in the Sting DVD set and watched the doc if you remember. I went ahead and watched the HHH match today. Pretty stupid. Not all bad but...ugh. Maybe it was all bad Idk. What was that HHH entrance a 1970s sitcom intro? Or early 80s as Lemmy and Arnold weren’t both famous yet in the 70s. I thought Lemmy was about to bust out YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT AFTER ALL when the Golden Gate Bridge that looked like the 1 from that show came up lol! I expected that much from the match honestly. They did a good job wrestling, and the crowd was all in. When they were quiet they were Japan quiet not boring TV quiet. HHH winning wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened, and it wasn’t clean even though they tried to sell it as clean. Nobody bought it, and I think it would have been taken to task in Sting’s WWE run had he not gotten hurt. The NWO rescuing Sting was stupid. I guess they were in better shape than Luger and Flair though, and of course The Steiners aren’t allowed in WWE lol! The sad truth is that probably was their thinking. 2 of those guys might not have made the walk down the aisle. The NWO did manage that in 3rd gear. The announcing was shit. Sting must have fucked JBL’s mother. Then if you can wrap your mind around all that being a work then it wasn’t a very good one. Lee Marshall and drunk Bobby Heenan could have done a better job calling that match than those 3 did. It’s to bad he got hurt. I’m telling myself they would have righted some wrongs but instead this is what we got.
  5. He would have messed it up or his attitude would have gotten him in trouble. I have good memories of Tony because I bled WCW but he sucked tbh. I came here to post a very well done troll topic that I saw on another forum. It said, in more words for well done trolling that people can’t help but bite on effect, that Bobby Eaton should have ended Goldberg’s streak. I don’t know what the long term effects would have been but I know all the people still believing in the delusion of Chris Benoit becoming WCW champion would have popped big time lol!
  6. I’ve seen many old WCW snippets used in sports highlights over the years. I say snippets because while some of them were themes, most of them were fade in/out music, commercial music, etc from WCW TV. Obviously that stuff probably went better as background music over announcers than the Big Bossman Theme lol! Luger was just as good as everybody else once he learned, which was pretty quick. I saw a match against Kareem Mohammad in FL where he was working his butt off and the crowd was nuts. I also saw him look about as bad as Sting and the Warrior at first so obviously he was good as time went on as far back as FL. I don’t think I ever saw Lex look bad in WCW in the early days. He carried Brian Pillman more than Pillman carried him. (runs)
  7. Gosh only knows. In the meantime I was looking it up and apparently him and Eric fought almost as bad as Flair and Eric. So who knows.
  8. It’s still fucking raining. Does anybody remember 2 weird Eddie Guerrero matches on Nitro? I remember he’d been out several weeks then wrestled 2 matches in 2 or 3 weeks before missing time again. And he wasn’t his cheerful self that he always was since his debut. I think this was in between his face run (debut) and his reluctant heel turn but I could be wrong about that part. Alot of people forget he was a reluctant heel at first, being accused of trying to steal Jericho’s Cruiserweight belt when he was only trying to protect it from Syxx for him. Maybe they were testing the waters for a heel turn in 2 matches before going through with it.
  9. It looks like they made the set right there after every Nitro or Thunder when the announcers sat. Were those credits with the inside joke just a 1 time thing for the last show? I think Worldwide came on at like 6AM Saturdays since about 1997. I didn’t get to watch any since then but Worldwide was my jam for a long time.
  10. It was a secondary finisher, which is 1 of the things missing today! It was a move he did to win matches when he had to bust it out, usually in big matches. Other examples are The Steiners who had several, Benoit the Dragon Suplex, etc. When they busted those out it made you think they were running out of options as a heel, or it made you want to see them top the special move as a face.
  11. Yeah and The Steiners. But it was still instant death then. I want to say The Steiners beat the Freebirds with it on WCW Pro for the titles of all things.
  12. Also when the juniors used it as a finisher, even the top rope ones, it was like top rope DDT for the win ref raises Chavo Guerrero Jr’s hand match over. Like just another move and match and the guy gets up and goes to the locker room.
  13. This is advertised and marketed, completely spelled out, as having all clean finishes...at the time I would have paid any amount of money to see it lol!
  14. This is all they needed (I can’t believe I couldn’t find this whole segment on YouTube!). https://youtu.be/-snelbZDe-k
  15. I liked the first set with the rocks and the sounds effects lol! I think that only lasted a few weeks. 1998 was the worst. There’s just no way they made any money. Thanks for all the info on this. It makes sense. 1999 was much better up until Russo came in and blew it up. Hogan was out injured, but before then Flair actually managed to carry him to a great match at Superbrawl. Nash was fun for a minute when he was trying to fool people into thinking he would make up for the Goldberg win (lol!). The tag team tournament, Bret Hart coming back, and they’d cleaned the jobbers up from the midcard (wastes some good stuff on free TV to but that’s another post). All of that goes to show what (BP) said last which is another way of looking at it.
  16. Somebody showed me this the other day. I know nothing about these guys and very little about NOAH but I thought this was AWESOME LOL!
  17. Is what you’re saying that Turner paid for Nitro’s weekly production out of his own pocket, which meant it’s weekly costs weren’t on the books? And Thunder’s was, which was cheaper than Nitro’s?
  18. Todd was a regular job guy which is why people would know him from Ricky even though they look alike. I still could be wrong but I’ll be danged if that’s not Ricky against Braun and Todd here against Dean. Todd has a few pounds on Ricky and his hair is a little scruffier. They also don’t show his face in the Braun match. I mean I guess Ricky has done worse than lose a squash to Buddy Lee in a squash lol! Meanwhile WCW wasn’t good at everything but they were good at pulling cute stunts like this. The Rock n Roll Express did pop back up not long after this to if you remember. But Idk...
  19. Is that really Ricky Morton? It says Todd Morton who was his cousin but it sure looks like Ricky lol! And the crowd chanted Rock n Roll. Not bad work there by Buddy Lee. A jump from the top top rope to the floor! Also a pretty tough bump by Morton before that.
  20. There were definitely empty seats in 1998. There were shows like the Georgia Dome show yes but those came at such a bigger cost than usual and the ones that actually made a night out of it weren’t built upon towards anything else. It does take a long time to start losing money in a business that has been making so much though. That’s what makes it an even bigger shame. They could have took all the warning signs and never lost a penny.
  21. Larry being the most boring wrestler in the world is something that people just repeated when they discovered the internet to sound smart. Came from the same mythical well that Luger ran lightning fast from Brody, Sting was lazy etc. Stuff people said to sound smart then stuck with as much as to lie to their own eyes once they actually checked it out. Larry did stall when the crowd ate it up, and he did look like a history teacher. But many wrestlers stalled to the crowd when they could and didn’t when they couldn’t, and looked like history teachers lol! I remember a match when he kept pulling the jobber up and arguing with the referee about the count, which he always did when somebody kicked out. And he did it just as if the jobber had kicked out so naturally with no pause or smirk or anything lol! That was what heels were made of at 1 time.
  22. Can somebody explain to me how 1998 was WCW’s most profitable year? I ask this after having gotten sucked into a discussion about Starrcade 97, after having put the Sting doc in during about the 32nd hour of rain here in Fl. I want to say there was a write up on the old board about how WCW’s books worked and that 1998 was realistically when they started losing money but I might have imagined that. This isn’t the first time I’ve read that 1998 was the year they made the most money though. What I remember about 1998 is empty seats, piped in Goldberg chants, the Warrior and Master P getting $1,000,000 without contracts, and a main event match on ppv that included technical difficulties to the point that they showed it on Nitro the next night. And that’s not even getting into personal opinions of many people like that year having the worst ppv ever, the worst match ever, and just general boring jobber TV plus a main event with clusterfuck finishes. And Lee Marshall and that skit with the mayor they did that 1 night in that town and such in between.
  23. I didn’t notice that that was actually from WCW Prime! That show was actually full of historical references. Like so many that Jim Ross would have been mad lol! I actually remember Dusty Rhodes going on tangent about The Assassin who he connected dots back to during some shill, among other examples.
  24. Hogan becoming a crackhead is almost worth missing out on the Samoans. It’s not like they were ever pushed like they should have been anyway. They could have been the GOAT heel tag team.
  25. But they were talking about the time Liger was unmasked, but you didn’t see his face because of the crimson mask. I’m not the Super Junior historian so I don’t know where that happened. It couldn’t have been in WCW. That’s something way to advanced for them to think of let alone execute correctly had they thought of it.
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