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  1. I’m afraid of the Chiefs offense if I’m not a Chief. That was their normal midseason form last night. Granted it’s really late season now. Their defense is killer like the announcers kept saying, pointing out how Mahomes gets all the attention etc. The only YAC they gave up last night was on those 2 screen passes. That was just plain it. If I were coaching defense I’d coach that up the most because we see more YAC than ever with all the short passes now, and that new move where they go 2 yards upfield then cut and are 10 yards downfield in 2 seconds.
  2. I say yes. There have been flashes of good enoughness, and lowkey there’s been a streak of change of scenery quarterbacks breaking out. It doesn’t seem like it but it’s the truth over the last few years.
  3. Preach. Ain’t it the truth. They want every play to look like the result of their coaching. They can’t just call a dive and let that play be the result of a player or players.
  4. Game between 2 fraud teams tbh. Dobbs was totally shook all second half. Then Wilson wins with another duck to the corner as the DB looks like he doesn’t know wtf he’s even doing.
  5. Maybe it’s just been a tough weekend for my football or maybe I’m turning into Al Davis but when it’s 3rd and 1 on the first drive of the game and I’ve had 2 good runs, if I’m the owner of a team I straight up ask the coach wtf he’s doing by deciding to run a pitch play to the backup quarterback. Vikings just now. Same as I’d ask Norvell about Jordan Travis running the ball for FSU.
  6. Wow the second week in a row that the Lions won a game because they simply had to go to work late in it. That’s bad when it boils over, but it’s also good. Bad teams don’t respond to losing. They just keep losing.
  7. I’d go as far as to say we could be better off without Travis, but not because Travis isn’t the best quarterback. The rest of the team is more than good enough to carry more weight, especially the RBs.
  8. One more piece of real talk about Florida State that I don’t want to sound as if I don’t care about Travis now that he’s hurt…if our idiot coach just runs the ball on 1st and 2nd down with either of his 2 starting level RBs, we have a chance. Even if we don’t completely control the LoS our RBs are good enough in case that happens.
  9. Sam Wyche would have been a GOAT coach in this era tbh.
  10. Obviously I just hope Jordan Travis is ok first. In a time where every heartthrob quarterback is overrated for personal qualities, he is not. He is a great man and I hope he gets to keep playing football because he’s a great football player too. As for this game I’m not even that mad because I could smell this shit from a mile away. I don’t just mean upset watch. Anybody who watches football knows that can happen anytime at this point. I mean him getting hurt. When you come out flat in a game it will happen. When you decide to try and win the game yourself/let a guy try to win it himself it will dam sure happen. Now here we are. O we’ll win the game. We would have won it otherwise IMO. Now we’ll definitely win it because it’s all new now and everybody’s motivated. I’d confront Norvell about this if I were whoever confronts college coaches about things. We always come out flat. We did it 1 to many times now.
  11. I just watched the condensed Lions vs Chargers game and I don’t know how that game was tied at 38 because they beat the Chargers up and down the field. They got greedy on the 4th down that they missed otherwise that game would have been over alot quicker. Then when it wasn’t over the Lions played like they just knew they were going to win like a college team does vs an unranked opponent whose so competitive that it’s cute lol! The Lions have 2 starting level RBs. Also they run this 1 basic play that used to get ran out of the far/near formation. They run it the same way only the WR is in motion towards where the FB would have been and it works every time. Montgomery had 1 that he broke Barry style. When they missed on that 4th down, that was the only 4th down where they passed the ball. The passing game made up for that though when they scored untouched on the WR screen from pretty far out. How often does that happen??? Like you’ll see 1 untouched near the goal line every now and then but that’s about it. Then the playaction over the top touchdown was untouched. They must have just got caught asleep vs the Ravens. I don’t know because I’ve only seen the Chiefs game from the Lions.
  12. Saleh is traumatized. I wouldn’t hold anything he says against him. If I had to pick something I’d pick his not being mentally prepared for Rodgers to possibly get hurt or atleast suck really bad. Them somehow winning that Bills game doesn’t help in hindsight. Any coach with his coaching hat on straight would have kept that team together after winning that game. Not that they’re full on Lions quitting on Bobby Ross level here, but they’re very dysfunctional before you even get into Xs and Os.
  13. Here’s what a coach had to say 1 time about what’s an OC under fire’s fault in a game and what isn’t https://youtu.be/SNcBFZ26lcI?si=_jYa03kPL2F7cLbt
  14. This is unusually basic situation IMO, if I could have 1 question answered. Who up and sold out to the run in the middle of that game? Because whoever did coached a good game. That sounds to basic to be true I know but not when you consider how these days an NFL coach WILL NOT DO ANYTHING BUT WHAT HE GAME PLANNED TO DO in a close game and will only finally change when it changes to passing in garbage time. Somebody threw the game plan book out the window and called a play until it quit working. I know Dorsey wasn’t a favorite but I if that was his idea he got f#€%+. I realize it could have been McD’s idea, complete with him having to tell the OC “don’t quit running it til it quits working dammat” but if he was doing such a good job coaching there wouldn’t have been so many enormous mistakes in the other phases of the game. Furthermore I wouldn’t need much convincing that when asked wtf happened this morning, McD blamed Dorsey so’s he wouldn’t be the 1 to get fired.
  15. Well still Harbaugh ain’t ever done some s^%# like that
  16. I don’t mind Harbaugh in a sport with so much sewage running through it. Jeeze MI’s 2 biggest rivals alone have a bigger, more disgusting recent crime history without even getting into the whole league.
  17. The PI was rightly called but holy cow was it soft, and right on time at the end after no calls all game. With that said eff the trash Bills who I’d sorta rooted for secondary just because of how far they’d came from nothing. How do DBs not anticipate it at this point? I wouldn’t touch a WR until he caught the ball at the end of a game, especially when I know he’s going deep to start with. He got outran to start with then couldn’t turn around after the ball was up there worse than a duck. That was a buzzard. 12 men, and how many handoff fumbles did they have? They had so many screwups that the INTs just go down as part of it since they do that every week.
  18. Gabe Davis has improved from last week atleast. That drop is an improvement from 0 times open and 0 targets last week.
  19. I fuckin hates the Saints and love it when the Vikings beat them. This is the first time since that day that a game between them hasn’t produced a meme like the Colts/Pats also didn’t for the first time ever. Not that I’m a meme person, but that’s always the final end to a rivalry until something else happens to restart it.
  20. I mean dang is it really his fault? If he changes the play and they still lose the team blames him. So he keeps throwing it and what happened happened. The guy took a chance on jumping the route and won. It was as open as it had been all night. The difference was the chance the guy took, possibly because he had the basic ass shit snubbed.
  21. Alltime great throw and even better catch just now from Zack to Garrett. There’s still time to screw this up if they don’t I take it all back what I said about Zach last week wow. They need to go ahead and just call a run though. They’re going to screw it up otherwise even if they still do everything right.
  22. Texas A&M is so weird or something. They’ve been as all in at football as Alabama and what have they done win a Cotton Bowl game in the early 2010s? If I had their money I’d burn mine.
  23. That’s cool. My cousin starts at Wheaton Thunder and they’re going to the playoffs looks like.
  24. The Raiders are playing better than most surprise win with the interim coach teams the week after teams do. That’s what makes the Jets so impressive. They’re playing…not terrible. They look like a different team than last Monday.
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