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  1. Bradberry didn’t admit anything as much as he took the high road IMO. I voted are you kidding me. And even if the correct answer is option 2, that’s not an improvement. So terrible that the refs did that in the SB for the 2nd straight year.
  2. I didn’t realize it but I haven’t seen it since I was a youngun. Here’s something I did realize a long time ago and it’s remained consistent episode after episode - SVU is a complete total critic spoof. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m watching a TV show or Freddie Got Fingered when that mess is on. John Ritter the barnyard doctor, The Fonz as the crazy crooked lawyer, and recently they had that bald guy who played a principal in every single 80s school sitcom ever made besides Save by the Bell and the mean Grandfather from The Goldbergs in a an episode together as 2 dudes who killed their own mother. They have to be trolling and laughing when they come up with that stuff every week, then when they choose the actors.
  3. Dayum I can’t believe I didn’t know about that until he made the news this week.
  4. Is that story about Hogan messing up Richard Belzer true? Then getting sued and losing?
  5. This one gave me more to think about in hindsight that you might guess. This was literal Bobby Heenan and Jim Cornette talking tag team wrestling. Jim Cornette was the bad guy and the Steiner Brothers were the good guys. That was Jim’s reason for wanting the match and that was Bobby’s reason for getting excited about it. What a concept. This was the most NWA/old WCW thing the WWF ever did with 1 difference. They didn’t botch the finish.
  6. There just something awesome about continuity in wrestling (because it’s so rare smh)
  7. IIRC one was a step above of the other, though they were both nuts yes. The best one was just that good. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I seen it. That’s got to be 1 of the few matches that I haven’t seen in over 10 years, that is also a match that I watched as a smart fan/not raging hormonal fan.
  8. One more and I’ll stop lol Starts his answer with ...um And the answer is that he doesn’t remember, which is back to normal. Then nobody says this but just watch what happens and tell me if I’m crazy or not. Patrick implied Eric or Hogan would straight fire him if he did it wrong. Then adds that Sting has pull of his own, without implying so much that it would be to have him fired. That’s where Eric cuts him off because he didn’t like him merely suggesting anybody had any pull unless it was directly from him or Hogan. No he didn’t say that, no I can’t prove it, but how else can you explain it.
  9. I just heard about Lanny. The Rock n Roll Express match still belongs on any alltime ballot IMO.
  10. I saw something about an Abdullah the Butcher doc I think? But I can’t find it again. Man if there’s anybody whose seen it all, done it all, and covered it all up it’s him. He’s the biggest untold story left IMO. Forgetting my opinion on him as a mean old man now for a minute, he had an amazing life. We can’t imagine his early life let alone his life working as a self made special attraction minority wrestler in the territory days.
  11. I think the Eagles winning will be tolerable outside of Eagles fans, SB champions have been hushed pretty dang fast the last few years so it might only last for the offseason.
  12. I’m going for the Eagles but I don’t think people will like the real reason why. I’m sorry but I can’t help how I feel lol! The other side of this is the people playing the “If Mahomes win 1 more etc etc etc is he the GOAT” game. I just don’t have the energy to muddle through another career where people say somebody’s the future GOAT after every play he makes. I respect Mahomes and he may be the future GOAT but I’ve had to listen to it about Brees, Rodgers, Luck, and for shorter amounts of time but with just as much intensity, about guys like Dak and Kaep. Yeah that all happened. It doesn’t seem like it but it did. We actually had a discussion here not to long ago about how Mahomes could be postprime Favre at best once his legs slow down and his head no longer spins like an owl. Yeah he’ll still have his arm but his left handed passes and his no look stuff will be INT’d to death just like Favre’s arm punts were. Then it was a year ago that the same crowd was asking if Mahomes was a future alltime choker!!!!!! Yeah that happened to after his 3 adjusted INTs in a row in OT vs the Bengals before lol! Why can’t everybody just watch the game lol! If this is how it has to be though, I’m rooting for the lesser quarterback. I was rooting for the 49ers before this lol!
  13. Well Eric has finally drummed up an explanation for at least 1 of the questions he’s been asked 100 times besides “there was just all these people and all this stuff that you don’t know about so it’s not what you and your Koolaid.” It’s such a load of garbage that he can’t explain it without getting the frog out of his throat though. Only watch if you can tolerate a Cris Collinsworth voice without barfing I guess. https://youtu.be/MWCXG_uX4og
  14. Hogan hit FB this morning, on my end amyway. Reading through some of the comments...it seems like Hogan is still Hogan walking cane or no walking cane. The truth of that matter, whatever it may be, sure won’t be known from coming out of his mouth. Not that I go to FB comments for the truth but between them and Hogan...aw you know.
  15. I plan on getting my niece a Polaroid soon. She likes all the physical media stuff in my house. I think I’ve gave my minority opinion on Mongo before but I could be wrong. He wasn’t a professional wrestler but there were more dangerous guys in the ring most nights on TV, let alone in history. He had 1 really bad accident with Regal. Whoever’s idea it was to let an untrained wrestler do a pileriver is whose dangerous IMO. I want to say One Man Gang, Abyss, and Barry Darsow of all people had that going on somewhere. Then there was those few weeks Len Denton wrestled on Nitro and Tenay was like yeah he was The Grappler.
  16. O for sure...it’s something we all will deal with in our life, with the stage we’re on simply adjusted for size. I’ve dealt with it myself and had to let it go the same way. What was also the same way though was that I made a jackass of myself before I finally did let it go well after the door was already closed. When I did though...it was over just like our elders said it would be. It was a relief and the world didn’t end, and our true friends remained our friends because they didn’t care if we weren’t the man anymore because we were still the man to them just like they’re still the man to me.
  17. I liked Ric Flair’s apology to Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. What was even better though was what he added about who the man really is. He was so right. And his backhanded compliment/dig at social media was true to. That was probably the smartest, most mature thing I’ve ever heard him say. That makes RIC FLAIR the man.
  18. The cruiserweight division was promoted as seriously as a heart attack until about 1998. It was those guy’s belt and they wanted that belt, not other belts. That’s 1 reason the segregation type stuff worked. Then when it ended the luchadores became jobbers and the others became midcarders while the actual title was just kind of there for whatever midcarders weren’t on vacation with the TV or US Title. So at the time Jericho was right about what he said yes even though it wasn’t always that way. Also Rey Mysterio was so great. He was so great that he became an exception to all of this stuff. They just couldn’t ignore him.
  19. Hennig turning was so dang predictable. It was the first really kinda lame thing they’d done long term since 1995. The turn was done so well though, and Flair’s dead head the following night was so badass that it saved it. And Flair’s promos after this were as good as anything he’d ever done. I know alot of people liked Jericho cutting up on TV every week but it was frustrating for me being a WCW diehard who wanted them to get it together. He’d do his thing on TV then just get buried. Then I’d hop online and hear people talking about how great it was, which only meant it’d be so much better when he leaves. Then I’d read what he would say himself on his website lol ugh...
  20. The NFL has been WCW for a long time until this year really https://imgur.com/gallery/l1fKEMI
  21. The closeup of Flair’s face was scary af at the time. I wish they would have done a little more with it. They didn’t even acknowledge it on TV. They just said somewhere in hour 2 that o yeah Ric is injured. I would go as far as to say that had then been exploited properly, it could have been as big of a freak out as some of the doomier stuff that Foley, Undertaker, or Jake did in the WWF. They really missed on that very good idea that somebody grabbed out of nowhere. WCW had the best ideas. I’ve said the 1000 times. They just didn’t know how to use them.
  22. Wow...a few things in this post just blew my mind. Goldberg was a TV attraction, not a ppv attraction. Ain’t that the truth. Ratings didn’t tell all for the reasons you gave. That’s also the truth. And many boomers had switched to WWF. A personal story of mine is actually about 1 of my Dad’s friends who was a diehard WCW fan (NWA) before there were diehards and casuals. Everybody who was a fan was a diehard. He had an illegal cable or something that got all WCW ppvs free and the first ppv I ever saw was at his house thanks to my Dad arranging it with him. That was Superbrawl 91. I think I’ve told that story before but I’ve never added that once Austin got hot he never watched WCW again. I wish I could ask him if it was because he finally gave up on it after Starrcade. He’d been through the same crap like we all had. The Black Scorpion, GAB 91, The Shockmaster, etc. But he died a WWF diehard.
  23. The Steiners have signed a legends deal according to a random sponsored FB that came across my shit. A quick Google showed a bunch of results, none of which I clicked but it must be true with so many. They’ve discontinued DVD sets right? A properly done Steiners set is 1 of my holy grails. Do they still do docs somehow? Somewhere? Just no more physical media?
  24. Muta was also a part of my foundation as a fan that of course went all the way back to childhood. It was just like the article also said. I just plain liked his moves. I didn’t care if he was “bad.” I rooted for him because of his cool moves.
  25. Sting has said he was bad off yes. I’m still taking him in a race around the building with Hogan in 1997. It’s not like being sober was a standard either. It should have been but it’s another discussion just like being physically attractive is. The discussion here is that the person who was supposed to do business didn’t want to. I’ll even add 1 more thing that’s been used against Sting. He didn’t want to be back on the road 24/7. Still...that hadn’t been a standard for the WCW world champion for a long time. And the current champion at the time was an example. Sting just plain should have won the match no matter what.
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