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  1. They feel like a top ten team to me who currently leads their generation. So they are definitely high up the pedestal. But you’ll come around to that eventually when you sit in the corner of a convention with your arms crossed looking at the long line waiting to get autographs, and holovideos from the Bucks at the 2040 Wrestle Reunion on level 340 of the MetaUniverse 3.

  2. 16 hours ago, eikerir said:

    On the same topic, I was surprised at Dante being even face to face with Hobbs, his body type makes him seem smaller.

    Dante is a lengthy guy. He’s the kinda guy who’s got the natural body type to either be a flyer, and a power wrestler if he does the weight training, like Sting did. 

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  3. People talk about Austin pops. Ric Flair’s pops are just as loud. The man was a one pep rally. If your show is dragging a bit, just bring him out for a crazy promo with a mad hatter grin the whole time. He doesn’t have multiple settings like his 80’s version, he’s just one version of Flair, the crazy one.


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  4. I kinda want to tell that guy to please don’t do that shit. If you aren’t going to upload the actual original footage, with intact audio, then please don’t bother.

    Though he has uploaded some stuff like that. But I hate that he’s posting the WWE Networks edits.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    I think the WWE hasn't been as aggressive on this front during the Peacock era, but I had always heard that the people whose YouTube channels focused on uploading content that's on the WWE Network were gonna experience a bad time eventually.

    Maybe with the DVD division folding up and Peacock handling the network in this country, the approach is a little more lax unless you're a blatant idiot about it?

    Depends… A lot of those channels that post old syndicated squash match shows, don’t really get a lot of views(Somewhere under the thousands), don’t really get noticed, and don’t get popped. But I have noticed a channel like MarkyD, that gets a surprising amount of views, has been popped for using WWE’s licensed footage. So I think a lot of it has to do with visibility.

  6. They really don’t need to add a tag belt to the women’s division. Especially if there aren’t any real teams to support it. I’m just saying that Bunny & Ford work real well as a freak show tag team. There are about four big shows this year. They should look for four different scenarios to get them there within the roster, and outside.

  7. 23 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

    Regarding Moose:

    I could have sworn at one point he claimed that he turned down an offer from WWE

    Now how much of that is truth - who knows - but it is possible that it wasn't entirely on the WWE for him not ending up there.

    I remember it was because IMPACT offered him more at the time, or so the news stated.

  8. I can watch complete old WWF to a certain point, just like I can watch old WCW to a certain point. For the WWF it’s roughly when RAW starts. I’ll watch some of the classics for that time, but I can safely say I’m not a fan WWF’s TV in 90’s. Their PPV output was much better than their TV programming from the same period. WCW is basically from 98’ on I have a hard time getting through. I’m going to power through this time to get to the logo change, but it’ll be a rough time.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Technico Support said:

    I was going to say…yeah, they don’t even want to pay wrestlers in the US!

    In that tip, I have to say the whole NIL thing freaks me out.  They’re firing wrestlers while paying pretty college athletes who may never become wrestlers but have good social media numbers.  Everything WWE is doing is as far away from pro wrestling as you can get.

    The new mainstream is some random asshole doing things for likes. It’s the wave of the future.

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  10. 19 minutes ago, eikerir said:

    Also, the post match pull apart brawl is probably one of the most realistic looking ones they’ve ever done because Garcia looks like a guy that would be looking for a fight on a random night out outside a bar.

    Garcia was shooting(grappling kind of shooting) on Sammy, and making him look bad. Eventually he gave Sammy the top position, but it was clearly up to him.

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