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  1. 5 minutes ago, Krone Meltzer said:

    Makes me wonder if TK has any idea of who might be the people to replace JR and Schiavone when they do decide to step down and retire. Not sure how long away that is, but for Schiavone - I could see it being 2024 possibly.

    Tom Phillips finally making IMPACT tolerable again might make him a front runner to hire.

  2. Dante needs to stop doing the Nosedive(double springboard moonsault). Two times in one week where he swung too close into the ropes. He’s going to “Kidman” himself one day with that.

    Maybe do the moonsault further away from the corner.

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  3. For some reason I think Bret is looking worse in this, than Hogan. 

    I can’t believe I’m saying this…

    Fuck Bret Hart!

    Naaaaah… Just kidding, I don’t give a fuck. 

    On further reflection on my Nitro re-watch… “WCW being uncool” doesn’t start until April 28, 1997. “Tradition Bites nWo 4 Life” is the propaganda slogan, with Piper looking like reality slapped him in the face, and then the following week Piper gets comically buried in a banner with that slogan.

  4. 1 hour ago, Jiji said:

    Andrade thinking Darby's a child (mocking him for being child-like) is a little silly for a guy that should be moving up to the main event.

    That’s been my favorite part about him leveling up. He’s become more confident on the mic, and is actually playing a character, and not just a guy spouting lines anymore.

    I live near Doral. Rich Latin Americans talking with a dumb bravado is extremely common. If that’s what he’s going for, then he’s nailing it.


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  5. 12 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

    They won't be able to do tapings for NXT until the international contracts for Main Event and 205 Live run out.

    They could split the 2-hour NXT into two programs, with the Main Event, and 205 Live bumpers, as well as change the announcers. Would the international partners get upset with that if they tried it?

  6. I was watching WCW Saturday Night from 1997. Those shows had 10 matches on them. I doubt the accumulated time for matches on that show was more than an hour. That program was two hours long(really hour twenty five). So it was padded out with recaps, and interviews, as well as jobber entrances. AEW Dark Elevation had ten matches, but the show was forty seven minutes, without any real extra content. The WWE easily tape a five match show in under an hour on both RAW, and SMACKDOWN, and stuff it full of segments promoting whatever they want to promote to fill two hours on a Tuesday night.

  7. Andrade has to be the new wrestler that when you see his name posted next to yours you instantly cower in fear.

    So this Dark Elevation had roughly 10 matches on it, and it was 47 minutes long. They are getting better at timing this thing out, while having so many matches on it.

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