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  1. She’s lucky she landed that. She almost ate it. Still looked awesome. Edit: Great episode of Elevation so far.
  2. Wow Sunny Kiss’s new theme is great as well. AEW’s entrance songs have become some of the best in the biz. Edit: well people weren’t lying about this match being a must see for Dark.
  3. I wonder how old the ones stuck in Jun Kasai’s back are?
  4. Depends… Edit: I think Thunder Rosa is mis-cast as a face. She is so vicious. Holy smokes, the new Gunn Club theme is sooooo good. Like it’s too good for them.
  5. Did they already do the Graham’s? I would like to see one on 2000’s New Japan, but I’m not sure the guys you want to talk to are willing to speak about it yet. I would love one on post-split All Japan & NOAH. 90’s All Japan’s influence on the industry for better, or worse would be a very interesting subject. I just don’t want Sleaze Thread the doc. There are more interesting subjects, than listing about another wrestlers substance abuse problems.
  6. I liked the Non-Stick. It was very weirdo central.
  7. Masha was pretty good the last time she was on Dark. I would even say she had probably one of the best women’s matches in AEW. I honestly want to get back to the Universal shows already.
  8. Maybe, the other two were Aussie Open, who I admit have clue about. They debuted as the two newest members of his stable. Maybe Reed/Roc will be his mystery partner for the US shows.
  9. The hammer is the best way to crush the ghost. You don’t want that thing to haunt you for the rest of your life.
  10. Use the old Caveman Lawyer avatar.
  11. That face Adam Cole makes after his crowd pop on BTE.
  12. When are we getting a Darkside of The Ring about the creation of that thing? Will they get stand-in’s?
  13. Like Quantum Leap, or Highway to Heaven.
  14. If you look at the Owen Hart PWTees page that’s what it looks like. Also I wonder how much the WWE still legally owns with regards to wrestlers image, especially given how long it’s been . Really they shouldn’t care. They aren’t competition, apparently.
  15. I’ve heard good, and bad stories about him. But I’ve heard a lot of bad stories these days, that make me forget about the good ones.
  16. I did not know about that. What did he write about her?
  17. I wonder if this burns any bridges with Bret. Given his attitude toward the widow Hart.
  18. I hope the cup looks like two Slammy’s.
  19. Well I’d like to add that the Michael Hayes stand-in looked fantastic. The Bradshaw one wasn’t bad either. Curt’s confused me a bit. I thought he was ECW Shane Douglas for a moment.
  20. I just googled “Benjamin Button baby”. Yikes…
  21. Hey, you try not excepting all that money when all your investments fail, and you gotta deal with a 3rd wife.
  22. Jim Ross was somewhat blessed to not be able to emote properly anymore. For a normal person it’s a horrible thing. For a carny it’s a tool. But, over 30 year olds with three carts worth of booze. Yeah, you try calm down 300 pound roid monkeys hopped up on drugs, and liquor. Age doesn’t stop people acting in ways that cross boundaries.
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