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  1. Oh I’ve been watching, and noticing. Their chemistry has gotten even better. I just wanted it to be a more official. Being paired up with a little muscleman has gone a long way in helping 10 come off even more likable.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Leonidas said:

    Anybody know when the series 9 of AEW figures are being released? A quick googling didn't give me any joy. Want to pick me up a Thunder Rosa figure. Don't have the cash to buy all, just buy my favourites.

    They haven’t even released series 7 yet. I’m still waiting on the Lance Archer I pre-ordered.

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  3. John Silver’s meatball on fire come back never gets old. In tag teams they tend to pair off as Silver & Reynolds(Beaver Boys), and V & 10, but I would really love a Silver & 10 team. They fit each other better aesthetically.

  4. I remember Sakoda as the guy you get if you wanted to trick puro marks to your show. 

    I hardly remember Sakoda as Tajiri’s vague yakuza henchman, but I do remember him wrestling for UPW in the days when they would run their barely visible shows on Real Player TV. He was a very basic early development system performer at time I watched. His finisher was a rolling elbow, and I think I remember he used the mist. 


  5. 2 hours ago, Go2Sleep said:


    Homicide debut was interesting. I loved him back in the day, but I haven't seen him wrestle in over 10 years. Is he washed or still decent?

    More decent, than washed. His Suzuki match from last week was a very good Suzuki match, and he’s been a good hand in tags when performing in ROH. But you can tell he’s seen better days as a wrestler.

  6. 5 hours ago, Matt D said:


    Welp, I guess with so many dead actors, there's not too much else you can do. I would have liked to see a push forward instead, but it's probably impossible. I'm not sure what the point of redoing a story that was done as well as it was might be but there are a lot of opportunities between technology and what sort of serialized and representative stories are now allowed on TV that maybe some new things could be examined.

    It could be like the Battlestar reboot, and reimagine it in ways that could create new fans of the show, and genre.

    Admittedly I wasn’t a fan of Babylon 5. The only things that interested me were when TV sexpot Tracy Scoggins joined the cast, and the cool alien robot race that wore cloaks. Otherwise it was the sci-fi show that was on TNT, and watched because nothing else was on. I think it might’ve been too much for  my age. I got more out of other sci-fi syndicated shows that were airing during that time. 

  7. I really don’t see ZSJ winning enough from here on out to get out of his block. I’ve seen this pattern before enough times to know where this goes. Who knows, maybe Naito’s injury changed the course of the outcome for this tournament? But it cannot be denied that he’s having the best performances so far in the G1. If anybody deserves to be in the finals it’s him. He still works like the crowd isn’t mute. It also helps that Zack is one of only two wrestlers(The other Tanahashi) that benefits from the ridiculous times given to these COVID G1 matches. The longer a submission is teased on his holds, the better the drama.

    Submissions are probably why he’s working so much better than everybody else. He doesn’t have too many near fall spots, where you need a crowd to act shocked that an opponent kicked out from them. This is where somebody like Suzuki would’ve been good for this tournament if he was available. He literally goes for one pin fall a match, and that’s after he hits his finish.

    The rest of the tournament so far I’m not crazy about. I actually just started watching the New Japan Cup 2018 because it was the last time ZSJ got a major push, and I missed it the first time around. What a difference a crowd can do to almost exact same roster.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Eoae said:

    No clue.  i don't get the newletter.  Just seems I've been poking my head in the AEW forums fairly rarely lately and, whenever I do, people are arguing with each other over fairly minor points.  Shrug.  I could be wrong.  I've missed a lot of AEW TV lately so I haven't really had much to say in the threads.


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  9. He’s a “Skilled fighter” in professional wrestling. Skilled fighters can use their opponents weight to their advantage. Especially one like Matthew Jackson, who is skilled at doing double Northern Lights Suplex’s.

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  10. Not sure what feel they are going for. Although one thing that crossed my mind was Sin City, and Speed Racer, with the way characters look like they jumped right out of an animation cell. But then this could just be the work of the anime intro gimmick in this trailer.

    One things for sure, I don’t expect this to look like an homage to 60’s, and 70’s American films like the Anime was.

  11. On 9/25/2021 at 6:34 PM, dogwelder said:

    (I honestly can't remember if it was decided to talk about it here or in the Anime thread)

    If those are clips from the show in the later part of this, then this sure looks cheap. 

  12. 5 hours ago, Bryan said:

    And I think everyone can admit some of the no selling the Bucks do and Matt Jackson reversing attempted double team moves into him double suplexing his opponents is a little absurd.

    They got part of the book, and are respected vets of their own industry. They get to do whatever the heck they want at this point of the current wrestling style. No amount of talking about somebody’s height will turn back time.

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