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  1. Just watched the first episode with the Mandalorian in it. It’s success, and enthusiastic response of it is basically what I’ve been saying about the galactic bounty Hunter thing. That being that it’s always had the best potential for a new franchise ever since this stuff was being knocked around the time the special editions were released. Boba Fett’s long awaited spin-off failing isn’t the fault of the character or concept. The fault was having to forfeit the bounty hunting elements because of the Mando series. Also probably Lucasfilm’s fault for giving Boba an unnecessary backstory to begin with.

    But whatever, we’re where we are with these Star Wars TV series. The one with the bounty hunters will have a greater success with an audience. It’s an easy storytelling device that appeals to a majority of the audience that has always loved characters going on frontier explorations, and fleshed out the world in such simple ways. Like the best way this episode fleshed out this world wasn’t to introduce a space mobster, and it’s lame attempt to connect to modern American society politics. No the best way they did it was to show the intergalactic space travel by way of Mando’s journey. With the added benefit that he’s a faceless character, with minimal dialogue, instead of the shitty Disney Channel level acting we got in the previous episodes.

    I honestly don’t see the same level success with the other Star Wars spin-offs after seeing how much the other stuff has either been rejected, or received mixed reactions. I’m talking about the films too. 



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  2. 1 hour ago, HumanChessgame said:

    It's going to be a shot for shot remake of the Pine Barrens episode of The Sopranos, but with Will and Carlton instead of Paulie and Christopher.

    I wonder if anybody came out, and admitted they stole that idea from Fresh Prince.

    Lets face it both episodes are the pinnacle of each program. 

  3. That movie is a total miss, and honestly I have no idea how they decided to get the rights to this property, and make a 1991 American version of it. Power Rangers hadn’t hit the states yet, and I don’t remember anything about people getting into Japanese mangas like this in the first place.

  4. Will we get a dramatic serious version of the Carlton dance? Will the Jazz gag now be an attempted rape, and now Hillary’s  dad Phil throws him out of the house to beat him half to death? Will we get a dramatic version of Hillary’s fiancé falling to his death? I wonder how they will handle Will, and Carlton getting stuck in a snowstorm.

  5. Some people here are throwing out Punk & Danielson, but I actually would love a MJF & Punk pairing. The both of them are so similar. Both of them doing chicken shit, and overselling body parts together as a tag team would be pure gold.

  6. 21 hours ago, Log said:

    A friend of mine was just joking that Cena needs to play He Man.  This kid they casted looks like his little brother.

    Man, the Dolph Lundgren Masters was my first disappointment in a movie I was looking very forward to.

    Cena’s gonna need another hair transplant.

    Cena is too fucking weird looking honestly. It works for Peacemaker, and other weird quasi-villain military parts, but not He-Man, or even a superhero like Superman.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, Casey said:

    It’s with a guy.

    EDIT: apparently he’s NOT doing porn, and it was leaked? But it seems proshot? 

    “I should have sold that to get paid. Wieners = $$$” lol dude is pretty chill about it, props to him.

    From the Reddit post from the mod, he’s claiming “It was a gift for his wife”, but hmmmmmmmm…

    Edit: IMG_5437.png

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  8. Watching The Hunted(1995)… What a weird ass movie. I remember loving this when USA first started showing it in the middle of the day. It really hits that early weeb itch of wanting to watch more Samurai flicks, but this is what was available to me. It’s inspirations are obvious. Especially when they drop in a Sleepy Eyes of Death clip in the first act of the movie. But the casting of Lambert, and modern Ninja Vs. Samurai stuff is also a try at the Highlander fans without doing a Highlander movie. But because of these weird meldings of ideas they sort of accidentally made a live-action OVA anime with its graphic violence, and sexual themes. It honestly feels at times like a Kawajiri film(but less graphic) because of it.

    For a hack film, made by a hack director it’s still surprisingly well made. Makes me think he must’ve gotten a lot of help in directing it. According to IMDB, the man directed those bad early 90’s Bill Maher movies, and I see that in the scenes with the ninja clan in their hideout. They come off like a bad cheap Andy Sidaris film. But the scenes with Yoshio Harada, Lambert, and the samurai feel like they were handled by a Japanese film crew. The film stock even looks different in those scenes too that it reminded me of those 80’s Samurai flicks that were the last gasp of that genre. I also got a Mr. Baseball vibe from it as well with the way the film was lit.

  9. So I woke up, and I left the TV on with YouTube up. It was one of those auto play things where they play nearest interest. As soon as I open my eyes I see it’s the Rick Martel RF shoot. It’s near the end of it, and Martel is explaining why he’s retired. I thought it was just one freak injury that caused it, but the way he explains it he says it was more of a combination of things.

    For one he didn’t like how stiff Booker worked(Kinda basically said he didn’t care for the man). He hated the Harlem Hangover. It apparently gave him a nasty concussion. The freak injury when he landed on the ropes. Then in a match with Stevie Ray(Who Rick actually really likes), he got a neck injury trying to protect his knee on a Slapjack(Ray’s finisher). The way he tells it, it sounds like he could’ve returned, but wrestling got so much more stiffer around that time, he saw the writing on the wall, and retired.

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  10. 3 hours ago, RunningFromAmerica said:


    I like Julia but she's super green and I am not quite sure what the point of that match was.



    More than likely slowly going up the pecking order of women on the roster. But they’ll need to start looking for challengers from outside the company if they want her to get 50. I wonder if that’s why they are experimenting with Megan Bayne to set up an obstacle for her in the future.

  11. Watching Rumble 1990 right now. I didn’t realize until re-watch that entrants are mostly coming in face, heel, face, heel… Like it’s War Games. It definitely works when some of the first ten entrants are Dusty, Andre, Piper, Jake, and Savage.

    I guess it goes to shit once all the territory stars are gone, and you have to rely on the bad acts, as well as the un-over stars of the later 90’s, and beyond into the 00’s.

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  12. Just now, Matt D said:

    Who were ace Barista’s top heels? King Booker and Edge?

    Batista’s top rival was JBL, but realistically it was being injury prone. 

    It’s kinda forgotten, but anytime Batista got any momentum as a top face, he would get sidelined with an injury. His most consistent time was as a heel.

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  13. 11 minutes ago, Krone Meltzer said:

    I am speaking it into the ether, Wardlow needs to be the absolute next person they push to the moon. I genuinely could see him being an incredible "homegrown" face of the company within 2-3 years with the right push.

    We’ll see… He’s missing a roster that compliments his potential run as a top face.

    Like if say he needs rivals to challenge him. You might have to look for people like Hammerstone, and Jacob Fatu for potential people to put him over.

  14. Seeing that cutter from the ladder over, and over again is making me savor an eventual confrontation between Dante & Sammy. I just don’t think Dante is ready to have a singles match classic just yet. He’s like a year, or two away from figuring it out. 

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