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  1. Looks like a 90’s surfboard company logo. I like it.
  2. Shame Brad Armstrong isn’t around. He’d make a great week to week sacrifice. Ooooooh… Janela would be great for Hook to toss around.
  3. That’s very true. They tend to just give undercard stuff a big match on TV. I hope they have someone good lined up for him at the PPV.
  4. I hope they save it for the PPV. It’d be a good “test”, and Nese is capable enough to hold Hook’s hand in a big spot like that.
  5. Is Hook still officially in Team Taz? Outside of his dad acknowledging him, they’ve really distanced him from the stable. I can see a scenario where Hook turns on the stable, and joins Dante.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking of stopping on my way back, but I needed breakfast bad, so I settled on Cracker Barrel. Maybe next time if they ever do a show in Daytona again.
  7. I saw that place on my way to Jacksonville. From the outside it looked like a giant Wawa.
  8. He has chocolate stains all over his mouth, and has an overprotective mother as his manager who uses chocolate as a carrot on a stick to get him to viciously attack his opponent. then when it’s over we watch close-ups of him eating the chocolate, while commentary is dry heaving when describing the chewing.
  9. Maybe around Starrcade 97’ with the vulture, but early Crow Sting stuff had zero lights out.
  10. That ten man tag could be a sleeper MOTY. Shame the crowd will be silent once again for this. This should be the turnaround match, but it’ll be stifled because of the circumstances surrounding the pandemic.
  11. Just something that came up in a dream. I think this ultimately stems from something that happened in 2015-16. The thing that brought Shane McMahon back into the fold, and looked like he was maybe looking to curry favor with his dad to give him a second chance. Like probably all the way back then Vince was thinking “I don’t really trust my son-in-law with the business anymore, and maybe this shouldn’t be a family owned, and operated company in the future”. That’s the time when I knew something weird was happening behind the scenes, and we only got a glimpse of it through these weird turns onscreen(and a little off screen in the sheetz) that led to what happened yesterday. This whole family drama(1999-2022) would make for one hell of a book.
  12. It’s kinda funny thinking back a few of weeks ago, Scott Taylor basically saw the writing on the wall, and got the fuck outta Dodge. That probably cost him unemployment, though, right?
  13. I can give Will a pass as long as he gets back on track, and stays there. The problem with Ospreay is that he isn’t that potential “top guy” anymore. A mix of the controversy in the UK which isn’t his alone(and the fact that it crippled the UK wrestling fanbase as a whole), and his push being in the middle of a pandemic period basically made whatever rise he had moot. I mean the whole point of his push was to bring in not only interest from US fans, but also create more interest from the UK, and potentially run a bigger building over there. That ain’t happening anymore. So what he needs to do is reinvent himself yet again. Look to Pillman, or Naito, or someone else. Like he’s kinda doing the crazy person thing, but it’s the Conor McGreggor “Crazy Person on Top” thing, and clearly Will has never truly been on top. He needs to fall again, before he can rise. Honestly going to the WWE would probably do him good. I can imagine them just completely turning him into a loser, and then letting him go pretty fast. That would completely burn his ego a bit, and maybe send him a message. Which makes me feel bad to say because he’s basically killed himself the past five years going a 100mph thinking he’d set himself for life, and it’s done the opposite. Still anything that could kill his ego before he does worse, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  14. Do you guys think the cause of this might be happening because Triple H, and Steph have gone through a personal divorce due to infidelity, and only a few close people know about it? When’s the last time we’ve seen Paul & Stephanie together in public?
  15. They’d do it if a 3rd party decided to do their own documentary.
  16. Isn’t Shawn sticking around, and possibly running it? Is Albert still head trainer?
  17. I should really get around to selling my ROH collection before a company buys the tape library, and throws it up online.
  18. Shawn Michaels was the real Judas in my mind.
  19. I’m so disappointed that gimmick is now just Black’s. Lights out should’ve always been exclusive to debuts.
  20. If it’s Taz in character, and Regal in old character, then you might have something.
  21. I mean his motivation right now is to get a match Vs. MJF. He’s being a little insincere in his phrasing.
  22. That’s actually what they did. Punk derailed him by causing him to lose by DQ.
  23. My cable did the same thing. Probably because the show has the same exact info. On Xfinity they did change the image from Cody giving Dustin an abdominal stretch to almost the entire cast of AEW with Hangman as the big head in the middle.
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