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  1. It is… The look of Miro’s belt was based on the Bulgarian flag colors.
  2. Yeah, but will my date ever tell while I carry it down the street over my shoulder, and try to talk her into letting me in her pants?
  3. I was thinking Dante is getting that ladder match win. I don’t actually see that title shot on a PPV. Or Lee Johnson.
  4. I mean all they care about is subscribers. If the subscribers that are paying for that service are all tuning into that programming, then it means it’s worth having that content on their streaming service.
  5. 10:30 PM? How do Canadians tell time anyway? When the moose sees his shadow? Haha… fucking canucks.
  6. Will mama Brandi steal the show, and earn a spin-off? Only time will tell.
  7. Does all the Rhodes to The Top discussion go here?
  8. Jora Johl formerly Robo He’s kinda the resident flunky of the group.
  9. Are bootlegs that bad? I’ve seen 300 dollar bootlegs that look about as good, and sometimes better than a 1000 dollar replica belt.
  10. That’s going to have to take people like Uno, and Cassidy to push for something like that. But yes, when that was announced it did cross my mind, and to also make it an annual thing for Brodie. The Owen Cup can be a traditional single elimination tournament, and this one would be a cibernetico. Also CMLL aren’t doing it twice a year anymore… HAHA… CMLL does it way too much because they don’t know how to book feuds anymore.
  11. If that happens, then Gedo, and his committee have lost their fucking minds.
  12. Hmmmmm… The closest I can think of is Omega & Hangman, but nether were heels. Yeah, they really haven’t done one.
  13. Wow I wonder how they’ll book that one? One guy has significant mass over the other dude.
  14. They’re going to do a 16 man tag match as a tribute to Brodie. OC & The Dark Order Vs. The HFO’s. it’s up on TK’s Twitter.
  15. I believe neither are signed. Bononi is just getting a lot of work for somebody that isn’t signed by them. Maybe he hangs around tapings a lot, and they’re like “Hey, Bo, baby, ya wanna work a match”. And why he’s got the small big guy syndrome is probably the gear, and body. Cesaro has had that same issue for years. Lance Archer had that too, and then he put on 80 pounds of muscle. I like Bononi a lot. If Tony Khan ever starts AEW Films, and buys the rights to William Lustig’s film catalog, Bononi is your Maniac Cop, right there.
  16. Jaoude’s okay… He’s like a male Tay Conti, but without the “TV camera is in love with you” charisma. It’s cool to see Bononi try out a different personality for once. Maybe he should lean into the martial arts a bit more, instead of just power moves. Get in some Muay Thai knees in between the throws.
  17. Poor Bear Boulder. After watching tonights Dark he appeared to injure himself again at the Universal tapings. This time a leg injury. Hopefully it’s just a cramp, and not something worse.
  18. Hearing BTS talk about it, it doesn’t seem like the Kanyon one was as well researched, or nuanced as the previous episode.
  19. We got a giant mall in south Florida too. Not Mall of America big, but large enough that it had repeat stores too. It gets depressing now where an area of stores is nothing but a car show room, and trash piled into the corner.
  20. Mall of America would probably have to foot part of the bill. Honestly they are probably desperate for anything to bring people into that waste of space. Watch them convince AEW to run it if they give Cody his first food court restaurant. Cody Rhodes Nightmare Family Pasta Dinner!
  21. When Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy battled Bam Bam Bigelow?
  22. Quite a few good ones to make up the last 10 minutes of that broadcast.
  23. Hotstuff Hernandez was a fantastic bumper, and perfect base for high flyers. If he came up in the 90’s, he would’ve been booked under a mask for AAA.
  24. I never watched it when it first aired. After seeing a commercial for this old show today, I had no idea it was a low-budget Blade Runner. A little Earth Final Conflict too. EFC might’ve been a reused production from this show too, now that I’m looking at it real good.
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