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  1. “Tocula” can almost translate to “Your Female Asshole”, if you’re not looking at the actual spelling.
  2. Lee reminds me of dudes from Worlds Strongest Man reruns on ESPN.
  3. We’ll all be banned, and replaced by young attractive people.
  4. If they start killing characters again like it’s Poseidon Adventure, I think I’d enjoy this more. That’s why I liked the first Jurassic World. They introduced a whole new set of characters to either keep alive, or get killed. Once they confirm these actors are coming back for a follow up, it’s like they get kill shy.
  5. Where’s the women’s equivalent to Jerry Flynn? Jade needs a fun squash to pad her record.
  6. Razzies is a bad meme gone on too long.
  7. thats how you know college basketball is a work. when they have all that pyro ready to go off after an upset.
  8. Boy that AI voice for Mark Hamill was depressing, and terrible. Shit had no acting range whatsoever, but to be fair that sort of fits the quality of acting on display. Outside of that, I did not like the episode whatsoever. If the previous episode reminded me of season one of Mando, this reminded me of season two, with all its back door pilot characters I don’t give a shit about. I’m not looking forward to this grand MCU style crossover finale.
  9. HoB don’t need “known” guys right now. They need guys still trying to make a name for themselves. Either somebody from the indies that hasn’t appeared yet, or people like Alan Angels, and 10.
  10. Is Minoru Suzuki actually still independent? I was just thinking about guys that fit a “Forbidden Door” narrative, and are technically available to sign a full-time deal to another promotion.
  11. Anybody at this point that shows up with EC3, and Braun are Ryback levels of BS when it comes to spreading their own rumors.
  12. Sort of… It’s just a dumpy city for the most part, but while it hasn’t exploded yet, drugs, and crime were a thing back then. The infamous Mariel Boat Lift happened in 1980, as well as the Miami riots. Which is when Scarface takes place. Also the real estate market hadn’t boomed yet, I’d argue Miami didn’t really change much until the late 00’s. It’s not glamorous, but if you were to do a gritty 70’s inspired film. The late 70’s, early 80’s Miami is the best place to put it.
  13. I know, but I wish it were just a Miami Vice reboot set in Japan, with a electronic music soundtrack, and scenes of characters brooding to the music of the time.
  14. Can’t wait for that. I know it’s based on a book, but I wonder how much it’ll be it’s own thing, and if they are just using it for the name.
  15. I actually enjoy the linear style of the game on initial play throughs, but to pick it up again is a slog. It’s the same with both RDR’s. There isn’t a sense of pick up, and play after going through the game once. But a game being linear isn’t what tends to hurt it for me because I can pick up a game like Max Payne 3(Or even the rest of the series to be honest), and never grow tired of the gameplay. Actually I would say my favorite bits of these Rockstar open world games is the action parts. The real problem lies in Rockstars insistence to introduce new elements into the game through tutorials for hours into the game itself, and slows the game to a crawl every single time when trying to replay the story. I wish a new game plus would omit these missions when replaying it, and replace them with missions that keep the narrative going without having to do hunting, or fishing tutorials twice. Also while the story itself is quite excellent, it isn’t implemented into the game to blend itself perfectly for replay value. It’s just a little too rich now with these games. A looser Breath of The Wild structure could be a way to solving the issues. But I don’t want them to lose everything, I just want it more streamlined. Also more visual storytelling. I was just replaying an early mission where the gang attacks an O’Driscoll’s hideout, and the bit where he finds the double barrel shotgun, and cleans it, still works on me. They should do more similar stuff like that throughout their games, and their stories. Like what if we got more Tangerine Dream, while discovering more world details, and less dialogue during GTA V. That actually would’ve improved it, and nail the Mann style they were taking from.
  16. Ehhhhhhh… maybe? Did the Arsenio interview happen around this time? I just have this thought that they were thinking the jealous Hogan friend thing would get over no matter what.
  17. Watching that recent redletter video I came away thinking he had an illness, and it’s not just laziness.
  18. One episode in, and its like a Justified light. Nowhere near as good as that program. It’s Funny, I felt the same way about the films. But I do like it even with its short comings. It’s my kind of junk food TV. Reminds me that I need to watch Jack Ryan for even more junk food TV.
  19. He had a few. Pearl River Plunging a dude onto a car, Plunging D’Lo through a table, and the Goldust feud.
  20. Wasn’t it more that he hurt himself more often than he hurt his opponents. Remember he’s the only person to wear knee pads on his thighs.
  21. I’m actually with you on this. Because of 4K remasters their has been a jump in appreciation of gritty crime films from the 70’s, and 80’s. Although it’s funny cuz it can be argued that RDR2 is just modeled after American revisionist westerns from the 70’s. So it’s already dabbled in it. But it’d still be fun to try it in the actual 70’s. I think the best place to put it would be the early 80’s. So you can have a little from both times. Model it after Thief. Yes I know they did it somewhat with the last one, but it’s hard not to try it again in that era. I’d even try to do a character like Caan’s from that film. A total anti-social psychopath that thinks he can organize his life into the perfect retirement, but as soon as the other shoe drops it’s time to burn it all quickly. On the whole openness, I agree too. Maybe a character similar to Tommy. A two bit criminal who was just released from prison restarting in another city slowly going up the chain of crime through discovery. You’ll make choices along the way that’ll set yourself up either as a a kingpin of drugs, guns, prostitution, money laundering, or gambling.
  22. I would really like to see Keith Lee in Team Taz. They’ve kinda lost something since they spun-off Hook into his own thing. Also I really liked the dynamic they had with Cage, and Team Taz being uneasy bed fellows. Trying to re-create that for a lot longer, and keeping Lee busy until they are ready to put him in a singles program would be ideal.
  23. If Lone Wolf & Cub is the big inspiration for Mandalorian, and that’s their only real success, why not get inspiration from the other Koike & Kojima chambara book, Samurai Executioner? Or maybe Zatoichi, who’s team were the ones that produced the Lone Wolf films. I guess we’ll see how Obi-Wan handles its Jedi protagonist. I just don’t have much hope for it after seeing the way they handled Boba Fett’s arc, and hearing that Obi-Wan’s plot bears a resemblance to Unforgiven. Again Lucasfilm has been really good with episodic stories, but tends to fumble the lore heavy overarching plots.
  24. Watched Nightmare Alley last night. Bradly Cooper might end up being my favorite actor this generation. I feel people will look back on him like the previous generation looked back on Paul Newman’s career. An extremely versatile charming actor who can choose leading man parts that balance acting confident, while hiding a much darker side.
  25. I hope season 2 of Raised By Wolves has an audience. This season looks even better than the last. I’m even more in love with the science fiction book cover setting here.
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