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  1. I remember Streets of Fire playing a few times at 10:05 on Movies for Guys That Like Movies after WCW Thunder.
  2. Look how lame that WWF crowd reaction is to that. If that was a WCW crowd you'd have people jumping from their seat, and high-fiving, or hugging the stranger next to them because a man just got his head spiked into the mat. I mean look at this... No DDT, no powerbomb, no clotheslines, just Steve"Mongo" McFuckin'Michael.
  3. That is really fucking sad. Like sadder than watching a Rock n’ Roll Express match from this year sad. I watched a shitty DTV called Wyatt Earp’s Revenge on Prime this past weekend, that had Val Kilmer playing Earp. I couldn’t get past the first scene with Kilmer, who was wearing the worst fake mustache ever. Though, I don’t think it was as sad as that Road to Hell trailer.
  4. They had gone through heavy re-shoots because of how bad it apparently was. I can guess after watching it recently that most of the romantic scenes with Michael Pare, and Diane Lane were re-done. It’s real noticeable when they show close ups of Diane Lane wearing a wig. Great soundtrack, though. The Stevie Nicks soundalike song on the soundtrack really rips, and The Fixx track on it got me into their catalog.
  5. Yeah I stumbled upon that one thinking it was part of Marko’s mission. Such an unlucky death.
  6. That’s probably one of the many aftermaths of death you find in the game. Did anybody else find the brother, and sister in the cabin?
  7. I haven’t seen that. Shit, maybe I should’ve dicked around the map more.
  8. Oh yeah the Murfree Brood. They were my favorite gang in the game. They have a few more surprise entrances in the game if you aren’t playing the main story.
  9. So I got stuck, and frustrated in a spot in The Surge, so I went back into Bulletstorm. Yeah, it does get better as soon as the giant wheel level starts. When that ends the enemies, and situations get more frantic which leads to more fun kills. It isn’t the Max Payne ballet of bullets, but it scratches the itch that single player games don’t scratch as much anymore.
  10. Laser leash comes in pretty quick actually. It does give the game some oomf, but I’m disappointed in some of the encounters. Some areas just don’t have enough tricks, or none at all. So I end up just leash into kick into shooting, or leash into kick over the ledge. I’m going to comeback and give it a chance. Steve Blum saying ridiculous one liners is interesting enough at least. I’m going to have to leave it to my in between sessions of The Surge, though. That game has gotten me back into the Souls-like genre again. Might jump back into Nioh because of this.
  11. Roadkill I think? edit: No wait Roadkill is in the middle.
  12. I hope this is some sort of fan art. If it’s not, then this will piss me off even more that nobody has attempted to translate the fucking Kinnikuman revival.
  13. The Epilogue isn’t that long, it just feels like the end of Return of The King at a certain point.
  14. You aren’t finishing anytime soon. Chapter 6 is a long one. It took me 3 or 4 more days to get to the end credits at that point, but that might have been because work got in the way.
  15. Shoot the dude, and loot him. The letter on him may, or may not give you answers on Gavin.
  16. Makes me wish I had a den just to own one of those for the shear novelty of it. Did anybody else download Bulletstorm from PSN+ this month? If so does it get any better? It seemed okay at first, but it’s already starting to lose steam for me after about 30 minutes.
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