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  1. I didn’t know they were showing that. I wish I knew what the lineup for most of these channels were. The official website doesn’t say shit, and the on screen guide only shows about 3 hours forward. It’s like the days of the Preview Channel if your parents didn’t have a TV Guide subscription.
  2. Hmmmmmm... The WWE has Snickers. Maybe AEW can go after Twix. The Young Bucks could be the spokesmen in a series of commercials.
  3. Why did Vince start fazing our Gene in the first place? Was it the old guy thing, or was Vince pissed he wasn’t sharing that sweet sweet hotline money? Also I can’t be the only one who thought Gene was moonlighting as the Dunkin Donuts guy, as a child.
  4. I don’t know, that All In crowd in Chicago was pretty good for a smark crowd. They need to go after the college football fans like WCW used to if they want those same fans though.
  5. RIP Watching old Nitro’s makes you realize how much you need a Gene Okerlund out there to make sure wrestlers don’t drown on live TV. Like just think how much better RAW would be if Baron Corbin wasn’t “Acting” in the ring.
  6. I just read that they might be talking to Turner/TNT/TBS for a TV deal. *Squeeeeeeeeeel*
  7. Some of the worst merch ever is all on this page.
  8. It also has an MST3K channel that I believe has under 20 episodes in rotation. Also Pluto TV is just a fucking weird thing. I don’t know whether I like it or not. It currently works well as a thing to put on in the background, but to actually sit down, and watch is a chore due to the awkwardly placed ad breaks, as well as the same 6 ads being run. Like I don’t know how much more I can take of these commercials for that Catherine Zeta-Jones tv show on Facebook Watch without slamming my head against a wall.
  9. Enzo has a great on screen persona to be a top heel character & manager, but he’s a total fucking head case. If Chris Daniels is going to be a behind scenes guy, then you can totally get him to be a heel manager. I mean we already know Daniels is great on screen as a sleazy scumbag, isn’t mental in real-life, and also the all-time best managers had a hand in the booking committee.
  10. Colonel Parker actually made his return to wrestling this past year. Honestly you need more managers who sweat profusely at ringside, dab their foreheads with a handkerchief, and say “Lordy... Lordy...”.
  11. Better yet they swerve us all, and the Bucks + Cornette start up another version of the Midnight Express format.
  12. It’s a shame that DC is tied to Six Flags, and Universal won’t stop holding the Marvel brand hostage. An Aquaman ride in Orlando would be awesome.
  13. But Aquaman proves that can look good with the right amount of creativity. I can’t wait to pick out every little moving piece of that 3rd act when I see it again on my TV.
  14. Whoever that jobber was, he better have been paid double.
  15. Hmmmmm... All this Ali stuff make me think they are planning on strapping the rocket to him. Maybe even put him in “The Man” spot.
  16. Aquaman was a visual stunner. I couldn’t believe a movie about Aquaman is the best looking, and moving action comic movie ever.
  17. There also was too much hot potatoing of the belts back then. To get a long, and note worthy reign at the time for the WWE was rare, as well as needed. It’s a shame though that it was relegated to semi-main status for some very bad Cena feuds.
  18. That sounds cool. What’s the premise exactly? Is it a deathmatch, or will they just be beamed out of the arena if they get hurt too much?
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