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  1. Regal had an unfortunate 40 year old bod at a young age. So did Dustin, but his dad being around covered it in a way that Regal acting like the Grey Poupon guy couldn’t.
  2. It’s kinda out of nowhere, but 2Point0 & Garcia, could produce some Jericho magic, especially for Garcia, who might end up with the same rub as Sammy. I kinda wish Dante could be a heel understudy too. Dropping Team Taz stuff fast was a mistake.
  3. So that Hardy’s public domain song… When Jeff left for TNA back in the day, did the WWE basically have the exclusive rights to it for wrestling, and they didn’t bother this time around to hold onto the rights?
  4. Studs probably would get in the way of taking safe bumps. Maybe that’s why they ultimately didn’t go with those.
  5. Maybe whenever they get the streaming deal, and they can push for much more in-dept content.
  6. I was at the show live. It was a hell of an event, but I can confirm that it did indeed go too long. I agree with posters saying AEW needs an intermission, and to open the doors early. I didn’t need to use the restroom, but around Punk Vs. MJF I had a hankering for a hotdog. So as soon as it ended I bolted for the concessions without knowing what the next match was. So open the doors at 5:45. Buy-in needs to begin at 6:30. 6:45 is when you give us the first match of the evening. Main PPV card should start at 7:30. After Punk Vs. MJF headlines the first-half, then you go into intermission. 20 minutes should be given to live promos, legend interviews, and maybe last minute angles from the participants of the second-half of the PPV. Top 3 matches for me at the show were… 1. Darby, Sting, & Sammy Vs. The AHFO’s This was insane to watch live. It was my most anticipated match on the show. Even more so knowing it was following the tag title, and ladder match. You got three of the craziest bumpers in the company(Darby, Sammy, and Isaiah), an ace athlete(Andrade), and two wiley veterans(Hardy, and Sting). It was a formula that guarantees a spectacle. 2. Triangle Tag Team Title Match Sometimes I come into Bucks matches expecting disappointment. This was one of them. I thought both heel teams would just completely dazzle, and turn the crowd on the faces. I was dead wrong, they instead dazzled, but gave Jungle Boy all the best spots in the match. I completely jumped out of my seat after JB hit the Frankensteiner German Suplex Counter. Luchasaurus was the only weak link in the match, just repeating similar spots. If that last part weren’t the case, I might’ve given it a top grade. Also I did not know this would have Triangle rules. Happy that style wasn’t forgotten after seeing some excellent ones recently from WCW’s peak. The only problem with doing them in AEW is that the ring is too big. The reason they worked so well for tags in WCW was because the ring was so small you had big men surrounding the ring, where they would be able to make extremely quick blind tags that would keep the pace of the match from slowing down even when the combined weight in the ring was over 2000 lbs. 3. Face of The Revolution Ladder Match Outside of the six man, this was my second most anticipated match of the show. The main ingredient was beef, but thankfully they had a comedy worker(OC), and a ladder match veteran(Christian) to guide them all through the match. By the end they were able to put Hobbs on the same level as the beefy men of the company, further showed off Lee, and placed Wardlow into an area of star status to then shoot the first bullet for what will hopefully lead to one of the biggest headlining matches in DoN(Wardlow Vs. MJF TNT Title Matches). All in all I had a great time. No trouble getting to the building whatsoever. The arena was located on a well designed campus, that had plenty of places to eat, and a simple, but easy to enter, and exit parking garage. Which is something I’ve never personally witnessed as I am from South Florida, and the top school basically has one of the smallest campuses for a major school in the state.
  7. I don’t like bio-pics, but I do like the look of this movie. Reminds of that Jordan Nike ad that had the first Jordan, and Bugs crossover.
  8. Decided to start a new game for this, since I never really got far before this patch. But I didn’t realize that I had deleted Cyberpunk from my PS5, so for a while there I thought I was playing the PS5 update. I got past the initial border entry, so whatever. I downloaded the actual update, and started this at the half year time jump, with all the introduction of the city here. It does look, and run way better in performance mode. Ray tracing mode looked rough, but I don’t have a tv with RT, so I’m not bothering with it. I’ll jump back in after work, and see the rest of the improvements. I have this feeling though, that traffic, and crowd density for the city won’t be that special once you get past the early portion. But I saw no trouble whatsoever after leaving the apartment. That looked great. I did notice that they removed the two cops dialogue when leaving the apartments. It also appears you can’t just get dialogue options when talking to random stranger like you did in the previous version of the game. Or at least that’s how I remembered it. Driving is way weightier now, and you get that nice PS5 control feedback.
  9. I have a feeling Brandi was going to stay, until what happened in her last appearance. Either that, or that’s as good as she’ll give to getting written out. If that’s the case, she should’ve had more class, and jobbed in a match on her way out, instead of getting shot on in a live promo.
  10. I’m not surprised honestly. Cody had been distant from the EVP’s since around the early portion of the pandemic, and his onscreen persona completely fumbled after the Ogogo program. If he’s going to continue, he’ll need a refresh at this point. It sucks, cuz now the WWE has a key guy that has the ear of one there top stars in MJF.
  11. I wouldn’t mind that. It can get as dire as something like The Walking Dead. But I don’t think they’d get as dark, and cynical as those Apes movies. They still need to sell to the kiddies after all.
  12. That’s the sketch description he deep down wishes his sex assault victim was able to give to the sketch artist. “Officer, he had this strong, but young, and handsome face.”…. “You sure it wasn’t round, and doughy, young lady?”
  13. I wonder what the plan for Nick Wayne is to start. I know what I’d do. At Revolution, book him in a debut hot trios match opener for the Buy-In. Team Taz(Starks, Hobbs, & Hook) Vs. Martin, Moriarty, & Nick Wayne. Or, they could put him in the ladder match.
  14. That is very true. You think Guy Fieri’s very existence made his act obsolete?
  15. Fran Drescher has to be the last successful one. Well… Until Danhausen starts guest appearing as his character in everything soon.
  16. I hope the “no water in the pool” spot during the Hook match is a hint of a potential match for Hook down the line.
  17. I’m an idiot… Keith Lee is a AJ Styles mark. His gear, the hoodie, and the entrance. It’s so obvious now.
  18. It was to me. That’s just something you don’t get anymore in the industry with actors sticking to one character. That might’ve been the most pro wrestling for Hollywood in the 80’s, and early 90’s.
  19. That red head lady was not expecting that kiss. I wonder if the extra tonsils hockey was extracurricular.
  20. Have her beat Jade by cheating, and break Jade’s daughters back like Zeus broke Randy Rip’s back, then Jade goes on the long comeback trail to take back what’s hers from the Neo Soviet.
  21. You think Leyla Hersh might be the next big onscreen villain?
  22. To be honest, for a performer, it looks so much easier to remove, and work spots with if need be.
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