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  1. I thought of Charlotte too. They’d probably want to give it to a big star first to establish the tournament, like when Bret won it. But then Vince might be tempted to give it to a lame duck wrestler because it wasn’t “Obvious”. Like watch it end up being Nia Jax, or god forbid fucking Tamina
  2. Even women won’t be able to escape the royalty gimmick. I got my money on Mandy Rose winning it. The queen gimmick can perfectly fit her aesthetics.
  3. Isn’t a wrestling venue yet, but MLW will be taping their upcoming Miami shows this month there. I can’t wait to see what this will look like on TV.
  4. Got the G Gundam Part One Blu-ray this past Tuesday. I cant believe I never noticed how much they took from Street Fighter II.
  5. It’s a good thing Nailz wasn’t around during the Attitude-Era. I can imagine Russo telling the booking committee “Hey why don’t we do the Berserker sword angle again? But instead of the sword it’s Nailz trying to prison rape Bossman. We’ll even have him miss, and go through the ring just like the Berserker”.
  6. I was staring at this a bit thinking this was either A) An Evo fighting tournament competitor or B) The actor who played the live action Ryu in the Street Fighter movie. God, he’s starting to look his age. I think somebody needs to tell Tommy thin beards don’t look good when your skin starts to stretch.
  7. Look on the bright side. He greatly influenced Davey Richards.
  8. A huge piece of shit(lot of that stuff was in the sleaze thread), but a very special in-ring talent. Who never really reached his prime as a wrestler, or as a character. RIP
  9. That looks real bad. Like PlayStation circa 1995 intro cutscene bad.
  10. I like motion smoothing. There I said it. I especially like watching old black & white films with it to make it feel like it was shot last week. It also gives it a thickness to old cinema that it doesn’t have when it’s off. Like for instance I watched Die Hard last night with motion smoothing on, and let me tell you, that scene with the cops getting pricked by the rose bush has never looked better.
  11. So did Vince ever find a good on screen reason for RAW sweeping Smackdown? YouTube clips, and reading results aside, I haven’t been watching much. When I read that happened I was baffled by the decision that probably only happened because Vince today has a hard on for “Anything can happen...” even though it makes no sense, and can cut off the momentum of an act.
  12. Yeah, I caught onto that fast when I saw that this guy had a Ted Talk...
  13. Kenny Omega is apparently going to have a HBO documentary. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/njpw/comments/a32s3k/new_hbo_documentary_about_kenny_omegagolden/ And from the sounds of it this might be the first official coming out of Kenny too.
  14. The rumor is him, and the Good Brothers are heading to Cody & The Bucks Elite promotion. Why he might do it? I think age, and family might factor in to it. The WWE are probably thinking about using him less in a top spot, and he’ll want a less hectic schedule. Currently we don’t know what kind of schedule the Elite promotion will have, but it might start out as very easy for a wrestler with a family. Plus you know they’ll try to throw a lot of money at him to get him going their way.
  15. Oh wow, I did not know that. On the surface a modern Joe Bob Monstervision show doesn’t seem so bad, and in fact could be cool for young people who’ve never seen these forgotten horror movies of syndication, like I did back in the day. But it’s a new era of Netflix, and other streaming services, and it seems pointless to try this. Also to do this right they need to set aside a good chunk of programming that wouldn’t be dedicated to commercials, and I can’t see a TV executive agreeing to that.
  16. I think AJ missing on that list might have more to do with the rumors that he’s leaving next year.
  17. I want to say that sucks, but the last time I read about it they said TNT would’ve been the landing spot. Regardless if it was M. Night that was meaning the ship, and it had a tone of his films then that had potential to be a massive disappointment after years of not having fresh Tales. If M. Night is done with the project, then I’d really like the Cohen Bros. try their hand at it. Me suggesting that is inspired by watching Buster Scruggs recently, and getting that same Tales From The Crypt mean spirited dark comedy that the HBO show had.
  18. I remember Streets of Fire playing a few times at 10:05 on Movies for Guys That Like Movies after WCW Thunder.
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