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  1. R-Truth is a former world champion dammit! Time to job him out to somebody that is way below Truth.
  2. He should’ve just fuckin won. They don’t have to keep protecting Jinder. It’s not worth it anymore. Hell they could just pretend he was ever champion, and I, plus every other fan would except it.
  3. I imagine it’s more early 90’s Vince laughing at bad Rob Bartlett jokes. BTW, there is nothing wrong with having an authority figure. You just don’t have to use him every fucking week, or have him do “WHAT NOW?”sketches like he’s Kermit on the Muppet Show. Just somebody who shows up occasionally to make a big match, and suspend somebody. The top heel wrestler should be the top heel. They should’ve realized that several times by now. Especially after Seth Rollins had to take a backseat to the Authority drama. They caught lightning in a bottle with Vince Vs. Stone Cold. Honestly that was mostly because of Austin. Vince had some okay stuff outside of it. But nothing has held up like that one feud.
  4. How many Lethal Combinations, and Lethal Injections did he have?
  5. Ghidora looks like Toho Ghidora straight up. Rodan might have his best look ever. I haven’t quite gotten used to a in-shape Mothra though.
  6. He, and the move were already starting to get over as anti-establishment guy with a chip on his shoulder on Saturday Night(I’ve never seen the ratings, but I believe Saturday Night got better ratings than your average B show). The nWo angle, followed by the Savage match was what sealed the deal. Watching pre-bum DDP work with Mero makes you appreciate him more in retrospect.
  7. I assume they’ll “Okada”, and “Kento” him. If they give him the dumb fluke-ish title run, it’d be a waste.
  8. Ospreay looked like the real deal yesterday. If Omega is leaving after the dome, then they have the right guy to replace him.
  9. Oh I am what I am I’ll do what I want...
  10. I do remember sometimes having a hankering for Royal Rumble that I’d go down that I’d get disappointed it wasn’t there. When that was the case my backup was baseball games. ...And boy, the SNES sure had a lot of Baseball games to play. Edit: Wait no, fuck that! Saturday Night Slam Masters was the game I had a real hard on for. I remember when my Blockbuster got that at around the time the SNES was after it’s point of relevance, but somehow still had one and a half isles devoted to it. It’s pretty crazy to think how long SNES, and Genesis(Although that only had half a shelf) were able to hang on there.
  11. Genesis must have been the lead platform if I had to guess. But I remember the Genesis version looked like shit compared to the SNES. LJN... What a piece of shit. I can’t believe one of the roms I hacked into my SNES Classic was Royal Rumble. That shit doesn’t deserve to be alongside Chase HQ.
  12. See that fucking sucks. The SNES version of Super WrestleMania didn’t have Warrior in it.
  13. See they should’ve done that on camera, and Vince could’ve slapped the top of his head like if they were doing a 3 Stooges bit.
  14. Yeah, that proved he never lost a step, and he was able to get Vince to dial back down his personality to pre-Monday Night Raw Era Vince. For a small moment in time the presentation on WWE television improved drastically.
  15. HA! RAW ratings are awful bingo card is complete. Corbin gets “Fired”, and RAW will be the same shitty wrestling show, with shittier skits, but without an onscreen heel authority figure(for now). This stuff goes in cycles.
  16. Are we forgetting one of the most important heel stables ever AKA Team B.A.D.?
  17. Ooooooh... I’d take the vignettes. Sounds like something from Prime Time. Have “Mean” Gene follow him around asking questions too.
  18. Just do AJPW.TV. You get them legally, and you are helping the company stay in business. ...Or you might be helping fund the Yakuza’s illegal activities. Who cares though, when they are providing a quality product?
  19. I too have noticed that I believe when Meltzer pointed it out after an Okada match. It also helps that you notice this the most with that specific camera angle. Its probably always been around in some form for a long long time. Like I remember when people pointed out CM Punk’s blatant spot calling. After that I started to notice more and more wrestlers from today, and the past blatantly on camera calling spots. It’s the same with slight of hand with magic tricks. Once you see it, you can never not look for it.
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