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  1. Are gimmicked guitar shots to the head that dangerous, or is modern WWE just being super precautions? The guitar shots to the back just seem so very wrong to me.
  2. I hope that isn’t the new logo. Althought that isn’t horrible if you are trying to appeal to a younger crowd. It’s just... Yuck.
  4. I mean look at WWE. Vince, and his family still think people want to see heel authority angles in the main event starring them. Sure people like watching that Vince major announcement promo, but that’s because they think something big is happening, and not because they want to see more McMahon’s.
  5. That car doesn’t look electrical. Not living the gimmick, brotha.
  6. Holy shit, that’s fucked up. PAC must really hate that guy.
  7. When Sheamus was WWE champion the first time I had forgotten the belt existed. That’s how bad he was as champ. But it’s not all his fault. He had no business being the world champion, but he was booked as a fluke heel champion, instead of the beastly champion who beat Cena clean for it. It’s also telling when you are given the belt only because you make the guy(Roman) who’s going to win it back from you look better, because you shouldn’t be in a top spot, and then the fans will be happy when the guy that they don’t want as champ wins it because you are so terrible at being the champ.
  8. The most hilarious thing about this is that Sid had a thank you speech prepared for the announcement.
  9. Except for the finish that elimination chamber with Goldberg might be the all-time best.
  10. I’ve been playing on PS4, and surprisingly the majority of the players I’ve played with microphones aren’t massive dicks. Just massive potheads instead, but good dudes regardless sharing health packs, and ammo.
  11. I wouldn’t say 50, but that isn’t that far off from the truth. Hell Hunter’s last good/great singles match was the one he had with Goldust during the Authority Vs. Rhodes Dynasty feud.
  12. Owen's condescending catchphrase "My brother, Bret" never ceases to make me laugh. It was even better when Bret turned heel, and formed the New Hart Foundation that he started to do it sincerely in a cheesy way now that they were back on the same side.
  13. Well Masters was getting good near the end of his WWE run, so if he still had that fire, then sure. It’s that I just remember someone here suggesting Masters was better than Owen Hart in any point in Owen’s career.
  14. That reminds me... It’s crazy to think when Baley used a top rope elbow briefly as a finish, she didn’t call it Baley’s Comet.
  15. Stop using Chris Michaels. You are reminding me of this websites obsession with Chris Masters at one point in time.
  16. Oh God, I haven't even watched this, and I'm thinking to myself "Why isn't this gimmicky looking dude on Raw getting his ass handed to him every other week?". Raw would be so much better if they booked one hour like if it was an episode of WCW Saturday Night.
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.local10.com/entertainment/fans-petition-nfl-to-have-pitbull-perform-super-bowl-halftime-show-in-2020 Sign the petition people!
  18. She was a plant acting as Spike’s fan. I believe she appeared on a couple of episodes before she got in the ring, and attacked Judge Jeff Jones in defense of Spike. She was never seen again after this. I don’t know the woman who played her, but she might have been a student at The House of Hardcore. Edit: Reading up a bit. Every result says Spike’s girlfriend. But I remember her being an innocent fan at ringside, and didn’t have a real onscreen role.
  19. Cardio guy Chris Hero is still the best Chris Hero. Should’ve brought that back when he first went to NXT.
  20. Not Spike Dudley, but an extremely memorable moment... NSFW When that happened I was like “Oh God, Melissa Joan Hart!”.
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