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  1. How the fuck did Jeanie Clarke get billed so high?
  2. Giving him that is just asking for a Last Ride level botch. Roman could barely do the school boy dead lift power bomb thingy for crying out loud.
  3. If I was Lana, I’d ask who the executive was. I wouldn’t fucking trust Dunn’s words.
  4. The wrestling bubble But honestly AEW should try and do a crossover with Bad Bunny for Double or Nothing.
  5. I was just thinking the other day about what happened to Jesse. Because for all the shit he took, he did participate in a lot of heinous crimes he was never charged for. Like was there any follow up to the dealer they dissolved in acid?
  6. It’s pretty funny that they are using a misdirection angle, and don’t even realize they can have another misdirection to help out with putting over an undercarder with potential. Too much bad logic in the booking...
  7. If Okada wins the belt back, then it needs to be after the G1. Those pre-G1 shows desperately need important moments again. It’d be similar to what they did with AJ, and they could easily plug Jay back in when they are ready. Maybe still have Okada challenge for the belt at MSG, but don’t pull the trigger on the switch, and have Okada lose again. Okada finally gets his win back at the G1, and then is granted the rematch on Jay’s road to the dome.
  8. Bugenhagen, and Elias should team up briefly as a Fire & Ice style team called “Plugged & Unplugged”.
  9. If we are still on alternate realities. Shaul wouldn’t be with Aiden. Eventually Eddie would’ve set her up with Hector Garza’s boy. I like doing alternate realities. The reality where Owen didn’t die fascinates me.
  10. If he had Keith Richards genes, maybe. Like Rey he’d probably have had another run in Mexico for AAA, before going back to the WWE. Might have even given Brock his win back during Brock’s current long reign.
  11. It was before they really became a big thing. At the time they still had been treated as ECW outcasts by the WWE, against a main event star like The Rock. It was also believably booked unlike a lot of handicap matches.
  12. Is Rebel Wilson dressed as Maid Marion from Robin Hood Men In Tights?
  13. The Rock Vs. The Dudley - Tables Match Great match, and they put over clean the side with the advantage for once. It also helped legitimize The Dudley’s.
  14. Roman did fine there, but he’s been iffy before, and after. Most of the times they don’t even put him out there with a live mic. Cena though is phenomenal at doing that kind of work. The WWE should still be turning these guys. That shit got old, and the same Cena tactics weren’t working with Roman. The fan erosion got worse with that tactic.
  15. Man I hope this isn’t the end of The Glorious One’s. They need to end up on Smackdown so they can do a dipshit heel run as champs over there.
  16. Finlay was in the perfect spot, without having to win the big belt. He also consistently won in crooked cunning ways that legitimized him, and kept his face opponents looking strong. He never overstayed his welcome too, although he could have provided as a legit top face if they didn’t de-fang him so much. It helped as well that he was playing 2nd to the great King Bookah angle that was providing great color at the top instead of the dreadful JBL angle that dragged on way too long. Who was it that didn’t like Finlay’s comeback so much that they tried to kill it by giving him a Leprechaun?
  17. That 60 minute draw is pretty fun, and doesn’t get talked about much. KENTA is KENTA, Marafuji decides to create a bunch of moves during this match to fill the 60 minutes, and Wada Kyohei busts out Tommy Young’s old ref tactics.
  18. It’s weird hearing Gorilla, and Lane reference history that happened outside of the WWF at that time.
  19. That brief period where Finlay was helping to get Lashley over, and the time period where “The Little Bastard” has no origin was good enough in my book. When he started using that jolly entrance music is when it went downhill. Also...
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