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  1. Typhoon looks like he was blessed with a strong hairline.
  2. That’s a pretty good fake. Had me fooled for a bit.
  3. Santana Garrett would be someone I’d look at. Although she might be signed to WOW.... Wait a minute. Maybe they can do a talent exchange with WOW. Beat WWE to the punch by bringing the best women’s Tag Team back into the national spotlight.
  4. Also they shouldn’t be afraid to give away tickets to these early shows to make these shows look full. Vince, and company might’ve jumped on that little fact(Even though Vince has been papering his shows for years) about WCW back in the day, but Turner’s promotion eventually came out on top because of it. Also doing that produced great crowds in 95/96(The 4 weeks of Nitro in Disney proved that). Maybe even created new fans because of it.
  5. Oh come on, look at these boys... If they were any more Samoan, King Malietoa Tanumafili would’ve smoked them himself.
  6. Rude would actually hit the Awakening like that sometimes. Honestly I liked it like that. The other way would sometimes look too fake, when Rude got generous with Jobbers.
  7. Clearly we know who he’s talking about... But seriously, I can’t put a lot of those dudes in the same tier as Gene when it comes to interviewer, and the guy at the update desk presenting the week in storylines. Only guy that comes close is Sean Mooney. Who added his own little spin as a Sam The Eagle annoyed straight man type to wrestlers.
  8. TNT/TBS/Turner/WB would be crazy not to want wrestling back on their network. From what I gather they are desperate for a hit, and tugging at the heartstrings of nostalgia would be a great start to get them what they need. Also bring back Braves baseball!
  9. That’s a word I haven’t used in quite a few years. Where I ask “How the fuck did they do that”. All the 360 camera shots, plus tight close-ups are things I’ve never seen done so well until this.
  10. This would be a great tacky beach shirt if it didn’t have Jericho’s face on it.
  11. Curtis Axel’s finisher was like that. But the cutter part looked like Johnny Ace’s Ace Crusher driver(though without spiking the head into the ground) he did once to Shiga when G.E.T. turned on Kobashi.
  12. Yeah, just to make that believable she has to bring her fist down in a stabbing motion with enough force to break through her breastplate. On a possible move she can do... Why not a reverse DDT? We don’t see that often as a finisher like it’s counter part, and it’s easy to perform. She can even do the British Falls version(scoop slam into reverse DDT) on liftable opponents from time to time. All they would need to do is the old injury angle after Becky does it for the first time on somebody to get it over instantly. I can’t really think of anything else Becky can do on every woman on the roster, outside of the neck breaker that can stand out, and be simple at the same time like the reverse DDT. Though she needs to sit down to watch old Johnny Smith matches first. I’ve seen enough reverse DDT’s look bad because the wrestler executing it lands with a back bump, instead of kind of landing on their side like Smith used to do it. When doing the back bump it looks like you’re letting go before you land. When landing on your side it looks like you’re putting all your weight on the opponents neck as you both land on the mat.
  13. Yeah, that can’t be Kawada. I know he’s aged a lot, but his hair wasn’t that bad the last time I saw him. Unless he’s been wearing a hair piece, along with the false teeth all these years.
  14. Whatever, it’s not like this is the real Becky either. Who probably fights the urge to use puns on a daily bases since becoming “The Man”.
  15. Still the best match Diesel/Kevin Nash ever had. Also I want to ask. Does anybody know if they took inspiration from Paul Varelans Vs. Marco Ruas? Both happened the same year, and both matches had a central theme of big man beating up little guy. While the little guy was going after the big man’s leg any chance he got, leading to the little guy winning.
  16. Is that Kawada, or some guy who looks like Bob Haskins dressed as Kawada?
  17. These clips are all nice, but you all need to remind yourselves of the many adventures of “Mean” Gene & Debra...
  18. Rob Naylor: Hey, Paul, it’s me, Rob. HHH: Uhhhhhhh... Rob? Rob Naylor: Rob Naylor, from NXT. HHH: Ohhhhhhhhhh, Rob... *Shrugs shoulders* How’s it going? Rob Naylor: Good... No, great actually. HHH: That’s great... Listen I’ve gotta go. My daughter is competing in a Little Ms. Universe Body Building pageant, an... Rob Naylor: Don’t hang up! I’ll be quick... Remember Death Valley Driver? HHH: Perry Saturn’s finisher? Rob Naylor: No, the Internet forum. HHH: What’s the internet? Rob Naylor: Stop playing dumb, Fat Spanish Waiter! HHH: Alright fine... Why are you bringing it up? Rob Naylor: Ernest “The Cat” Miller... HHH: Scott Norton angle! Rob Naylor: YES! How did... HHH: ...I know? Unforgettable TV angle, that’s why. ...And you’re calling because some asshole on DVDVR linked it? Rob Naylor: Yup... HHH: I’m on it! Thanks, kid... *Hang’s up phone* Stephanie: Who was that, honey. HHH: An old friend, Steph. Oh, by the way, I’ll be late to the pageant. Stephanie: ...Why? HHH: Some unfinished business I got to take care of. Stephanie: ...Okay, make it in before 8. HHH: *Kiss*...7:45. *Hunter walks past a mirror, and walks back to it. He stares at it for a few seconds, and proceeds to give himself a standing ovation.* HHH: “YOU DESERVE THIS... *CLAP-CLAP... CLAP-CLAP-CLAP* *Meanwhile back to Naylor...* *He writes a letter back to his friends at DVDVR, in which he expresses his difficulties adjusting to the outside world, including holding up a job at a grocery store as a bagger, and living in constant fear. He decides that he's tired of being afraid. Gets up on a table and carves "Naylor was here" into the ceiling beam. ...*
  19. Wrestlers being allowed to look into the camera, and cut mini promos without a live mic before entering the ring. Basically do everything WCW did before 98. Yes even hire Ryback just so Kenny can drop him on his noggin with the One Winged Angel in a 5 minute squash.
  20. Fuego, Valiente, Hechicero, Audaz, Titan, and Triton are six who I feel have been wasted.
  21. Did he really say that? Good thing I stopped listening to wrestler/performer podcasts before he started. In reality WCW failed because they didn’t switch formats, and put all their eggs in the Goldberg basket.
  22. I didn’t know they were showing that. I wish I knew what the lineup for most of these channels were. The official website doesn’t say shit, and the on screen guide only shows about 3 hours forward. It’s like the days of the Preview Channel if your parents didn’t have a TV Guide subscription.
  23. Hmmmmmm... The WWE has Snickers. Maybe AEW can go after Twix. The Young Bucks could be the spokesmen in a series of commercials.
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