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  1. 7 minutes ago, Brandon Bones said:

    I would like to shout out Jakes “Clint Eastwood is allergic to horses” line.  


    Chefs kiss!

    What did he mean by that? I know he was really a California boy, but it’s not like Eastwood used a stunt guy for horses. Him, and all those western mainstays literally learned the ropes. 

    Eastwood even owned a ranch I believe.

    Edit: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/cry-macho-star-clint-eastwood-admits-being-nervous-about-riding-horses-new-movie.html/

    I see… Guess Jake read this article.

  2. 31 minutes ago, zendragon said:

    Wrestling Flashback – Heidenreich's Hershey Bar – The Armbar Express

    It all comes full circle

    What do people say about the writers? “They know how to write to Vince’s taste”. This is most likely where the Gunther  character is leading to knowing Vince’s stereotypes are very dated. To be honest if I was running a “character based” wrestling company I probably wouldn’t know how to add a German based character into a western promotion without it being either A)Military obsessed, or B)Octoberfest goofball. I’d literally have to send my writing staff over to Germany to understand the current culture much better. The WWE isn’t that nuanced, even though they are all about creating characters. 

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  3. Yeah, that’s not a bad choice really. Could’ve really played up the two warriors thing between the two. 

    Another thing that doesn’t get brought up enough, is that after he won the belt they wanted Warrior to tone down the gimmick for public appearance purposes. Which killed the mystique.

  4. I think Hogan Vs. Warrior was the key mistake in Warrior’s failure to launch. Not only did it force fans to pick a side, but it was also not that big of a draw. Hogan should’ve lost the belt to Savage prior to WM 6, then you start the Warrior run there with Savage winning it at Mania. Later you decide if you want to do “The Ultimate Challenge” at the next Mania.

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  5. What do you call it when a beloved hero is replaced, with a character you don’t like? “Step-father Syndrome”? I was four years old, and I had that strong feeling of “Who the fuck do you think you are? You aren’t Hulk Hogan”. It also didn’t help that Warrior acted like an unreasonable monster during that build.

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  6. Simply put, Warrior had no chance. He was Hot Rod replacing Optimus Prime. Maybe if Hogan disappeared like Backlund did he’d have a chance. But Backlund was no Hogan when he was replaced. So there weren’t any guarantees. I do truly feel he would’ve grown into the role, and accepted as the guy, if Hogan never returned eventually. It needed a lot of time for that to happen.

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  7. I’m just not enjoying this. I wish they would’ve kept Boba as a reoccurring guest character who acts as both an ally & antagonist to The Mandalorian, instead of whatever they are doing with him here. 

    Probably going to look back at that back door pilot filled 2nd season of Mandalorian as a major misstep to these Star Wars tv shows. 

  8. 12 hours ago, Shartnado said:

    My wife wanted to get HBO Max for a little bit in order to watch And Just Like That... so, I've used it to watch some of Lovecraft Country as well as the first season of WestWorld (finally). Any other suggestions on what might be worthwhile, genres be damned?!?

    Raised By Wolves is awesome. It’s like a non-sense Sci-Fi themed 90’s perfume and cologne ad directed by Ridley Scott turned into a series. I can’t get enough of it.

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  9. That’s why I love the books. Leonard knew every inch of his favorite cities. I’m never lost in his books when he describes the set pieces in Miami. The show just doesn’t have that same kind of detail. But then movies, and TV can never catch up to literature.

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