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  1. Why am I bothering? But ok. Phantom Menace - Decent to good movie. You hate lil Anakin? I think he does a fine job and I enjoyed seeing his backstory. The scene where he leaves his mom is kinda sad. The pod race is cool but too long. Darth Maul and Qui-Gon are both interesting, particularly Qui-Gon. I would have liked to see both characters fleshed out more. We see a younger Palpatine work his way into power. The final lightsaber fight is really good made even better by a masterful score. That whole movie has such a fantastic score. Ok Jar Jar. Yes he's annoying and possibly mildly offensive. I've always made the arguement that the SW universe has hundreds of different alien races. Why do the gungans get so much shit? I'm not even gonna get into the whole these are movies aimed at children so you need some comic relief from time to time. Attack of the Clones - This one even I have trouble defending and it's clearly the worst SW movie. Revenge of the Sith - I think it's legit a good movie. Maybe even better than RotJ. I'm not gonna keep going cause this is pointless but I feel like the hate these 3 movies get is largely unwarranted. It's become so engrained in people that these movies suck. It's all over pop culture. It's become one of those hive mind things where you hear something enough times it must be true. If you are truly a fan of the Star Wars univiverse you can't hate all 3 of these movies.
  2. Do we no longer eat??! The Rick Bayliss marinades are really excellent. Not sure if they are regional to Chicago but if you can find them they make great fajitas or carnitas. I normally never would buy a jarred marinara sauce but this Rao's sauce is really high quality. It better be when you're paying $7 or $8 bucks for a jar. Not as good as making your own obviously but if you're feeling lazy it's a pretty good option. Also what kind of maniac would ever use a store bought Alfredo sauce? I can't even imagine. On the eating out front I recently had the bone in filet at David Burke's Primehouse Chicago. Wow that was some steak. Then they were doing a pop up ice cream thing that night. Sweet corn ice cream was so tasty and different. I could see that being a Ben and Jerry's flavor at some point. Another great dish I recently had was the old bay style crab bake at Joe's Crab Shack. The smell when I pulled back the foil was just incredible. That crab was one of the best single bites I can remember. Really took me back to my younger days on the east coast around the Chesapeake Bay. Oh and for the love of god avoid Taco Bell breakfast at all costs.
  3. Catching up on season 1 of Ray Donovan in anticipation of season 2. It's decent. Maybe I should be doing the catch up on Masters of Sex instead.
  4. Ok repackage Truth with a Creflo A Dollar gimmick.
  5. Hardys vs Wolves and Aries vs Lashley at least sound mildly interesting. Plus as one of the very few Low-Ki fans left I'm happy to see him working.
  6. I'd love to know the thought process behind this poster happening.Also is there a chance this is on any wall anywhere in the world?
  7. Shovel Knight sounds awesome. Now it only the 3DS and the WiiU had cross-buy. Just saw Castlevania 3 is hitting both eshops this week as well. That's an easy $5 purchase right there.
  8. Poor Colton! That was a romance for the ages!
  9. Yeah I've kind of been thinking Han & Leia sacrifice themselves to save the day. It'll be interesting to see how much to see how much they can actually keep secret in this day and age. I still have vivid memories of learning that Ep3 would end with a lightsaber battle on a volcano and being extremely excited.
  10. This has also got to raise concerns about what to do with Han going forward.
  11. I know you guys love the divas but does anyone have thoughts on the 6-man last night? Worth tracking down?
  12. I liked the idea of him taking sad sacks like Titus under his wing and restoring their confidence. It could be a serious thing or like the new 3MB. You could even think long term with both Bray and Bo having groups of followers. That's if they ever plan on acknowledging they are brothers. Lots of story potential there.
  13. I too no-sell the prequels. They are un-done in my mind. And so there is peace and balance in the Living Force. Don't get into this. Don't get into this. Don't get into this.
  14. My son is insanely jealous of you right now I mean he has his 3DS and that is all well and good but all he wants for Xmas is a Wii U and it is solely so he doesn't miss anything about Smash Bros Uhoh hope he doesn't hear about these lil Skylanders style figures that will work with Smash Bros. I live in fear my daughter is going to suddenly want Disney Infinity.
  15. Ok now explain Hittman to me. The guy is all over Chronic 2001 and then seemingly disappears.
  16. Next one? The surface has hardly even been cracked with this one.
  17. Nah. She threw herself out the window is a logical line. Not to mention the Presidential pardon he has for anything he does around this. His just knocking anyone out who gets in his way is cracking me up. Pardon bitches.
  18. I'm so sold on this season and hopefully more. I realize this isn't an Emmy awarding winning show but it's one of the most enjoyable shows. It reminds me of Sons of Anarchy, I could pick it apart but fuck it I love it. I guess they swerved me with Heller living. In the missle drama I kind of forgot Chloe trying to hack into the drone at the same time. That was cool I guess. Those terrorists were Cobra level bad shots. I thought for sure the black guy was gonna get it when the bullets started flying. Hollywood has conditioned me to always fear for the black supporting actor. Did not like Jack throwing Margo out the window at first but I guess he just knows even if she has useful intel she ain't talking. Feel good moment of the year when the missle missed the train station and Audrey knowingly said "He did it." Fucking Jack not only saves the day but maybe steals back Audrey. Benjamin Bratt is so dead.
  19. See I enjoy the evolution throughout the decade. As these guys build a rivalry and know all each other's tricks it's going to take more to put them down. How can you not like the thinking behind Misawa creating the Tiger Driver '98?
  20. Guys are going to be popping up. You just have to buy into the idea of "fighting spirit" to fully enjoy these matches. It annoys me when people try and bust on that term by the way.
  21. Great topic. Matt mentions tape trading. I really feel like for better or worse these are some of the guys who changed the future of wrestling in America. You could see the influences of puro and lucha all over the Indy boom period of the early 2000's. Now we have HHH vs Daniel Bryan opening Wrestlemania with match that would have been at home on a 90's AJPW show. Maybe that all starts with a young Daniel Bryan getting a VHS of Misawa vs Kawada 6-3-94 in the mail.
  22. ultimoDANK

    2014 G1 Climax

    They really shouldn't have turned him heel so quickly. He was quite over as a baby face, and had some really good singles. I was kind of wondering how they would handle matches like AJ vs Karl, AJ vs Yujiro. I guess we'll see competitive matches like we always get in these situations but that seems odd to me.
  23. We're circling each other with broken beer bottles...
  24. ultimoDANK

    2014 G1 Climax

    You better look into local shelters then. This would be like betting on the the Jets to win the Super Bowl this year.
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