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  1. BOLD IS A TALENT MOST RELATED TO NJPW The regular text in non NJPW regulars Commentators not included G1 special 1 BAD LUCK FALE YUJIRO TAKAHASHI ROCKY ROMERO OSPERAY Baretta Jay Briscoe Mark Briscoe Matt & Nick Jackson Marty Scurll BUSHI HIROMU EVIL SANADA LIGER Volodor Dragon Lee Titan Jay Lethal Hangman Page ZSJ JUICE ROBINSON JAY WHITE KUSHIDA DAVID FINLAY TANAHASHI SHO YO YOSHI TATSU Billy fucking Gunn TAMA TONGA TONGA LOA Hanson Raymond Rowe ISHII NAITO OMEGA ELGIN OKADA GEDO Cody The only new person on night two was King Haku 42 wrestlers over two nights 27 NJPW 15 Non NJPW Strong Style Evolved Rocky SHO YO Daniels Kaz Scorpio Sky JUICE Finlay Gedo Hiroki Goto Lance Archer Davey Boy Toru Yano Chuckie T Tama Tonga Tonga Loa Cody Marty Scurll Naito Sanada Bushi Hiromu Tanahashi Kushida Taguchi Dragon Lee Osperay Jyushin Liger Minoru ZSJ Okada Ishii Jay White Hangman Page Omega Ibushii Matt and Nick Jackson 39 wrestlers on this show 29 NJPW 10 non G1 in San Fransico Tama Tonga Tonga Loa Yujiro Takahashi Chase Owens YOH SHO Rocky Yoshi-Hashi Gedo King Haku Ishii Yano Minoru ZSJ Hiroki Goto Jeff Cobb Sanada Evil Matt and Nick Jackson Okada Osperay Bushi Naito Hiromu Dragon Lee Juice Robinson Jay White Omega vs Cody 29 on this show 24 NJPW 5 Non NJPW Upcoming FIGHTING SPIRIT UNLEASHED SHO YOH ROCKY LIGER TAGUCHI ACH CHASE OWENS Daniels Kaz Hangman Baretta GOTO Sabin Chuckie Flip Cobb Sanada Evil Naito ZSJ Davey Boy Archer Kushida Tanahashi Gedo Jay White Osperay Scurll Tama Tonga Tonga Loa Matt and Nick Jackson Juice Robinson Cody Okada Ishii Omega Ibushi 38 on this show 26 NJPW 12 non NJPW 148(non unique/duplicates counted) on 4 shows 106 NJPW on 4 shows 38 non NJPW 26.5 NJPW per show 9.5 non NJPW per show 71.62% is NJPW 28.38% is CMLL ROH Billy fucking Gunn etc EDIT: for some reason I put Hanson and Rowe as ROH as well as Baretta. If you add those three to NJPW it becomes 109/148 and 73.6%
  2. I figured hey, I'll give it a shot... I watched for a minute, Elias wouldn't shut up about FOOTBALL... FOOT FUCKING BALL their biggest ratings killer of the season getting free advertisement on their show. Might has well have said hey guys Football is on GO WATCH IT. I screamed I yelled I gave up immediately. WHAT THE FUCK LOL
  3. Is this a 5 or 7 star scale system brother? Maybe a 4 star scale system like before Lawlor Funk.
  4. I don't think Braun would be in my personal 100. He is so stale for me, I am over him flipping things and roaring and doing multiple slams. Personal top 25 Kenny Omega Tetsuya Naito Kazuchika Okada Matt Jackson Nick Jackson Cody Seth Rollins Kevin Owens Tomohiro Ishii Minoru Suzuki Chris Jericho Marty Scurll Hiromu Takahashi Sami Zayn Toru Yano Joey Ryan Walter PCO Hangman Paige Johnny Gargano Filthy Tom Lawlor Matt Riddle Elias Andrede Cien Almas Tomasso Ciampa
  5. There hasn't been a wonder to Rusev since his name was Alexander. I love Rusev but he's just there.
  6. I watched a little bit, King Booker because well, ALL HAIL KING BOOKAHHH! I saw the triple threat because I like Cesaro and Sheamus. I saw Charlottes promo then shut it off. I saw Brie punch Bryans hand. I saw nothing in between before or after any of that. From my view 4* show. This is how I watch WWE must days so I always have a higher view of it.
  7. Honestly in 2018 I thought I'd just laugh, like cornette and all the other podcast who laughed at it, but I love these videos, they are exciting and very well done. I really hope NWA grows, I know it won't grow to what it was but I hope it gets close.
  8. HIAC dies for me when it has pink ropes. I get the cancer charity work(although the charity they work with is questionable) But I don't get why for the cell they can't just change the damn middle rope. Always takes me out of it.
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