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  1. TV

    There's someone below Hardwick's level? I mean, Dolph is terrible, but c'mon.
  2. ...does the Suzy Spirit injury get used as a storyline?
  3. It's why I don't watch wrestling anymore.
  4. Because he also wrote said reboot and Apocalypse?
  5. Why does everyone think Kinberg directed Last Stand? The industry papers are all saying this is his first movie.
  6. On this date 12 years ago Samoa Joe signed his first contract with [the then] TNA His debut, not OTD
  7. The Impact thread has more run-ins with death than the company.
  8. Photo

    Nearly 68 years is one long ass exposure.
  9. Movie

    Gee, I can't see any reason why the trans community would find that offensive.
  10. and J. Law is kind of a d-bag.
  11. Leaning more toward MCU than Marvel TV, so I'm... hyped for an Inhumans project?!?!?
  12. Cameo?