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  1. Photo

    Maybe that's why he got so angry whenever someone mentioned May 19th. I have to give some due to Kane for continuing to only shave the front part of his head for so many years after people stopped noticing. THAT is sticking to kayfabe. Edit: Whoopsie on the typo.
  2. TV

    Imaginary Mary is CG, not a puppet.
  3. Fate of the Furious was ok and all, but F. Gary Gray is such a more pedestrian director than Justin Lin OR James Wan, it's not even funny.
  4. I INite, the league
  5. Twitter is amazing and Nick Spencer ruins everything.
  6. Thank god they know what they have in Nak
  7. Sweet mother of god.
  8. Everyone that's mentioned the teaser on twitter said the same thing. I think they're trolling the fans.
  9. Hate watching is still watching.
  10. Movie

    Weird, I swear I saw a picture on twitter from Cinemacon that still had the 7/28 placeholder. Ah, here it is. It even has "Wreck-it Ralph 2" which I believe was just announced
  11. Movie

    How does Disney have an Untitled Fairy Tale movie coming out in 4 months? That seems preposterous
  12. I look forward to Joss' "slightly better at action scenes than Kevin Smith" direction in this Batgirl movie that will never be made.
  13. Photo

    That's Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), yes
  14. Enemy Ace, sans his usual helmet