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  1. It doesn't really play fair with what we know of that world's technological capabilities, and thus is kind-of a cop out from a storytelling standpoint. If I were living Bruce Wayne's life, you can be sure I wouldn't be pretending to sleep with supermodels, nor would I dress as a bat.
  2. Honestly? I'd rather have my parents die as a child than live with shrapnel in my chest after an IED goes off in Afghanistan AND my parents are dead.
  3. I don't know why people are griefing over PacRim's take. WWZ did about the same the first week on around the same budget (allegedly) and it's doing fine and dandy. Even if it's a terrible movie (I've heard nothing but good things) it'll have legs and make a profit.
  4. Clark was responsible for the destruction of at least 8 skyscrapers when he destroyed the controls of the ship before the final fight.
  5. Shorts sans continuity are fun for a treat, but have no staying power.
  6. Cats Don't Dance sighting! http://youtu.be/wOArniAuOmw
  7. Holy crap, this week's episode of TTGo "Tower Power" was absolutely hilarious. It perfectly encapsulates what it's like to work with younger people who don't get your references. Definitely seek it out.
  8. I have to say, typing in "death" instead-of "board" to get to the board is kind-of a downer. Impending doom, etc.
  9. Boo! Go back to your old name! Change bad!
  10. It was the Moffat-Who version of kaiju. Actually, most blockbusters this year have been very paint-by-number. I have to wonder if it's the sabremetric-ation of scripts being felt already.
  11. Revised timeline? The board was down, so EVERYONE should be finished with their books!* *I am not finished with my book.
  12. It's wrestling, characters change all the damn time.
  13. I would prefer the Steranko account to be fake, as it's turned me against him if real.
  14. It's like a silly version of Saint's Row, so not quite as good, but def. something to hold me over.
  15. When I'm not being distracted by Candy Crush Saga (shut up!) I'm wending my way through Deadpool, biding my time until Saints Row IV comes out in a month.
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