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  1. Its really nice how routine women main-eventing WWE shows feels these days.
  2. Thought it was a step up from the last few episodes of Raw and I enjoyed the women's 4-way match, but it was still heavily marred by filler and tedious segments (Sami/Lashley, Nia/Ronda) that just wouldn't end. The ending of Bayley/Riott also now has me worried that after MITB we're going to see Sasha and Ember helping her against the Squad, and all the teases/tension earlier this year will appear even more pointless. On a positive note, I thought that it had the best use of Kevin Owens in some time, from his banter with Balor (the highlight being him saying that Finn can't beat Braun alone, while he can, though it'd be "taxing" so that's why he's asking for help ) to actually coming through on his promised teamwork against Braun Strowman and delivering a couple of nice frog splashes. The ending bothered me with Strowman looking cartoonishly strong, but I suppose they booked themselves into a corner.
  3. Wisely they're going with the WWE 24 on Raw 25 rather than Raw 25 itself, or else WWE would have to send out an edited version which ends after the Stone Cold segment.
  4. Tristam Shandy is hilarious and has an array of bizarre textual experiments (from marbled pages to add-your-own-response sections) that work 250 years later. For literary comedy, I'm also very fond of the short stories of Donald Barthelme.
  5. There were three panels, each moderated by Stephanie. Panel #1: HHH, Shawn Michaels, Charlotte Flair, Roman Reigns. Panel #2: Braun, Alexa, Jimmy Uso, Naomi. Panel #3: Bella Twins, Sasha, Nia, Ronda.
  6. Ricky had a Life Story of the Dragon DVD set years ago, including a 1984 match with Ric Flair (from Boogie Jam) which still isn't on the Network.
  7. Its a small detail, but I like that Almas isn't having to cut awkward English promos. His Spanish adds intensity to his character, in a similar way to Asuka's use of Japanese in confrontations.
  8. David Cavanagh: Good Night and Good Riddance: How Thirty-Five Years of John Peel Helped To Shape Modern Life.
  9. Quite enjoyed tonight's episode, that's the most time the women's division has gotten in a long time, and they had good matches and got strong crowd reactions even in Corpus Christi--even Carmella got better reactions than she has of late. I suppose you could argue that Charlotte/Becky didn't have a feud progression, but it was still a quality TV match with a nice ending and some cute friendship spots. Cass's promo would have been more effective if it was a little shorter (pun intended), but after Raw's festival of filler and lack of logic, that episode was a breath of fresh air. And Almas's first proper match next week! Good times.
  10. Continuing the recent welcome trend of bringing back delisted collections, the Wargames and 80s Ric Flair collections are back.
  11. Its a real shame they had those injuries last year, each time when they were on the cusp of a push. The main roster can be a harsh place.
  12. You weren't the only one to do that. Previously undone household chores are grateful for Raw's vast amount of filler. That said, Constable Corbin could be amusing. They may as well have Roman become Kurt's lackey and have CONSTABLE CORBIN vs DEPUTY BIG DAWG.
  13. WWE has launched a new Performance Center site.
  14. The latest episode of Sheamus's ongoing series Celtic Warrior Workouts (in which he does various superstars' gym routines, from Rusev to Alexa Bliss) is quite good. He tries out Charlotte Flair's leg workout, with the video also featuring cameos from Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch. Ep 34: Charlotte Flair
  15. Fair take. His promo style worked perfectly on Talking Smack.
  16. I think its basically one of those shows where you can't go home again. Its a shame there's only 50 odd episodes in the original three seasons, but in these sequel seasons they haven't been able to recapture what made it special.
  17. It is indeed. Speaking of Hidden Gems, looking forward to today's uploads. The only match confirmed so far to my knowledge is a 1984 Ric Flair-Jack Brisco match from Georgia Championship Wrestling.
  18. At least Baron can slide in and out of the ring real quick.
  19. Recently finished Primo Levi's The Truce in a new translation as part of the splendid Complete Works of Primo Levi[/i ]box. It, [i]If This Is A Man, and The Drowned and the Saved (in a different register) are such powerful books.
  20. July and August releases for Criterion UK: King of Jazz (July 9th) F for Fake (July 30th) sex, lies, and videotape (August 6th) Smithereens (August 27th)
  21. Abbi Jacobson's character on the upcoming Matt Groening show Disenchantment has been revealed
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