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  1. Fair point, but I'd rather see Charlotte/Ronda main event Wrestlemania 35.
  2. I think we can be glad she didn't re-enact his 1993 spandex look.
  3. Very true! Even if it was particularly bad wallpaper. Vic Gatrell: The First Bohemians: Life and Art in London's Golden Age
  4. Judith Allen: The Feminism of Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Sexualities, Histories, Progressivism
  5. That finish was a heartbreaker, as a young Crush fan at the time.
  6. Charlotte Flair educating us all on the true meaning of the 4th of July.
  7. Becky's instagram story recounting her win is wonderful.
  8. My thought is that if she's still champion by Summerslam (which is looking more possible), they'll likely have to do a multi-woman match just to book around her limitations, sorta like the three-way match she had at Tribute to the Troops last year with Charlotte and Ruby. She didn't have to do any heavy lifting there (literally--there's a spot where Charlotte suplexes both her and Ruby at once), but she was fine enough.
  9. Completely agree, but WWE is determined to push Carmella even though she's not really there yet. Its like when people say they wish Asuka won at Mania. I get that, but given WWE's plans it would have just been Asuka jobbing to Carmella two nights later and ending the streak that way instead.
  10. The Asuka booking is very frustrating. I get they're trying to prop up Carmella's title reign (and it needs the help), but its not working and its making Asuka look bad too. I'm sympathetic because I know most of the roster just got back from Japan/Taipei, but it was a pretty underwhelming episode on the whole. I'm not complaining about the Becky streak cause its nice to see her getting wins, but her match with Peyton was pretty mediocre.
  11. The Women's Evolution collection (which is arguably a better set than the recently released Then Now Forever DVD) has some intriguing rarities, including a 2010 AJ Lee FCW match, Alundra Blayze's 1993 title win, Wendi Richter getting screwed out of the title in 1985, etc:
  12. Yeah. that was pretty poor. The Braun stuff at the end dragged (literally), and the therapy segments weren't near funny enough to justify that being the follow-up to Bayley's beatdown last week.
  13. So the Miz and Maryse's version of Total Bellas was accurate after all?
  14. An analysis I wrote on Charlotte Flair's ESPN Magazine Body Issue shoot and its significance for the representation of women's wrestling.
  15. Its striking, isn't it? You can tell when a writer truly gets it.
  16. She also got a tattoo under her armpit two days before the MITB match.
  17. A great and affecting profile of Charlotte Flair written for ESPN's Body Issue.
  18. Up there with Big Cass going too far in his beatdown of a midget dressed as Daniel Bryan.
  19. Fairly fillerish episode on the whole (and that Twist of Fate botch was bad), but the ending was sweet. Am also now curious where Becky's winning streak is going to go, she hasn't lost a match for nearly two months now so perhaps they're building her up for a big match.
  20. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it isn't just Bayley in counseling next week:
  21. Apologies if this is NSFW, but its tasteful and has a great message. (And also recreates the ending of her WM match with Asuka for good measure.)
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