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  1. Speaking as someone who's been critical of her, I thought Carmella did pretty well tonight to be honest--her promo was good and she was getting more heat than she has for a while, helped by how into Becky and Charlotte the crowd were, and the logical storytelling throughout the main event. One other storytelling beat I like is that Charlotte didn't return demanding the title shot, she genuinely did come back to save her best friend, its just that Carmella being a jerk to Paige lead to Paige creating the match.
  2. As demonstrated by her brilliant trades in the Shake-Up, Paige has been the best GM ever, let's hope she doesn't start spoiling her record so far!
  3. I thought it was a strong episode, with some great promos (I wish that the babies-crying bit in the Miz segment was shorter, but the actual promo was quality) and good story development. Happy to see the Bar back in-action, as well. From elsewhere online I've seen a lot of angst about Charlotte being added to the women's title match, but it means that Carmella doesn't have to be exposed as much in-ring, and they're clearly going to be developing a Becky/Charlotte story out of this, given that the last shot of the show was Becky's reaction rather than Charlotte's celebration. Perhaps it'll be the SDL women's division's main story heading into the Australian tour and Evolution. Also, isn't it cool that in 2018, an episode of SDL can have more women's matches (2) than men's (1) and a women's main-event, and its completely normal? Charlotte's post-match promo is nice, too:
  4. Yup, Sasha is married to Mikaze. As for the team itself, you'd think its to set up eventual tag titles, but who knows. Putting them in a tag team isn't an inherently bad idea as the title scene is occupied, but you'd wish WWE wouldn't have taken such a lame and circuitous route to get them there.
  5. Tim Buckley: Pleasant Street > You Keep Me Hanging On (Dream Letter: Live in London 1968)
  6. Sonja Boon: The Life of Madame Necker
  7. Bayley's other best main-roster matches are probably her Raw main event (2/13/17) and Royal Rumble matches with Charlotte.
  8. S. Schoenbaum: Shakespeare's Lives
  9. A few more Coliseum tapes just got added, including The Hart Foundation (1987), Hulk Hogan: Real American (1989), Jake The Snake Roberts (1987), and what everyone's always wanted... the Ken Patera Story.
  10. I'd replace one of your Sasha matches with Alexa/Bayley at Payback. Sure the kendo stick match at Extreme Rules sucked, but Payback was pretty good, and also the last real display of Bayley's NXT-era carrying abilities.
  11. Top of the world, Ma! Which might also be just how Becky Lynch is feeling after getting that title shot.
  12. Bayley and Sasha are best friends again! Their singles PPV match recedes into the distance once again!
  13. Maybe. But it is a good response to the silly 'MEN NEVER GOT AN ALL-MEN PPV, HUH HUH HUH!' comments circulating online.
  14. Exciting announcement, and they have a roster which can put on a great card if given the opportunity. With the MYC final, this could also be Io's PPV debut.
  15. Charles Lucas: The Infernal Quixote
  16. Charles Lloyd: Edmund Oliver
  17. With next year's being Beyond the Valley of the Brawls?
  18. Assuming Carmella no longer has the SDL women's title by then, that would be a great time to do Charlotte/Asuka II.
  19. While I agree, its interesting that the WWE website does the opposite. Raw usually has a preview up 3-4 days in advance, while SDL's is only put up the night before the show.
  20. It was a good match. The ending was a little abrupt, but it was still a good showcase while not doing all they can do.
  21. Yeah. First PPV in a long time (GRR excepted for obvious reasons) where none of the Horsewomen were on the card, and their absence was very noticeable.
  22. Rachel Weil: A Plague of Informers: Conspiracy and Political Trust in William III's England
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