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  1. For anyone thinking of going to Tokyo for wrestling, I've made a free and updated version of the travel tips section of my book Purodyssey: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lKQ..._An0SCy6o/view
  2. He had a book, but it wasn't an autobiography. It wasn't a great book, but did set up the worst pun I've ever written: http://www.prowrestlingbooks.com/the-grapple-manual-by-kendo-nagasaki/
  3. No pics in the book I'm afraid -- between the cost of licensing them and the existing length of the book, it wasn't feasible. It's a bit of a shame as one of the joys of the magazine pieces was when the subject got their copy and saw Darren Ward (the wrestler/historian whose photo archive we used) had dug out some pics they'd never seen before.
  4. Which site are you trying to get it on? The Amazon.com link is https://www.amazon.com/Have-Good-Week-Till-Next-ebook/dp/B07DSCLGTZ Please do either PM me or drop me an email (john at johnlisterwriting dot com) if you're still having glitches and I'll try to sort you out.
  5. Just to clarify, these were all originally magazine articles. Once the series hit its stride, each piece would either be based on interviewing the person themselves or talking to people who worked with them. But there was always a balancing act between having interesting stories and having recognisable names, plus occasionally an interview would fall through and I'd have to scramble to do a bit more of a predictable/'name' piece. The Daddy one was the first we did in the series (and kind of had to be.) To be fair (and I acknowledge this in the book intro), it's really not in the same style and format (or indeed quality) as the rest. The Haystacks one is similar though I did talk to his son, so there's some interesting stuff there on the actual logistics of being such a huge guy. The Bulldogs one is almost entirely about their time in the UK and has some fun stories. The Regal one has several new stories/insights, including almost three pages about the psychology of working the "challengers from the audience" gimmick in Blackpool.
  6. I've got another new release 400 pages, available worldwide on Kindle (free on Kindle Unlimited) and in print at Amazon with free postage. https://www.amazon.com/Have-Good-Week-Till-Next/dp/1983116246 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Have-Good-Week-Till-Next-ebook/dp/B07DSCLGTZ Full list of contents: Adrian Street Albert Wall & Gwyn Davies Big Daddy Billy Robinson Blackjack Mulligan Blondie Barratt Brian Dixon Brian Maxine British Bulldogs Catweazle Chic Cullen Chris Adams Colin Joynson Danny Collins Dave Taylor Doc Dean Drew McDonald George Kidd Giant Haystacks Jackie Pallo Jackie Turpin Jim Breaks John Cox John Freemantle John Kenny John Naylor Johnny Kidd Johnny Kincaid Johnny Saint Kendo Nagasaki Kid Chocolate Klondyke Kate Kung Fu Len Ironside Les Kellett Mal Kirk Mal Sanders Mark Rocco Marty Jones Mel Stuart Mick McManus Mike Marino Mitzi Mueller Orig Williams Pete Roberts Ray Robinson Ricky Knight Robbie Brookside Scrubber Daly Sheamus Dunleavy Steve Grey Tom Thumb Tony St Clair Tony Walsh William Regal Cup Final Day Holiday Camps Pre-TV Era Royal Albert Hall Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland The Calgary Connection Wembley Arena Joint Promotions
  7. Hope nobody minds a cheeky plug for my new book Purodyssey: A Tokyo Wrestling Diary. Blurb's below and you can get it in print and Kindle at Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C8L3DFG or on your local Amazon).
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