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  1. @Curt McGirt got me in a Corino mood! Bumping for Juggernaut and they both bleed. Bull Rope match.
  2. The machine may be rusted, but a machine ‘s a machine. Steve Corino vs Barry Windham. A very fun match.
  3. Anyone have a recommendation for a site with neat lucha shirts?
  4. They can finally do AEW: Hog Wild at Sturges. Main Event: Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy in a COVID Death Match.
  5. Still haven’t had a chance to check this out. Waiting for after a truly crappy work day to cheer me up. With you saying it’s your second favorite, makes me wonder: do you have a top five or ten set in your head for favorites? If so, hit me up with them. Could do a McGirtFest and run through them.
  6. Sitting outside of my local coffee shop, on a back porch and a padded chair. It started raining hard. Luckily I have a small roof right over my spot. Not wet, no one around. Gonna wait this out a relax. A good day for coffee.
  7. I’m starting to think his gimmick in AEW isn’t so much a gimmick.
  8. 1. I didn’t see the Hokuto shirt. Maybe next purchase 2. Shoot. I ordered XL after looking up UK sizes and a few sites implied they were the same. It’s a long sleeve so in theory I can use that as motivation to lose weight.
  9. That site is beautiful ordered the Four Pillars long sleeve. Pumped up. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. The sad truth is people will catch it and be asymptomatic. Thinking they’re fine and infect those around them after the concert. People travel from all over the country for Sturgis. This could potentially be extremely dangerous.
  11. You know you’re a dastardly heel when you cheat with nunchucks.
  12. With a name like @odessasteps I respect your cinema-street cred. Hopefully to get Odessa points I watched Strike a few months ago for the first time and absolutely loved it. Another future essay I want to write is Soviet Style montage editing vs early French Poetic Realism. @Jiji, I have much more to learn on Hansen. Maybe after we’re done deep diving Liger, if you have the time, you can hit me up with recommendations on his non-Japan matches. For his style, “Chaos” is a great way to put it. He’s such a bull. Going into what was discussed earlier, his being adds so much context to each of his matches. I have no idea if him and Andre had storyline beef, but the fact that the crazed large cowboy was about to fight the greatest Giant was context enough. Before they clobbered each other I was marking out. And boy did they clobber each other. Hansen finally getting beaten up by Kenta Kobashi is another example. Hansen was killing him and everyone else for so long. You couldn’t cage the beast. Kobashi finally harnessed the power to put him down and was put over as a big thing because of it. @Matt D, as long as we stick with discussing clobberers like Hansen, I’m sure it’ll fit the thread. As long as I don’t make too many movie references we won’t overly [Humphrey] bogart the thread. —— I know how it is finding time to make well thought out threads. If you do make a Matt D takes on the World, Tellin‘ it like it is Thread could lead to great discussion. Especially going further into depth on what you mentioned about Christian. Fascinating. ——— To keep the Fantastic Four’s Thing style Clobbering alive: When a clobber match is underway, do you prefer punch/ closed fist type offense or open hand slaps and chops style strikes?
  13. As a cinema-nerd (hence Cinema used to be in my name) I tend to relate most things to filmmaking. I’m working on a write-up which I lazily haven’t put enough time into about the idea of Auteur Theory in wrestling. Especially, who are they authors in a match (or even a promotion) who can work in their voice, for better or worse. A Bockwinkel is a great example, and how you’re describing Demolition, because he/ they can have so many great different style matches but inherently if you generic-CAW edited their body’s you could tell it is them. At that point you are an author. Tarkovsky films were Tarkovsky films. Godard films are Godard films. Welles films were Welles films. All of them felt created from the same person, but Citizen Kane and F For Fake are wildly different experiences, but the same voice. Bock against Rick Martel and Wahoo McDaniels were different, but it still had those Winkel fingerprints on it. Then you have someone that can literally make the same movie over and it can still be enjoyable and have an audience. You mentioned Shawn Michaels and Flair. Let’s through Stand Hansen in here, which I could be off on. Maybe they’re a Buster Keaton. Hopefully this example works. A lot of people love Keaton because when you watch Keaton you get Keaton. Same voice but also very much the same film, generally. Anyone that criticizes Keaton looks like a jerk, because Keaton makes most people smile. Same with Hallmark movies as a brand. I can say this because I absolutely adore them as a guilty pleasure, have a formula that is specific to them. You can even time out where in the movie a miscommunication will lead to a short break up and when they’ll get back together to live happily ever after. If you can pull it off, I love it. This isn’t saying people that don’t fit that criteria have points against them. Negro Casas is a chameleon and can have phenomenal matches that feel so different. They’re all good. Good is good. And maybe that’s whats most important. Flair was my example earlier, and I love Flair, but as more and more footage comes out we should always be challenging. To movie-ize this again, Citizen Kane being dropped to #2 in both Sight & Sound’s total and Director-only lists (to Vertigo and Tokyo Story, respectively). As a Welles mark I was irrationally upset that Hitchcock passed him. But I can see Tokyo Story passing Kane. Looking at the films themselves, we should constantly be challenging our notion of art-hierarchy. The greats will stand the test of time and if not that’s ok. Appreciation and understanding changes over time. Flair (or JBA) being in the top 5 or 10 is far from an insult. Edit: hopefully if they do that PWO project again, I’d love to be apart of it. I love long nerd projects.
  14. Past few days I tried to dig out the answer and I give up. I’m not sure if she was given a name other than just stating she’s Emilio’s girlfriend. On TheCubsfan Lucha Report for August 28th, 2001 I found this, “Emilio Charles goes out on a date with the blonde chick. He then asks her what does Shocker mean by the special treatment, as if he doesn’t trust her. She claims to be 2200% Guapo just like Emilio… Emilio Charles, Bestia Salvaje, Scorpio Jr. vs. Averno, Satanico, and Apollo Dantes- Before the match starts Shocker comes out with the Satanico team and starts yelling at Charles, telling him he’s going to make Emilio lose his “guapo”. Then Shocker goes to Emilio’s girlfriend in the front row, hits on her and kisses her on her hand! Emilio chases him off. The Guapos easily take the first fall. Satanico’s team returns the favor in a heavily clipped second fall. Third fall is mostly brawling with a few moves tossed in. Apollo Dantes hits an usually strong tope taking Bestia out. Averno, likewise almost kills himself banging his head on the apron with a tope con giro. Satanico slams Emilio and goes for the nudo, but gets fouled in the process. The match was kind of weak but the crowd was really hot so that’s a plus.” Going through videos, I believe this is her: But I couldn’t find footage of the vignettes of them going on dates or meeting up in a park. I did stumble on a steamy video of Shocker getting a massage from a different lady that you can find on YouTube. If you like I could post a link to a November match I believe she’s in the crowd for a contract signing. I don’t speak the language so maybe they say her name in that.
  15. Your statement on Demolition is why I try and hold context of a match in high regard. I used to see criticism of 90’s AJPW, lucha, etc. involving the phrase “if you took that match and saw it today at some Indy show, would you and the fans be entertained?” Some matches can be really exciting exhibitions, but what makes wrestling so special is the Why’s and other Questions. Why are the working the way they are? Is there a reason they’re mad at each other? Why go after a certain limb? Who even are they? Being able to see a full run allows you to witness the magic of day-to-day. Does someone change their game-plan for opponents or do they have a set style? The other fun thing to notice is if they work a certain way because of what town they are in. I found Psicosis to be a great heel, but seeing so few of his matches couldn’t contribute to worthy discussions of him. I think you saying this hits the nail on the head for a misrepresentation of lucha in general. Especially 90’s. It is such a unique and wonderful world that the details of a match can be missed and just looked at as beautiful spots. It took me a long time to crack, and at times I’m still cracking. As for the JBA, I’ve seen very-very-very little so I have nothing specific to add. More a question: Is what you’re saying people’s responses are due to latching on to a gimmick and not going further with it? Like Flair (Who I like) will get GOAT status from people because he’s considered and presents himself as GOAT. Not saying he is or isn’t, but people buy into that aura greatness and will stick with it instead of digging deeper into why he is or isn’t.
  16. Next year will be the 20 year anniversary of the WWF Invasion PPV. WWE vs AEW could be a neat McMahon Family storyline, again.
  17. Enjoyed as a kid: Rocko’s Modern Life, CatDog, Angry Beavers, Batman Animated Series, X-Men, Beast Wars, Doug, Animaniacs, Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Proud Family, Dragon Ball Z Enjoyed as a Man-child: Sealab: 2021, Xavier: Renegade Angel, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Daria, Clone High
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