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  1. So if they're last minute replacing PAC and not doing an injury angle, who would be a suitable replacement that would be looked at as a major improvement to the show?
  2. My thoughts: meh. If PAC didn't want to lose cleanly as DG champ and AEW doesn't want that to screw with future bookings than I guess push the van down the road and you have a potential super villain in a year or so. I'd rather they call it off than awkwardly have him win a few matches and either dip out or always have fluke finishes. I'm going to hold harsh judgement until the event to see how they either replace him or come up with a reason for me to mark out. I get both sides. If they agreed on an angle and it fell through or if there wasn't established details, I could see one side or the other looking bad. But I don't see clarity on that coming out for a bit now.
  3. I like that everyone here remains friends. It's the Kabuki Warrior way!
  4. Add HHH and X PAC and it would be Triple X Road Ass, which coincidentally is my favorite porn video.
  5. WWE is also fining Saudi Arabia for some of their 2013 tweets.
  6. So is Kabuki not a good term or are people irritated because it is reference to their nationality? Or is this getting lumped in with other garbage because the WWE lost the benefit of the doubt? Or do people just find the name dumb like the whole Viking Experience debacle? Not being sarcastic or baiting. I assumed it is referencing Asuka's entrance mask.
  7. If they're with TNT then I want Charles Barkley as a special guest ref. Shaq vs MJF.
  8. T-Hawk and El Lindaman are Cima's partners.
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