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  1. The addition of Sandra the Seamstress is huge.
  2. I could see them doing something like having a battle royal be for a title. Like Andre battle royal for the IC belt. Maybe even a Women's title battle royal where we see the Mandy-Sonya schism come to a head. Throw in Raw women to make up for Smackdown women being 2/3rds of the Raw title match.
  3. Air Wolf has been pretty good this past year. I've also been digging a local feud between Darin Corbin and Arik Canon in F1rst Wrestling too.
  4. What if Naomi didn't turn the wrong direction in Detroit?
  5. not sure if this was posted before. Stumbled onto it and thought it was cool. Credit to "Aubrey Sitterson" EDIT: got cutoff but here is it with an unnecessary gray border
  6. That Cutler guy got me teary. He might be my new Naomi.
  7. Regardless of what the right way to go is or should be, good job on the WWE finding a way to replace an injured worker into an interesting storyline. The whole 11 year bit and how he performed in that Gauntlet (and then EC) really got a lot of people excited. I don't feel any of this would have worked if he was a previous champion/ regular main eventer. Midcard lovable goof that through the power of storyline and people knowing how to play their roles is now a legitimate title contender for an upcoming show. As for what they should or shouldn't do, I don't know. I would be cool with him getting that title match at Mania. It's more than likely going to be mid-card to upper mid-card position anyway. But honestly, I didn't predict the Kofi stuff getting over as well as it did. Maybe people start going nuts for R-Truth. Who knows what will capture everyone's imagination or what the best fit against Daniel Bryan is. After all, we're all fickle.
  8. Stupid-Idiot Meltzer can't even spell something right, Stupid-Idiot. God.
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