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  1. I’m laughing at myself so hard right now. I was in the zone typing.
  2. Jerry Blackwell vs Timothy Thatcher This was the classic tale of endearing goofball vs serious technician. You have the plaid masked with mustache come out first and get everyone laughing. The crowd was already having a good time, they seemed lively. The best part of Blackwell’s speech was it wasn’t just jokes, but actually hyping up Thatcher as being a legitimate badass. If you were unfamiliar with him, you got the gist of both characters before the match. The heart of the match is that Thatcher is a vastly superior fighter and while Blackwell did have the weight advantage that he used a few times in headlocks, was ultimately overmatched, but still an endearing silly man. Blackwell’s silliness got to Timothy and he started to appear more aggressive. Through this anger, Thatcher was no longer the calculating grappler and was now the emotional hard striker. This gave Blackwell an opportunity to fight back. It was still Thatcher’s advantage, but now Blackwell has a chance. I enjoy these Round style matches. It creates a dynamic for a different psychology of storytelling. Almost like chapters of a book. This match was very laid out for each round having a defining theme leading to character development. Blackwell going from goofball to fighting back with a chance and Thatcher going from smooth wrestler to livid animal. Thanks @AxB! I’m gonna hit you up soon for more recs on this company/ style. I had a great time watching this. —— Hey @Curt McGirt. Posting my gaps and then bellow I’ll post your match. Gap blurb! Off the top of my head, a small list of the many things I know little about. - 80’s Southernish territories - I need to see more Buddy Rose, I feel - UK past and present - Osaka Pro could be fun - NJPW or AJPW since the pandemic started - Neat death matches But honestly, just recommend me something you really enjoy that you think I might dig. —- Chessman vs Pagano From the recent Triplemania. I haven’t had a chance to watch yet but I’m hearing fun things.
  3. @AxB, my dude. You’re write up was great. Crappy week turned alright but still busy week pushed my review back. Aiming at watching your match tomorrow after work. I’ll pick something out for my friend @Curt McGirtthen as well. Thanks guys. Excited to get some more wrestling in.
  4. Thanks @AxB! I’m excited to check that out. I was having a hard time deciding what to throw at you. I had a few in mind but I feel this is the the one. Shinjiro Otani vs Daisuke Sekimoto from last year.
  5. Buddy Rose vs Roddy Piper: Lumberjack Match I’ve been craving diving into more Buddy Rose recently, so this was a real treat. But not only for him, it was a pleasant reminder of how much I love Piper. I’ve always had a soft spot for him. When I was younger I was a WWF kid, but I’d still mark out for the annoying guy in the kilt on the other show. Then when I got into the Internet wrestling world, Piper footage from the 80’s and early 90’s endeared me into calling him one of my favorites. So instead of looking at this match as something I’ll do a full on write up for, I just sit back and enjoyed and pondered moments and things I’ve found interesting. I love the casual outfit of the ref. Really works with the aesthetic of the Portland territory. The lumberjack gimmick added to the match. The commentator (Who was wonderful) talking about the movement on the outside. The picture was painted so well, that the camera could stay on the main focus of the wrestlers and we’d still feel the tension of the outside. Ed Wiskowski being the X factor, and the other lumberjacks walking near him in an attempt to equalize him. Also, the toss ins were excellent. Roddy getting his hair grabbed on the first roll in and then bounced back and forth to Buddy’s stomping. Rose being held in the air, legs higher than his head, and chucked in. I love how Buddy and Piper’s bodies move. Especially together. Roddy’s exciting running in place before a big strike. The way Buddy will almost over-sell with a giant jump, but it’s far from “over” in that it fits perfectly. Maybe my favorite whip to the turnbuckle as Rose runs with Roddy’s head in his hand and the way Piper smashes his back to the corner. They fit so well together. There was another toss to the corner where Piper whips Rose and Rose goes head first and pauses against the turnbuckle as he slowly falls. Just beautiful work. Piper’s punches were also picture perfect. There were three specifically that landed that I’m still thinking about. Buddy reacted phenomenally. The ending worked for me. Everybody leaves happy and you still have room for more down the line. I do think it’s worth noting that it’s pretty safe to say the ref saw all of the interferences from both sides. But, it is what it is. Maybe the territory was more relaxed with that? Piper is a wonderful heel. But it was heartwarming seeing his big smile as the crowd erupted for him. Maybe I should go through the entire Piper v Rose feud to embrace the entire context of the story. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you, @NikoBaltimore
  6. The new Rico Nasty album slaps!
  7. Natural is cool and I don’t see a problems with his posts. In fact, he’s probably the kindest person I’ve met on here.
  8. You guys got me wondering: What was the greatest period of booking for any lucha company? And why?
  9. Gap blurb! Off the top of my head, a small list of the many things I know little about. - 80’s Southernish territories - I need to see more Buddy Rose, I feel - UK past and present - Osaka Pro could be fun - NJPW or AJPW since the pandemic started - Neat death matches But honestly, just recommend me something you really enjoy that you think I might dig. —— @NikoBaltimore! It’s fitting that we got each other again, as we did for the first week the last go around. I gave you a modern lucha then, so I’ll do that again: Soberano jr vs Titan from the 87th Anniversario.
  10. Went back to check some of the ones you picked and your first two were a Mid South Dog Collar Match I’ve never seen and Drew Gulak vs Daniel Bryan which was phenomenal. Nah, your picks were great!
  11. Bless you for that sentence. Bless your heart and may future generations after you have success and bring you pride and joy.
  12. Matt, stay safe with that side of yours. Sciatic nerves can be really painful and annoying to deal with. Wonderful write up. This is one of my favorite matches so seeing your context project got here has been a real treat.
  13. Yo @NikoBaltimore, @Morganti, @supremebve, @Goodear, @Smelly McUgly, you guys free for this? Off the top of my head I remembered enjoying your write ups when we did this last. Things are crazy so no worries if you can’t. Just didn’t want y’all to miss out.
  14. I felt the dad line fit the character. He comes of condescending while thinking he’s clever. I really enjoy this Tweener-Heel thing he’s doing now. The personality clash of him and Mox is great. Confident prick-nerd vs combat boots on a treadmill. On a related side note: AEW does an interesting job at having characters that are so mixed reviewed (at least on here) of not hitting some but super-loved by others. Kenny being this example, but that fits Cody’s over the top showmanship, Hangman’s moodiness, JR’s sassle-frass, etc. All come across as valid reasons to dislike them, but at the same time are why they connect with others. Good character depth with some of the guys.
  15. Titan vs Soberano Jr from Aniversario 87. Good stuff.
  16. Long term booking: Cody & Tyson vs Shaq and Jericho.
  17. Very small sample size, my wife liked the Brandi moment. She’s a black woman and it reminded us of when we were at home and she went off because my old job was being annoying. Also, I’m oblivious to when a gal might be flirting with me and she’ll let me know, lol. Saying that, my wife is a very shy quiet person and so unbelievably kind and my favorite person in the whole world. She came at it from a wife defending her husband. Clearly, it sounds like she’s an outlier. But maybe she connects with Brandi in being married to a big doofus like Cody but still loving him.
  18. Jokes aside. I’m all for Shaq vs Cody. If it’s terrible, it’ll lead to me joking with you guys in here. If it’s a good segment-match, I’ll be pumped up from it. Win-win in my book as a viewer. I know my friend @Jiji will hate it, but I’m excited for the overly Cody moments with Shaq. Give Jade some reps on the mic and a few BTE segments to get more comfortable talking and hopefully when Shaquille comes she’ll be ready to be the mouth piece. Pac vs Kingston will be great. Bunkhouse was great and I don’t mind the outcome. I like the look of the Butcher and the Blade, but there are a plethora of teams that’ll be ripe for the Tag Title picture and if you wanted B&B in there in the future you could give them a win streak angle easily. They’ll still look scary and tough. Dustin (and QT because they’re a team) should keep winning and lose to the teams (or individual in Dustin’s singles) that they plan on pushing afterwards. If Butcher and the Blade are just going to chill and watch Eddie vs Pac, then them winning was a waste of what makes Dustin special. Maybe the next team to challenge for the titles will be Jurassic Express or Best Friends etc, that’s who Dustin should put over. Now if B&B challenge for the titles right away, then I’m dumb and all this was dumb. It’s tough saying the wrong team won when we don’t exactly know what is going to happen next. Same with the Spears vs Scorpio match. I feel that there are times you have to keep your staff happy and you come up with something for them to hold onto for morale. People brought up having The Gunn’s in the main a few eps ago and Dr Luther further back. Almost everyone on podcasts mentions how much Billy Gunn is helpful backstage. Put him and his son in the ever expanding Cody World Order and a random main to keep him happy and working and then shove him back into the front of the crowd for a few months. Dr Luther was all for Jericho, we haven’t seen him since but it was fun and different. I’m all for more in a series of Pentagon vs Fenix matches. Keep them coming. The Tay Conti not accepting the chair moment was interesting and I’m excited to see how that plays out. Maybe she’s not evil enough? I like the direction of Kenny vs Mox. AEW does a good job spacing out their feuds. Instead of doing this match right after their last, they let both characters grow and develop. I love subtle/not so subtle arrogant heel Omega. All in all, fun episode. I enjoyed it.
  19. Jade Cargill is the Silver Surfer and Shaq is Galactus. Ever week I want Jade to announce Cody’s demise until the next PPV where Shaq devours Cody. I want Shaq to conquer the entire roster, one by one, until a hero arrives. That hero? Charles Barkley. Book it, Tony.
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