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  1. 8 minutes ago, Jiji said:

    At this point, I hope you're right so Black can move on without the cloud of Cody looming over his head. I just want this to end. I also want to hear the reaction to when it happens. 😂 Although, Florida seems pretty pro Cody. Because of course.


    As you wish 😈


    (edit: I’m sorry @John from Cincinnati, I don’t mean it!)

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  2. Cody is the friend that occasionally embarrasses you with his theatrics, but he’s a good dude. Some of his over the top storytelling is perfect (post-Dustin match promo, feud with Jericho, being whipped by MJF, being squashed by Brodee in their first match, dapper outfit, Rosario Dawson) and some is awkward (hammering the thrown, out of nowhere politics promo, neck tattoo, weird fake retire with taking his boot off, neck tattoo). He swings very big and times it works and other times it doesn’t. For me, there is more good then bad. 

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  3. 23 hours ago, Greggulator said:

    I hate this tag match. Unless I am missing some backstory about AEW tag rules, but both Butcher and Blade have been in the ring the whole time without the ref ever telling someone w else to get out of the ring. They could have a good match with some better internal logic. But without the ref telling people to get of the ring by five, why doesn’t the dude waiting for the hot tag just go into the ring to even the odds?

    I like my tag matches like I like my soccer. With rules I don’t really understand but others do and try to casually explain them to me and I don’t want to seem less cultured so I pretend I’m really into it. GO JUVENTUS 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

    After looking at the Insurrexion PPV card I have a big question: Undertaker was headlining with HHH on that show. So Undertaker, renowned locker room leader, wasn't called upon by JR to try and help calm down these motherfuckers? Or was he knee deep in it too? 

    I was thinking about his quote on comparing generations of locker rooms....

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  5. I miss daparty already. One of my few must watch weekly shows. I’m sad that it’s done. Maybe they can introduce another UUDD regular into Uno, but that group had such enjoyable chemistry. I’ve been up and down recently so maybe I’m placing it in the wrong spot. Uno without Chugs would be tough.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    Max Caster, Dante Martin

    I guess I counted them in tags, but both are shining as solos. Fair point.

     I’m clearly not the best at vocalizing this. I can come across more as rambling my thought process as I’m piecing together previous points. Interesting discussion.

  7. I think the lack of diversity within the men’s single division is a fair criticism and one I appreciate being brought to my attention. 

    Starks and Hobbs have been stuck in the Team Taz Vortex. Scorpio was hinted at as a potential rising star in the early Dynamites but hasn’t reached that point. Andrade’s booking has been awkward, I do think he is a highlighted act though, things haven’t fully clicked yet. Kingston is booked well. Miro is very protected. Nakazawa is a comedy act. Sonny Kiss is on the YouTube shows, but I think needs more reps. The fact that I can’t think of other minority male singles workers that are heavily highlighted off the top of my head is my realization that you’re probably right. 

    The Punk vs Team Taz promo is a way to get them up the card. But it is an interesting point that AEW doesn’t have the best track record of maintaining momentum with some of these athletes. So who knows, maybe more of the same?

    I’ll keep reading everyone’s thoughts here and see what I can learn. 

  8. 10 hours ago, Jiji said:

    I can't write Hook/Colten slashfic that fast, alright? Give me more time.

    Mind if I have a go?

    10 hours ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    You can have all the time you need for a quality product.




    “Damn it, Colton! I had a long day and trying to relax before the party,” Hook shouts as he slams on Colton’s door.


    The door swings open and the Gunn man himself walks out. Dripping and out of breath and he wrings out his colorful sweatband. 


    “Sorry Hookman, laser focused on my drum solo for the next Gunn Show concert. Dad says if I don’t nail it, he’s gonna...kick my ass.”




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience laughter to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette.


    “Whatever, man. Just keep it chill and write me that check. Rent is due.”


    “...oh... About that...” 




    What ever happened to good booking?

    The Assman, the shark boy, evening gowns and panties

    Everywhere you look

    Everywhere you go

    (There's an armbar)

    There's a armbar

    A head to lock onto

    Everywhere you kick

    Everywhere you chop

    There's a face

    Of somebody who super kicks you 

    Everywhere you look

    When you're lost out there and you need a tag partner

    A good hand is waiting to carry your match

    Everywhere you look

    Everywhere you look


    The fridge door is open and food and empty cartons are flying out of it. Hook walks into the kitchen and is started. He looks right. He looks left. Then he looks down.


    “MARKOOOOO. Get out of our fridge!”


    Marko pops up.


    “Sorry, Hook! I’m just so excited for the party I thought I’d get some pre-hang Grub.”


    Colten jumps into the kitchen, still sweaty.


    “Did somebody say grub?!”




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience laughter to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette.


    “Whatever man. People should be showing up any minute.” Hook says, still casually shaking his head. 


    They walk into the living room which is an exact replica of the living room in the Cosby Show. 


    Ding dong. 


    “I’LL GET IT!” Colten sprints to the door. In comes Luchasaurus.


    “There you are Marko. You sprinted ahead of us.”


    “I was just too amped up for the party.”


    “Me too” says shirtless Jungle Boy as he walks in. 




    Jungle Boy trying to hide his smile, “so who else said they were coming tonight?”


    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience hooting and hollering to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette. 


    “Best Friends and maybe a few others.”


    Colten perks up. “Is Statlander coming?”




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience awing to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette. 


    “Try and stay chill this time.”


    Marko chuckles, “Aliens weird me out.”


    “MARKO!” Luchasaurus says disappointedly. “Be respectful.”


    “Waka waka!” Chuck Taylor burst into the room.


    “CHUCK!” Everyone yells.


    Trent limps in with his crutches. “Get me a spot in the couch. This goofball ran the entire way. Try keeping up with that.


    “YABADABADo!” Chuck says with a smile.


    “CHUCK!” Everyone yells.




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience laughter to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette.


    “Grab yourself a seat, Chuckie.”


    Hook notices Colten hasn’t moved and still has the door open. 


    “What’s wrong, Gunn? Cat got your tongue?” He reaches over to shut the door and out comes a hand through the door and boops both Hook and Colten on the nose. 




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience hooting and hollering to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette. 


    “Welcome to the party, Kris.”


    Statlander walks in.


    Colten even more sweaty, “ah...hey...kr kr kr Kris... how’s it g...going?”


    Next to Colten’s head slowly enters a half fist kinda thumb up.


    “Hey honey,” says Kris.


    Somehow even more sweaty Colten, “yeah... hey Orange.


    Orange Cassidy casually walks in. 


    Statlander hugs him and Colten looks down. After kissing Orange on the mouth she asks, “mind getting me a drink?”


    Orange Cassidy slowly walks to the kitchen.


    “BEER ME!” Chuck Taylor goofily yells.




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience laughter to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette.


    “Looks like everyone is here. Might as well get some music playing.”


    Marko throws his stupid baseball cap to the floor, “I thought more chicks we coming!”


    Jungle Boy sits next to Trent on the couch and says, AEW books this show so her being here counts as the one women’s segment.”  


    Statlander steps forward, “you see the thing is - “


    “AYE CARAMBA!” Chuck Taylor yells.




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience laughter to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette.


    “What kind of music do you guys want to hear?”




    The gang runs in and sees Orange Cassidy on the floor with a knife in his back. Orange blood sleeps out of his neck and mouth.


    “What the?!?!” Everyone yields. 


    Marko looks at Colten suspiciously, “who here would want to see OC die?”


    “Oh my God!” Colten more sweaty then ever. “I’m pretty sure I didn’t kill him.




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience laughter to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette.


    “You goofball. We were all in the same room. In fact we’re all in the same room now...except..”


    “LUCHASAURUS!” Everyone yells as they run back into the living room to find a pile of dinosaur bones.


    Jungle Boy drops to his knees and grabs Lucha’s jaw bone. “He was... my best friend.”




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience weeping to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette.


    “Looks like we got a killer on the loose.”


    Marko now next to Jungle Boy, “we can rebuild him. The knee bob connects to the shine bone” they hold each other and cry.




    Colten sounding super wet “WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?!?!” 




    Marko has a large arm bone attached to his face bone. Jungle Boy is missing. 


    Practically water Colten puts his sopping wet hands on his drippy forehead, “WHERE’s Jungle Boy?!”


    A scream is heard in the kitchen. 


    Everyone runs in the kitchen. On top of the counter is a lifeless Jungle Boy with the word “ABADON” carved into his sexy chest.




    Barely audible over the sounds of the waterfall coming out of Colten’s forehead “NOT AGAAAAIN!”




    And there she is, chewing on Trent’s ripped off leg. The monster ABADON.


    Everyone screams and runs into the living room. ABADON chases after. They go into the closet and comically come out of the side room. ABADON follows. Hilariously they run up the stairs and come out the closet. ABADON follows. ABADON then slips on a puddle of Colten’s sweat. The couch falls on top of her. Kris Boops her nose. ABADON give out a loud male grown.


    Hook walks over and grabs her hair.


    “Now let’s really see who this ABADON really is”


    Hook pulls off the mask.


    “BILLY GUNN?!?!” Everyone yells.


    “Why did you do it, dad?” Says the Atlantic Ocean that was once Colten Gunn.


    Mr Ass with a scowl, “You should be playing the fucking drums right now!”


    “I’m sorry, dad. But you have to go to jail now.” Says insert water joke here.


    “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids and that Alien of yours”




    Hook shakes his head as he waits for the hard audience cheering to dissipate. He tussles his hair back and lights a cigarette.




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  9. I don’t mind the quick entrances. But somewhere along the line the production or execution needs the be tightened up. Either the wrestlers need to know not to eliminate/ do must see actions during the entrances (outside of slide in the ring moment) and/or the camera crew needs to cut to the ramp so we know what’s happening. That’s asking a lot from a hard to execute match, but the stipulation could still work as is.  

    If the rapidness of a battle royale with a changing landscape of wrestlers is the appeal, then the wrestlers don’t need to shine specifically through the entrances, but in the ring. Idk if that means more spots or having everyone on the same page. A few looked great and a few got lost. I was excited for Riho, but I’m guessing that was a botch.



    Big Show was fun. It was short enough and to the point and you got to be in awe of a legit giant. A spectacle that can be missing when you are surrounded by such massive bodies or the large individuals wrestle like small guys. I want a slow, intimidating strength, yet still limping with a slight vulnerability in my giants. We are witnessing something special merely because it exists, like the large neighborhood oak tree. He gave QT reasonable moments but largely his point is to crush bullies. Give me Giant and one face (Marko?) vs 4 jerks.

    It was interesting to see got the larger pops from the women’s battle royale. I agree with the spin on bunched entries being problematic. I don’t watch the Dark shows, but I do now want to see a Big Swole entrance. The Bunny was great. Allie works the camera as well as Brit. I’m pretty sure Riho’s elimination was a botch. I was most excited to see her. The full match was kind of sloppy but those that shined did so, so the goal was met. Hirsch is a bad ass. Thunder Rosa is the top face. Nyla is the feared beast and Jade was booked to look like an impressive future threat to the division. I love Red Velvet’s fire. Abandon is scary and a solid gimmick. The ending was cool and brings an interesting new challenger we haven’t seen. Ruby does all the little things in the ring well. Her selling, face expressions, in between move body motions all were a joy to take in.

    The best part about The Mad King vs The Redeemer is that it will lead to more from them. GIVE ME MORE BACKDROPS. Hopefully an intense tv special Main event.

    Jericho vs MJF wasn’t for me but the crowd loves Jericho. I enjoyed the Dusty Finish and Inner Circle hug. 

    Kris Statlander is awesome. I didn’t like the alien gimmick at first but she found the right balance. The crowd was more behind Brit at first but she is so impressive and the Made-ya-BOOP moment won everyone over. Plus seeing OC care and get pumped up was great. Brit is a great champion.

    Cage match was neat. I love Penta taunting and the entrance pumped me up. A cage match revolving around thumbtack Shoes was unique and made for an enjoyable experience. These were the right titles to change hands. 

    I’ll rewatch the main event. Was in and out, I like both people involved. The after match double swerve with Adam Cole and then Danielson was smart. I was legit disappointed in it being Cole, which worked as him being a heel. Then got even more excited by Danielson showing up. Brief let down to get me more excited. I’m excited for spazzy Elite promos about Cole’s moment being ruined. It all leads to the best going forward.

    Mox vs Kojima was excellent. Kojima came across like a legend. Suzuki coming out was nuts and far from expected. I can’t wait for him and Mox to Murder each other.

    Darby vs Punk was a smart match. Darby needing to go fast and dangerous, but risking his advantage constantly while Punk methodically took advantage and picked him a part. Teasing the G2S early with Darby flying at him and getting out of the ring got both characters across. Then the first G2S destroying Allin but leading to him collapsing to the outside showed that it is the finisher to end the match at any moment (which it finally did). Punk grounding Darby got the crowd behind Allin when it was a clear CM crowd. Got him over without winning. 

    I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff, this was a packed show and their most impressive yet.

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  11. 8 hours ago, killsteve said:

    The Kingston-Miro pull apart from OK, but not super hot. Really could have done with Eddie actually working the stick. 

    I liked the idea of the pull apart but have such few refs being able to handle Miro away from Kingston made him look weaker than he should have. Bryce trying to talk sense into Eddie was a great touch though.

    I’m very excited for their match though. Before the refs came out I was loving what I was seeing.

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