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  1. I used to be Sledge. which was short for SirSledgeHammah (AIM and gamer name) on other forums. I feel a lot of my posts were made when I was 13 so going back would be embarrassing with awkward bad spelling and finding myself. Joining here and a few other places I wanted a new identity. 

    Octopus became part of my brand. I like to make films so I started up a production company for my art, Octopus Marquee. Also, just finishing up my first year running the Octopus Marquee Independent Film Festival which has been a fun online networking experience. In that I’m known as The Octopus which is fun to be called that.

    Also, I am an Octopus so it makes sense.

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  2. King Ass and his Ass Children are great. I’m all in favor of the Gunn Club having occasional big storylines. Maybe they lose and Undefeated Ass becomes Vicious Ass and wrecks that goth. 

    Rampage is always such a fun variety show of wrestling from week to week being so different with what is offered. 

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  3. What I love about each of the AEW Danielson matches I’ve seen so far (especially this Kingston one) is how ever move, strike, and motion feels earned through struggle. You get exhausted watching the fight of trying to get the upper hand in a grapple. The top turnbuckle exchange was beautiful back and forth that I had no idea who was going to slam who. 

    I’m so happy we have this AEW roster. Hopefully everyone is still there for the time the video game comes out. 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Jiji said:

    At this point, I hope you're right so Black can move on without the cloud of Cody looming over his head. I just want this to end. I also want to hear the reaction to when it happens. 😂 Although, Florida seems pretty pro Cody. Because of course.


    As you wish 😈


    (edit: I’m sorry @John from Cincinnati, I don’t mean it!)

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  5. Cody is the friend that occasionally embarrasses you with his theatrics, but he’s a good dude. Some of his over the top storytelling is perfect (post-Dustin match promo, feud with Jericho, being whipped by MJF, being squashed by Brodee in their first match, dapper outfit, Rosario Dawson) and some is awkward (hammering the thrown, out of nowhere politics promo, neck tattoo, weird fake retire with taking his boot off, neck tattoo). He swings very big and times it works and other times it doesn’t. For me, there is more good then bad. 

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  6. 23 hours ago, Greggulator said:

    I hate this tag match. Unless I am missing some backstory about AEW tag rules, but both Butcher and Blade have been in the ring the whole time without the ref ever telling someone w else to get out of the ring. They could have a good match with some better internal logic. But without the ref telling people to get of the ring by five, why doesn’t the dude waiting for the hot tag just go into the ring to even the odds?

    I like my tag matches like I like my soccer. With rules I don’t really understand but others do and try to casually explain them to me and I don’t want to seem less cultured so I pretend I’m really into it. GO JUVENTUS 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

    After looking at the Insurrexion PPV card I have a big question: Undertaker was headlining with HHH on that show. So Undertaker, renowned locker room leader, wasn't called upon by JR to try and help calm down these motherfuckers? Or was he knee deep in it too? 

    I was thinking about his quote on comparing generations of locker rooms....

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  8. I miss daparty already. One of my few must watch weekly shows. I’m sad that it’s done. Maybe they can introduce another UUDD regular into Uno, but that group had such enjoyable chemistry. I’ve been up and down recently so maybe I’m placing it in the wrong spot. Uno without Chugs would be tough.

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