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  1. I always loved Austin throwing the belt in the river, just an hilarious moment/promo.
  2. God damn he got some distance on that, and it looked pretty too!
  3. All that picture is missing is Kawada scowling in the background.
  4. My least favorite example of this is when Christian jumps into an RKO onto the steel steps from the top rope, it just... makes absolutely no sense as to what Christian is going for, if Orton does nothing, he's just going to land on the steps chest first anyways.
  5. Hino is FUCKING tremendous. Emphasis on the FUCKING.
  6. Yeah, you know what? I would too. I really wish Seth would just disappear.
  7. Seth, stop taking pictures at the retirement home, it's rude.
  8. This is the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen
  9. #BlueJustice

    NJPW G1 2019

    I really hope KENTA sticks around, he's definitely getting pushed hard right now (is he going to be the new Shibata for NJPW?) and I'd like to see him stay and keep riding this momentum. Also, the G1 is easily my favorite time of year to be a wrestling fan. This tournament is such a blast.
  10. Always wanted to garner this reaction here. I feel accomplished.
  11. I mean, she's a nice Irish gal, is there any surprise she's getting potatoed?
  12. About time they pushed this young upstart, glad to see WWE trying new things.
  13. Earth revolves around the Sun. The Universe revolves around Brock Lesnar.
  14. I assume he threw a lariat at some punk at the after party, let's be real.
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