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  1. #BlueJustice

    NJPW Best of the Super Junior 2018

    Sounds like I definitely need to check out Hiromu/Desperado. I'm a huge fan of Takahashi so it was on my list anyways, but sounds like it was just an awesome match.
  2. #BlueJustice

    New Japan Cup 2018 (March 9th through March 21st)

    Meltzer would have dropped another star on Elgin/Ishii if there had been a few more head drops. Taichi/Tanahashi was so much better than that match, and I really like Ishii but damn... just too much stuff.
  3. #BlueJustice


    Yeah, that is fair. I actually used to watch a lot of CZW when I was younger, and was big into the ultraviolence for a long while. I didn't mean to knock the company in that sense.
  4. #BlueJustice


    Gulak is amazing, they really should run with him at some point. Definitely deserves a run with the Cruiserweight belt, and then let's go from there! Amazing he came from CZW of all places...
  5. #BlueJustice

    NJPW The New Beginning 2018

    Suzuki is king sized. Loved the match, loved the promo and the presser... Good god, I feel like I need an exorcism now.
  6. #BlueJustice

    Survivor Series XXX

    Jesus, Sami is so good on the mic right now.
  7. #BlueJustice

    NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    I think SANADA works really well in Los Ingobernables, though. He's got the right personality for it, and he has a good look. I'm not too sure where Soya would fit in in the company outside of a midcard bruiser? SANADA has found a role, is basically what I'm saying, and I'm not overly convinced Soya would.
  8. #BlueJustice

    NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    Yeah, that's a tough question, honestly. This tournament made me feel like, despite his size, that New Japan has found the spot Sabre belongs in. I say continue using him as a heavy, although that does leave a gap as far as the junior division. Alternatively, if Ibushi starts wrestling more for New Japan as a heavyweight (because it's Ibushi, you never know, he might disappear for months after the G1 to do his own thing, as he is known to do), then let's get Sabre into the junior division to give Kushida a fresh challenger.
  9. Even if they did, and I mean a perfect catch, Butcher still would have found a way to nearly destroy himself in the process.
  10. #BlueJustice

    NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    New Japan's top of the card performers are unparalleled in the modern wrestling world. Naito and Kenny are going to have a hell of a final, that's for sure! Let's go Naito! Los Ingobernables for life!
  11. #BlueJustice


    Yes, me voting for Nagata is a sign of obvious bias. Don't care!
  12. #BlueJustice

    NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    I haven't talked puro for a while, but man if this G1 hasn't been just amazing to watch and really got me in the mood to discuss good ol' wrestling from Japan, so I had to get an account! The respect between Nagata and Fale at the end of that match, the tears of the commentator, the audience... what an amazing moment. Obviously I'm a big Nagata fan, and I'm sad that to have seen his final G1 match, but life goes on. I'm just glad that back in 2007 (wow, ten years already!) he got another run with the belt. I saw it as an unexpected and unlikely win back then, and to think he's still kicking (quite literally) to this day... major respect. Nagata's first IWGP reign is still one of my favourite in the history of the belt. And I've got to echo what Oyaji said, hell of a match between Naito and Tanahashi. Naito is the best wrestler in the world, basically capable of a compelling match with anyone, and the crowd buys into him so much. It'd be a mistake for him to not win this tournament.