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  1. I always go back to the pretty legendary Honma/Yamakawa matches in BJPW, those are pretty incredible.
  2. Damn, I hadn't heard the name Justice Pain in a while, this sucks to be why I heard it tonight. Rest in peace.
  3. Punched him so hard that Piechota thought Sting was coming down from the rafters to get him. What a shot.
  4. Ken Shamrock biopic starring a digitally de-aged Michael Douglas when?
  5. He's an absolute nutcase and I am so glad to see him back.
  6. I always loved Austin throwing the belt in the river, just an hilarious moment/promo.
  7. God damn he got some distance on that, and it looked pretty too!
  8. All that picture is missing is Kawada scowling in the background.
  9. My least favorite example of this is when Christian jumps into an RKO onto the steel steps from the top rope, it just... makes absolutely no sense as to what Christian is going for, if Orton does nothing, he's just going to land on the steps chest first anyways.
  10. Hino is FUCKING tremendous. Emphasis on the FUCKING.
  11. Yeah, you know what? I would too. I really wish Seth would just disappear.
  12. Seth, stop taking pictures at the retirement home, it's rude.
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