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  1. In Paige's case don't you mean it opens her back door up.
  2. How are they getting the Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol to travel with Aldis everywhere?
  3. Just because you or someone else doesn't believe in something or like something, doesn't mean it's idiotic. Hell, there's a lot of stuff on here that I think is non-sense and I don't say a peep about it nor do I think someone shouldn't write what they feel. Censorship in any form is horrible. You have to take the good with the bad.
  4. Why should she apologize if that's what she truly believes in?
  5. I was expecting Omega to turn on Ibushi about 5 times and it didn't happen. The spots were set up and it didn't happen. The main event was what it was, too many near finishes and gymnastics. If they cut out half of the false finishes, the main would've been a spectacular match.
  6. 1981 Muraco could've been NWA champion. He was that good in the ring.
  7. Always loved Wyndorf's voice. Perfect for metal/hard rock.
  8. All it really takes is a good grip and hand strength.
  9. It's a joke and get over yourself. Not everything has to be politically correct.
  10. They probably just like to piss on each other. They are the Golden Lovers by golly
  11. I was half expecting Nakamura or A.J. coming down to save the day, just like mighty mouse would've.
  12. Patterson for the cheap pop with the t-shirt, Yankees cap. Surprised that Patterson didn't even bleed in this match. Slaughter made Patterson look unbeatable in this match. Fun fact: Patterson received a title shot against Backlund on this date. WWF @ Springfield 1981/11/08 @ Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, Massachusetts (United States of America) Bob Backlund (c) defeated Pat Patterson [WWF Heavyweight Title]
  13. Bray Wyatt in Suzuki-Gun. He could take Takashi Iizuka's spot.
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