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  1. Tajiri and Izangi are leaving AJP. I expect Tajiri to go to WWE to be with his friend Regal. Izangi will move to Osaka Pro. Pretty much proves Suwama is the booker to me since taking over from Tajiri.
  2. Irving is not that into AJP ever since Jun left. But he talks about it sometimes. For the Triple Crown title scence, it all makes sense now why Kento was booked to defend his title against T.Omori and T.Nomura and why they made him the primary Ace again. And made Jake lose so fast at the Budokan. Dudes time was up.
  3. Instead of new game every year for AEW, DLC will keep the Fight Forever game fresh.
  4. We'll find out what ROH tv situation is this Sat https://411mania.com/wrestling/tony-khan-teases-update-on-roh-tv-situation-this-weekend/
  5. Unagi's ban from Stardom has been lifted.
  6. https://411mania.com/wrestling/tony-khan-conditions-william-regal-leaving-aew-triple-h-posting-wargames-clip/
  7. I think it is combination of politics and the new booking regime, and even maybe to save budget. It will force AJP probably to superpush certain remaining guys. AJPW went through Tenryu and co leaving, the NOAH/AJPW split and W-1 split, Zeus and Yuma leaving not so long ago, it's a negative tradition at this point.
  8. Breach of the deal and then suing time if that happened. He can't appear at all on WWE TV.
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