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  1. Nia is terrible anyway, botches the most and looks clumsy. The ratings went down from last week but up for the last hour. The demos are still ok. Finished 1,2,4 on cable. 1.904 1.838 1.716
  2. The original Heroes Reborn went on for a year, maybe the same for this and I guess all other books except ties in carry on as regular Marvel. What comes after Heroes Reborn is the thing to look out for.
  3. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Great-O-Khan - NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15
  4. Not sure who will win both Rumbles, but there has been a theme for both since the Womans Rumble existed. Japanese winners, The man and the mans man and people who wear black that are both from Indys, Vince chosens Charlotte and Drew. Alexa and the Fiend? Drew can still win the possible mens Elimination chamber to face Goldberg or just lay down a challenge.
  5. Future States Suicide Squad debuts the new CSA and Earth 3. They brought back the Justice Legion from 1 million but future Black Adam looks like the Rock now. Gold Beetle debuts.
  6. Not a fan of that hotline thing, but it was good when Jason came back to life later.
  7. Stardom has a deal with LordsMobile: https://lordsmobile-pro-wrestling.com/ Anyway another book with Budokan ad (
  8. Kenter forever part final
  9. I liked the matches and the Goldberg and Drew, Bliss, Lacey and Ric segments, skipped Cedrics part in the gauntlet, Edge is missed. Very Hustle main event. Anywayz lets go GOLDBERG!
  10. Weekly Fight with Stardom's Saya and Cosmic Angels
  11. WWE announced both Shemaus and John Morrison will participate in the Rumble.
  12. Stardom Budokan ads are showing up in places for books.
  13. Doom and Juggernaut = Doomsday, Thanos and Mandarin=Sinestro, Mangog and Destroyer =Ares, Wanda and her brother =Zoom or Savitar, Red Skull and Venom = ?
  14. Also in this new universe Thor is a hard-drinking atheist who despises hammers and Wakanda is a myth. Seem Mangog with colored Destroyer armor in that picture.
  15. Nice I always liked the SS and they're using Punisher as Venom again or it's the Red Skull. Cap is still frozen, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch born as one person, Tony prob some evil weapons seller, and Carol is just airplane girl. Blade is the only person who remembers the real universe. Ties in and length wil be announced later.
  16. Several WWE news: NXT is expected to stay on Wednesday and on USA network. WWE expects record results for 2020. Peacock/WWE network Amazon deal is still ongoing. And ESPN is done with WWE.
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