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  1. Two sides to every story and at minimum, there needed to be 2-3 bans here, if that's the answer. This side felt like the other side was burning threads to the ground by bringing up politics in a wrestling forum and as usual, the minority gets the ban while the majority lives. If an Anti-Trump post is made and doesn't get removed, you should do the same for a pro-Trump post, in the idea of fairness. As you can see, bans mean very little anyway.
  2. Since we couldn't discuss this before banning me nor could we put out a group message about it like adults, I guess I'll make it happen. I was banned for this post: and the post located above it without warning or discussion. Now let's talk about this. Was anyone flamed? No. Were any visible rules broken? If there were, only one person, yours truly got punished for it. Was this fair to all sides? No. I think we can agree on a couple of things: 1) We should really keep politics out of a wrestling board, even when it can be difficult with people like Trum
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