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  1. Two sides to every story and at minimum, there needed to be 2-3 bans here, if that's the answer. This side felt like the other side was burning threads to the ground by bringing up politics in a wrestling forum and as usual, the minority gets the ban while the majority lives. If an Anti-Trump post is made and doesn't get removed, you should do the same for a pro-Trump post, in the idea of fairness. As you can see, bans mean very little anyway.
  2. Since we couldn't discuss this before banning me nor could we put out a group message about it like adults, I guess I'll make it happen. I was banned for this post: and the post located above it without warning or discussion. Now let's talk about this. Was anyone flamed? No. Were any visible rules broken? If there were, only one person, yours truly got punished for it. Was this fair to all sides? No. I think we can agree on a couple of things: 1) We should really keep politics out of a wrestling board, even when it can be difficult with people like Trump who have connections to wrestling. Posts not related to it should be moved or deleted and the people involved should be privately warned. Continued offenders should be dealt with just like everyone else, regardless of where they stand. It's been a heated election and a lot of people aren't pleased with Trump winning, 2) All sides, whether you are a Dem, Repub or whatever should be treated equally and if you are going to bash a candidate in a very heated election, you should probably expect someone to defend them. The mods need to realize this and work on keeping non-wrestling discussion out of wrestling forums. I know this is a liberal message board and all, but you have to be fair, and I expected DVDVR to be able to get over personal feelings and be fair. 3) This message board is contingent on people having different views. This is what makes discussion and without it, we'd end up in echo chambers. Right now, I don't feel that anyone who is pro-Trump is welcome here while being Anti-Trump is actively pushed and celebrated. Something tells me if I was a Clinton supporter, this wouldn't have played out the same way. 4) Bans aren't toys. It's not "whack-a-Trump supporter" or "hey let's declare it no strike day and ban people because it's funny". Banning people appears to be a joke for some of the mods here, and I don't find it funny. I can always make a new account, but that's really not the point. I truly am disappointed with DVDVR here and regardless of what happens, I am done on this site. I refuse to support it and I will not be promoting it anymore. And this is coming from someone who has been coming here for over 13 years and knows a lot of members here personally. Losing me means nothing and I'm sure someones going to say "bye", but I'm taking a stand. I can understand if I called people names or did things I wasn't supposed to, but I don't think that happened here. I feel that I got the ban solely for being a Trump supporter and having a different opinion, and whether that is the case or not, I think it's a bad message to send to someone who has been pretty loyal to this site over the years. That's the part that bothered me here, especially from a site that I felt a part of. I do not support censorship in any form nor treating people different for their beliefs. It's your board. You'll continue without me and probably even lock and remove this so no one sees it, but I'm out.
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