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  1. Raw is John Cena Is Good At His Job - 8/28/2017

    It's scripted. Cena getting the last words while Reigns looked beaten is scripted. Reigns looked beaten because it was in the script, not because he was slow witted and couldn't think of a good retort. Next week, the script will have Cena eating a spear or something. The following week they'll have another scripted segment. That's how it works.
  2. Raw is THAT PROMO - 7/10/2017

    Only an unreasonably close minded Roman Reigns hater will consider that. Jeez.
  3. Raw is THAT PROMO - 7/10/2017

    Are we still referencing the awfulness of his booking from 2 years ago? When does that expire?
  4. Great Balls of Fire 2017

    It's because he just slapped it on without any tease or setup. And it was applied so loosely. Brock was working extra hard to make his face turn purple while Joe's hands were gently sliding down Brock's face. We rag about Cena's shitty STF, but that coquina clutch by Joe was something else. It's been that way in his other matches as well.
  5. Raw is THAT PROMO - 7/10/2017

    It's hard to believe that there are some on this board, one of the most intelligent places on the wrestling webs, who still hate Reigns.
  6. MR. ROBOT

    My apologies that this is season 1 griping: for a show with a technology slant, there doesn't seem to be a lot of CCTVs in the settings: Elliot picking the lock of a door in Steel Mountain, Angela sneaking to work early to upload the malware on Ollie's work machine, or Tyrell inviting his boss' wife to the roof deck. None of those actions would be considered if they were aware of the existence of cameras.
  7. MR. ROBOT

    This show reminded me a lot of my experience with Homeland. I read great things about it so I started watching it. Loved the first few episodes and its subject matter. Then it devolved into something I was not interested in until I became apathetic and annoyed at the ridiculousness of the rest of season. I went into a wait a see attitude; monitoring the feedback for season 2. When it looked like it was more of the same; I jumped off.

    LU needs to change things up. I don't know what, but every match -- good or bad -- feels the same now.
  9. CWC EPISODE EIGHT - Quarters (8/31/16)

    Just because a move is death in one place doesn't make it so in another. The Stunner pins everyone in the WWE, but it's just a move anywhere else.
  10. CWC EPISODE ONE - 1st Round (7/13/16)

    Good looking dude, too. I never noticed that before. May be ACH isn't as hideous as I think he looks.
  11. [NXT SPOILERS] For JULY 6, 2016

    Jordan was on the apron for several minutes. He had enough time to recover. It would have been great if he showed a limp at first and then implied adrenaline, but it wasn't bad at all. The shatter machine on the apron was done due to opportunity and necessity, not for extra damage. Beggars can't be choosers at times of desperation.

    I thought Ivelisse was horrible in the match. A far cry from season 1 Ivelisse. I don't think she's fully recovered from her injury. (Admittedly, I have no idea of the actual time lines)

    Pretty disappointing return for Pentagon Jr. I was expecting they'd make a bigger deal out of it rather than him being in a 12-man tag match with no memorable spots for him. He was just another guy there, like nothing happened. Mil's return was underwhelming as well. Either LU's lost its touch or I'm desensitized with the style. The 6-way was physically brutal. I can't imagine how much ice they needed afterwards (including their slap-sore thighs from all those sick sounding kicks).
  14. Extreme Rules VIII

    I'm actually seeing more defense of Reigns in Cageside Seats than in here. I was disappointed by that. Wreddit on the other hand is a cesspool.