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  1. 1 hour ago, The Natural said:

    Sad indictment on WWE that.

    They also have no creative for Elias.  Well no shit. They gave his spot to Rick Boogs.  How anyone can sign with WWE in the state they are in right now is beyond me. Money doesn't always buy happiness.  Look at all of the talent gone from WWE in just 2020 and 2021 alone.  I bet you could take that talent and build a company that would get higher ratings than raw and smackdown.  

    Asuka deserves so much  better as does the majority of the roster. 

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  2. 55 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Probably the best base in the world, a guy built like a brick shithouse, who can have a good match with anyone, who can take any role in the roster and master it (I know there's talk about his verbiage but he's been under lock and key on that for years)... if I was Tony I would fire any of the last arrivals save Punk and Danielson if I had to, just to sign him. 

    This is incredible news. 

    He absolutely is the best base in the world. Whenever the discussion comes up the answer is always Claudio.  If you ever want to see just how strong Claudio is, go watch the ROH training videos he put out when he was challenging Nigel for the world title. He was giant swinging trees for fucks sake.  The guy has no idea how strong he is either.  I could not be happier that he is gone from purgatory and can be himself again. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, BrianS81177 said:

    Would turning heel have saved Cody with the AEW fans or was it too late by that point? 

    I think it would have helped. It did wonders for Roman Reigns and Hulk Hogan, and let me tell you it would have done a ton for Cena too had it been done at the right time (before he hit Hollywood)   

    The son of a famous wrestler tends to get a lot of flack. Sometimes it works (Dustin, Hook, Greg Valentine, David Finley, Curt Henning, Ted Dibiase)   You could argue that those guys had characters that distanced them from their dads. Hook is too new but you get my point I hope.  


    For every Greg Valentine we have an Erik Watts, a Cody Hall, a David Flair.  I put David Finley in the group because he has the makings of a star should someone in the US take a shot with him. 

    Cody to me is a good hand but he tries too hard to come off as the second coming of his father. He has huge shoes to fill  in that regard but he never will be Dusty. Dustin realized it pretty fast, Cody never has.  Nothing wrong with that per se.  If my dad was Dusty Rhodes I'd want to be just like him too.  


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  4. 2 hours ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    So he's going to be one of the best and most entertaining performers on the roster?  I'll agree with that.  I'm as excited for the aquisition of Claudio Castignoli as I was Danielson or Punk.  Seems I'm not alone.  

    Not sure the likeliness, don't want to ask for anymore with Claudio already being a potential early Birthday/Christmas gift, but here's hoping Hero's readying himself for a '22 run. 

    I'm not a supporter of the 'bloated roster' theory, but with the seemingly extraneous Cage extension and the names floating around still coming in - are we getting a 'massively announced' 'brand split'?   

    Hero has been doing training seminars here in Pittsburgh. One in December and one last Sunday. He is still big but from what I saw/heard he can still go. I'd be shocked if they KOR don't return by Mania weekend.   In fact, isn't there a Jokers Wild Battle Royale this Wed on AEW??? 

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  5. Just now, paintedbynumbers said:

    The heat with Hero shouldn't have been crushed. This stuff went down in what 2004?  Back when Claudio was working indy's I was fortunate enough to see him and Hero on a monthly basis.  Hero could be pretty straight forward but Claudio ALWAYS had a smile or corny joke to tell. He was one of the most outgoing wrestlers I'd seen. One of my friends worked him in a tournament and chopped Claudio. He said it was like chopping a tree.  The other fun Claudio fact I have is that he wears a size Medium T-Shirt.  Never would have guessed. 

    I meant to say the heat should have been crushed. 

  6. The heat with Hero shouldn't have been crushed. This stuff went down in what 2004?  Back when Claudio was working indy's I was fortunate enough to see him and Hero on a monthly basis.  Hero could be pretty straight forward but Claudio ALWAYS had a smile or corny joke to tell. He was one of the most outgoing wrestlers I'd seen. One of my friends worked him in a tournament and chopped Claudio. He said it was like chopping a tree.  The other fun Claudio fact I have is that he wears a size Medium T-Shirt.  Never would have guessed. 

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  7. So today was the big day.. AEW tickets on sale.  I got into the office logged in to my Ticketmaster account, was number 2 in queue. Sweet right?  So finally the moment of truth comes and I  get my pick of the litter.  I click on front row.   My heart drops..... $900+ for 1 ticket.   Are you fucking kidding me?!  Smiley face shirt guy is paying $900 a pop for every show he attends?!

    ok, so I try for second row....  $650+   unreal!!


    I ended up getting the first level above the floor 5 rows back for $50+ fees which ended up being roughly $75.   But damn, who is paying $900 a ticket?! 

    In context I could get season tickets for an NFL team for that same price. 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

    They were referring to Voodoo Kin Mafia. The terrible TNA group of Billy Gunn Road Dogg and Konan. And I think R-Truth was in it too maybe. They used Vince's initials to be edgy. And challenged DX to a match like Bischoff did with McMahon. Peak TNA cringe.

    Lmao I know but you know that the VKM Kiss My Ass club shirt would sell faster than any Bullet Club shirt ever did. 

  9. 1 hour ago, nate said:

    We need Tones to steal King of Trios with this "open the forbidden door" policy.

    I'm a fan of nuance, so I wish MJF would have said nothing and left the ring when Punk asked, "Is it true?" instead of saying "it's true", because that would have left Punk the option of deciding if it's true or not, and, when MJF uses it to sucker him in, it's easier to then blame it on Punk's terrible judgment.  A very small quibble for a very good segment.

    I don't see CM Punk as being the Sting to MJF's Flair though.  I really, really hope they don't make Punk gullible in this case. It doesn't fit his personality/character at all.  

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  10. 9 hours ago, Jiji said:

    MJF dropped one of the best promos in recent memory and we've had some classics to choose from. I was getting emotional watching. Punk's reaction was perfect. Holy shit. It is possible for him to be a babyface, but he's absolutely, as John boi said, weaponizing this. Masterclass theatre. Pay that man whatever he wants, keep him in AEW at all costs.


    Kingston as the working class hero vs. the egomaniacal rock star Jericho is a neat contrast and they really telegraphed Kingston finally getting his big one here. Would be heartbreaking should he lose but they wouldn't, would they?

    Sometimes the predictable route is the best one. KOR fucking over Matt Jackson was the right call all the way even if it wasn't surprising. What was unpredictable and neat was the Two Adams stuff bleeding into this, as we build ever so closer to some sort of reconciliation between Bucks, Omega, and Page (still want Bucks to be heels 4ever). And Cole losing his grip on his plans is awesome too. Fantastic booking even if the battle royal was sloppy and overly contrived at times. 

    Why the fuck is Bridgeport, Connecticut getting a show before the west coast? Going back to the big east coast markets what a third time before hitting up LA, Portland, and Seattle? faaaack off. deserve the dead crowd. Seattle would've treated it right.

    I think the MJF promo was top 3 for best promo in AEW history. At the time I kept waiting for Wardlow to blindside Punk when he came out. Notice Wardlow wasn't there with MJF.  When it didn't happen I said to myself "damn this is the best promo I've seen in years"   I'm not sure how close they were to Long Island but part of me wonders if they thought MJF would get a face reaction like he did in NY.  I really can't wait to see where this goes. 

    One thing I know for certain is that AEW Battle of the belts II is going to be in Pittsburgh and I cannot wait to get my tix.  AEW live is one of the best live wrestling experiences around. 

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  11. 4 hours ago, Hagan said:

    Yeah - Global is very much a leave the memories alone but I loved it and remember it fondly. The Patriot was the babyface babyface who every babyfaced. 


    I hate to make this sound shitty but with all the talk about Brock being booked dominant. What about the Patriot?!  He was the North American champion, the TV Champion,  didn't lose for a long, long time.   He was like the Hogan of GWF.    As a kid I kept praying to see Dark Patriot unmasked!!

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  12. 10 hours ago, John E. Dynamite said:

    I've never watched any GWF before. I just watched Jerry Lynn vs. Lightning Kid 12/27/91 and I'm kinda fucked up by it.

    First, the production values are absurd. Great pre-match graphics. No hard cam but two or three very well-edited handhelds. BIG ring, well lit. Solid commentary, perfect mix. I love Joe Pedicino, I had no idea. Did any part of GWF's downfall have to do with the fact that this stuff was too good? Like they couldn't afford it or something?

    But what's got me really messed up is how ahead of its time the match is, for better or worse. It's a 2/3 Falls Match with that pretentious "gotta use your finisher" stip. Commentary is using insider words like "psychology" in such a wink-nudge kinda way... Waltman is so "natural babyface trying to work preening heel". Lynn is so "white rice superworker over with the boys". The workrate quality, the high-concept match type, the orchestrated story beats vs. the total lack of hatred, showing the modified pinfall rules w/ commentary not missing a beat, every spot being hit clean, the "subversive" finish, Lynn's terrible promo at the end of the episode... yeah, I'm blown away. This is the earliest of this kind of "mark vs. mark" match I've ever seen and it's so simultaneously commendable and detesable. It's so babyface Kenny Omega vs. heel Matt Jackson in 2015 PWG that I kind of want to die. And they *perfectly* performed what they were going for.

    This isn't a Post a Bunch of Matches thread so I'll spoiler the video, but what is an earlier, better example of an athleticism-first match so schooled in the smark mindset? At least in the US? Because I don't know how many I've seen. 

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    GWF  is one of my guilty pleasures.  About 10 yrs ago I went and bought a 90+ disc set off of someone on Crazymax and it's still not enough for me.  I used to watch them every day after school and then the Monster Trucks would follow.   Funny I connected with Chaz Taylor and talk with him usually once a week.  He just put out a classic GWF shirt for sale.   If I'm not mistaken Demolition AX was one of the early bookers for GWF.  

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  13. 16 hours ago, Log said:

    I agree with your points @Stefanie the Human

    It's that whole thing where white people get the chance and all we need to do is not fuck it up.  Whereas a black person, in the same situation, has to be more of a special talent to get that shot.  I've got nothing against Brock Anderson, and I highly doubt he's in Tony Kahn's office demanding things and keeping other talent off shows, but he still benefits.  

    It's especially odd that there haven't been more Black indie wrestlers getting a shot considering there's never been (IMO) a better crop of young, Black, indie talent out there than right now.  Not only are they out there, it's never been easier to get a look at them.  Hell, there have been entire shows dedicated to showcasing young, Black talent (The For the Culture shows).  



    I would love to see The Mane Event signed.  Now before I go into this I will say for those unaware, there are 2 Indy teams with that name. I am referring to Duke Davis and Ganon Jones.  These guys are insanely good and are over huge wherever they wrestle.  You can see them in IWC or AIW currently.  

    Oddly enough they are working the other TME team this Saturday in Pittsburgh.  If you haven't heard of or seen them wrestle I beg of you to check them out. They are a black tag team and should be on the For the Culture shows. Actually they should be in AEW or WWE every week. 

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