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  1. I hate the way they work on Ice Ribbon shows, honestly. Deteriorating what they came into the company with to just be like every other girl is just a dumb move to me. Those contrived kicks have to go
  2. They're about 6 months late on that push Mayu as a top star and not distant 2nd thing and no they don't need more double champion messes existing, but sure.
  3. Dont know how legit that number could be for IR tbh as far as paid
  4. IDK, I find a good amount of those old midcard vets that hung around OZ to just be boring and uninteresting. Some of them are retired now, but besides that one Korakuen match with Ozaki where they vacated the title for no reason, Kato is one of them. Another thing when I said "trying" was the Hiroyo/Kato match just being fine, nothing special, just fine.
  5. I said "at least trying". They made the foolish decision leaving them to main event Korakuen with that main event and I still find the shows boring, but it is a switch from Kato's long, boring, super forgettable title reign and her boring, forgettable matches. So far theyre going with it alrightly, they'll fall back soon enough I'm sure, but right now they're making the moves, and they seem to like Yoshiko and Yamashita, seeing them get there would be nice. I'd dig a Yoshiko Oz title reign "start back and forth a bit, some offense on Io, dive on the outside, Io hits her spots, Io takes a move on the floor/apron, bleeds out the 20 count, get worked on, return to some back and forth, suplex attempts and some nearfalls, German, if that doesn't do it then Moonsault, finish" If you don't recognize that formula even vaguely that's been going on since I can't remember, I don't know what to tell you. And having one isn't inherently wrong to have anyway, and would at least work in a reign that's not 400 days. Yoshiko/Sareee is the feud, and they're having a match at the next show I think And promotions that don't make tape count in this how. I could've mentioned TJP and Gatoh Move but that would sort of be pointless with Gatoh and TJP is relatively just now getting out there and DDT always has a fresh take on stuff and keep things hype-worthy even if it seems like they're repeating things(That's why HARASHIMA still works pretty well even now despite 9 reigns since 2006 or whatever).
  6. "I'm not sure how giving someone a belt 2+ years later than when they should have won it is better than Io as champ" I have no idea what that first part refers to "Sera isn't nearly as good as Io, and Io has new challengers all the time. Mayu is the only repeat and that match had actual build and story going in. Same with her most recent challenge." First off never claimed she was as good and even I thought Tsukushi or Kurumi shouldve won the title over her. Second, Viper is the other repeat. Third, having different opponents for the same tired out champion for 45% of the belt's existence, unless they're actually worth talking about(hence " something different going on and STUFF TO GET HYPED FOR AND LOOK FORWARD TO"), doesn't break through the staleness unless you wanna go the apathetic route and go "w-well at least it's not the same person every month, guys", especially when that champion works the same match formula book-to-book every time, again, despite what just ended up being a short cocktease of change of anything besides what designs get put on her gear. Just like when any other person who's at the top for a way too long time just goes through the motions just to have a long reign, which is the worst kind of main event scene to have that isn't just plain awful, amplified by this happening to the same individual worker more than once. "What feud does Seadlinnng have going on right now? And is it interesting because its good or because they have so few a shows that you can actually see that it hasn't become stale yet?" They've been having Yoshiko and Sareee butt heads for almost a year and have actually stepped the heat up more and more recently, including the brawl at the last show that I've seen people talk about how much they love it. It is interesting because they've made it look interesting and it's 2 great workers. And on the subject of their schedule, it's made it work to their advantage, something month to month Korakuen shows with a thrown on there set of title matches every time with a 3-show-long story/build, doesn't. "What does Diana, JWP, Marvelous, & WAVE have going on right now that is something to get hyped for?" So 2 promotions that don't make tape besides Samurai TV highlights(and 1 of them being and old vet promotion), JWP which was actually stale, then made Nakamori as champion which is not a good choice but doesn't matter anyway cuz they're gonna die for a 3rd time in April, and a promotion barely anyone really cares about because they have no momentum at all because it's on a channel nobody has besides the one guy uploading it to XWT but never had a good plate to offer anyway? You really wonder why those weren't mentioned? "I'm not even saying that no one has anything there, but this really seems more like a weird beef with Stardom & Io than anything legitimate." jesus christ, we're going there now for some reason
  7. Ok you're going completely overboard right now. I dislike her super long, welcome overstayed title reign, and super formulaic stuff and her not heel turn, I don't hate her in general, at all. And dislike for Io for those reasons and more or Stardom for other reasons, having read and understood those reasons, isn't bizarre in the slightest. The names I mentioned work just as consistent as the best of Io, if not more
  8. Best, maybe back in the 1st half of the year, but now that's a stretch. It's a deep ocean and there's fish like Yoshiko, Arisa and Tsukushi outworking her anyway. One of the best in tags right now, but just having the same formula singles matches that can only be "just good" cuz you've seen it again and again in the same order despite her heel but not really a heel turn is pulling her away from that.
  9. Purely from current booking and angles or whatever Stardom and Sendai are among the most stale, maybe OZ but they at least are trying with a younger wave in the title picture so I'd still have them above those 2. Who else would be with them? IR with the new(er) champ and Yamashita as a fresh opponent and rival booked? SEAdLINNNG with the best feud going right now? Everyone else has something different going on and stuff to get hyped for and look forward to. What do I have with Io after 430 days? One Kagetsu match, just maybe? Kyona getting a title shot was like a warm breeze just for the white belt to get a half competent worker to challenge for it. Match wise only the before mentioned Sendai and Oz are even close.
  10. The whole "she's not really a heel" deal just emphasizes the frustrating ordeal with Stardom and Io's beyond staleness. She's legit the least interesting person in her entire faction, counting the one injured and the comedy kid they just thrown into the group
  11. Nothing to do with Io not leaving, everything to do with Io not changing up anything and still being champion. Everything in Stardom is start here then stop a month later, rush this and that, just throw a title match over it that'll keep things fresh(then it doesn't). Basically everything in Stardom is directionless, just a bunch of filler, no big stories, no solid pull ins, fresh exciting matches are maybe 2 or 3 a month if lucky, and it's been like that for over a year(maybe more) apart from Kairi's downgraded to hell character arc vs Santana that I really don't wanna remember. Io is a big part in that, but not the sole reason. As for Mayu, I'd rather she just leave like some have either jokingly or than her just win the Cinderella tournament for a god damn 3rd time, enough with that.
  12. Yeah no real main event confirmed when they did that show but it ended up being Kairi/Chelsea, it definitely is much worse here, and throwing all 4 of the singles titles(2 titles too many) was a sign that they were trying real hard to sell this show. I actually thought when they had booked 3, this was some panic planning like Mayu wasn't gonna be on that show, and Stardom without Mayu did under 925 last month. Took me a bit to realize what they were doing. I think its the same with NOAH having the same deal of having too many shows in a short time and it's hurting, then again Shinkiba shows are no longer selling out after that short sellout period it seems All I know is Io's title reign has gone way too long and the "heel "turn"" has made no difference to anything she's doing
  13. Weekday, plus doing a Korakuen show in 2 weeks for Io's anniversary, then having another Korakuen show less than 2 weeks after that. Not a good plan Night 1 for the GP in 2015 drew 650, so it's the 2nd worse
  14. Not a fan of this at all Also Kellie Skater showed up to announce her retirement
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