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  1. I hope that's at least a 30 year lease.
  2. Another big piece that the NWA is missing from when they were producing some damn good programming is Dave Lagana.
  3. I'd be asking TBS for a Saturday night spot at 5:05 eastern
  4. He did some shows out in California a few years ago. Rev Pro, I think... I also want to say he did some shows with Donovan Morgan & The little guy's promotion back in the day
  5. The Mighty Toon are in 3rd place at the break... and I'm just beside myself.
  6. Push Ethan Page? Hell yeah! Sign me up. I dig the cut of that man's jib.
  7. Wow. Pauly really worked this well and is quite natural at it.
  8. Damn. I will never doubt El Dandy again.
  9. US Express vs Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik Ricky Steamboat vs Greg Valentine Junkyard Dog vs Don Muraco Tito Santana vs Brutus Beefcake Big John Studd vs Tony Atlas Jimmy Snuka vs Terry Funk Wendi Richter w/ Cindi Lauper vs Fabulous Moolah 20 Man Battle Royale Hulk Hogan w/ Mr T vs Roddy Piper
  10. I miss New Jack Swing and A Tribe Called Quest. That was my jam in 1991.
  11. Sammy does have a Steve-O vibe to him.
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