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  1. Peacock has the Premier League. That and The Office is the only reason why I have the app.
  2. Didn't WALTER only sign with the WWE under the condition he wouldn't be moved to the main roster?
  3. Thats probably why wrestling today is so loose and contrived. Nothing looks real anymore. Nothing is snug or even close to being tight. We went from Mr Perfect to Dolph Ziggler.
  4. I've been waiting the last 5-6 years or so for Jericho to damn near become a quadriplegic from his Lionsault. I think the day has come where he just can't consistently be safe doing that anymore. He's 50... and he's not a Hamada or Liger 50.
  5. One of the best moments of WCCW is when Jimmy Garvin loses a match and has to work for David on the Von Erich Ranch.
  6. How in the hell can one not tell the Von Erich's apart? Kerry was the rock star Adonis David was the good ol boy Kevin didn't wear shoes and loved the head scissors
  7. Only way that could realistically conclude is if Lana jumps and we have a Macho King/Elizabeth moment circa Wrestlemania whatever.
  8. I watch Dynamite... and I was really into NWA until they shut down... though tonight I've binged all the episodes of Shockwave... can't believe how much I missed Eli Drake!
  9. Jose is still going to park the bus.
  10. The potential now for a Dark Order War Games team can go so many ways! I think Stu has to start... he is the best worker and fits that AA role. After that I'd look at either 10 or Cabana, followed by Evil Uno and then Silver. But if you have Page aligned with the DO do you go with him 4th? That woukd push out Stu/Uno. So you'd have to go with 10 tonstart, followed by Reynolds, Page, and then build up to that little spark plug jumping up n down on the sidelines in Sikver begging to get in for that suspense.
  11. Who(m) starts for Dark Order? Stu? 10? Do you include Reynolds so you have a fall guy? I'd have to say if there's a War Games match with the DO you got to have Evil Uno involved.
  12. I dont think I've seen a WWE live event since a random 2018 ppv.
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