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  1. Tyrese is just jealous that the only reason anyone wants to put him in a movie anymore is him being the wisecracking brother. Now that they no longer use him in the Transformers movies he's clinging to F&F a bit too much. Sorry Tyrese you need to go out there and take part in a few smaller roles if you have to and reinvent yourself. Take a chance on yourself for once instead of playing it safe.
  2. It was the twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse who were on Friends and in Big Daddy as how they usually work with child actors. But it's just Dylan on the Riverdale show.
  3. My dad has a Roku so I've used both devices, but I really prefer the Sony Blu Ray menu over the Roku menu. I don't mean the main menu but I mean the MLB.tv and WWE Network menu on Roku is really lackluster, so much harder to navigate then on the Blu Ray player.
  4. I don't see the purpose of buying a Roku, I mean you'd be better off buying a Sony Blu Ray player instead even if you rarely ever play any physical media. The menus are far better and you still have the option of watching a DVD or Blu Ray if you choose to down the line.
  5. I think that this thread should be for Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu Plus since the latter two have seriously stepped up their games since this thread was made. Just watched a really good documentary on Amazon Video about Juco football in Mississippi.
  6. His recent movies aren't exactly making huge box office so its not like he's doing them for the money, just more like a hobby for him. No different then middle aged guys who played hockey in high school but still play on a Rec League team once a week just for the heck of it.
  7. If Rey was the daughter of Luke then how wouldn't Han know who she was? She's not that significantly younger then Ben/Kylo is and Luke didn't leave until after failing to train Ben so considering her age if she was Luke's daughter would've been born prior to Luke going into hiding?
  8. I'll be ther 10:30 AM on Friday morning, it's going to be in the heart of he craziness but it's the only type of movie that I'm willing to deal wih this type of stuff. I can't imagine not seeing it within the first day of its release just because I don't think I can keep myself from spoiling the movie much longer then that and I would much prefer knowing only the basic idea of the movie going into it.
  9. The bowling Hall of Fame moved to Texas about 5 years ago.
  10. Kind of crazy that an MCL tear may save his life. If he didn't tear the MCL they might not have caught the Lymphoma in time.
  11. I'm in a 1 QB only league so I was going back and forth if I should start Peyton or Dalton, glad I went with my gut and went with Manning after adjusting my starting lineup about 5 times yesterday.
  12. They need to take the franchise to the next level in the following sequels. The next movie should be SharkQuake. It will be a gigantic earthquake that opens up a huge fault line where inside of that fault is a lake of killer sharks. Part 5 they go and do Shark 9/11, not sure how you go about that yet but it's coming.
  13. queue? You still get Netflix through the mail, you're one of the few dinosaurs of Netflix left, wow.
  14. It would be awesome seeing Brock putting both Kofi and Xavier on his shoulders at the same time and double F5'ing them both simultaneously.
  15. Now that Cesaro's partner is out for the forseeable future, I wouldn't mind seeing him wrestle Lesnar since he is someone who'll give Brock a good match but obviously Brock will go over in this match. But I guess they just want Brock is dismantle his first opponent since he shouldn't be having a competive match with anyone who's recently been just a tag team competitor.
  16. I would imagine that Kofi is the one wrestling Brock is so he can do a lot of bumping for him and since he's in the tag team division won't hurt his stock getting dismantled in short fashion. But with Kofi busy with Brock will Big E and Xavier have to defend the tag titles by just themselves which will be the way they explain the title change.
  17. You don't get busted for smoking in competition or out of competition, more or less you better have it out of your system when you're in competition. So basically if it takes a week or 10 days or whatever to get it out of your system before you're in competition then you better not smoke in that time frame before your fight.
  18. They didn't even bring back the best part of Point Break, the Presidents masks. Of course an updated roster of presidents would probably be Obama, W., Clinton and Old Man Bush.
  19. I'm just glad that the finals are going to most likely be the Warriors vs. Cavaliers. So tired of the NBA championship having about 6-7 teams winning 75% of the titles.
  20. TNA failed to stay on a shitty network that has complete crap on the network for a full year. When they did the Destination America deal there was no good networks wanting to do a deal with them, with them being canceled now they went from unlikely to doing a deal to no chance in hell now.
  21. LethalStriker

    Mad Max

    As great as Charlize was in this and she was I hope the next movie has Max interacting with a whole new group of people, he should just be the drifter who stumbles into different situations every movie. At the end of Fury Road it looks like when they got back to the Citadel that Max and Furiosa went in their separate directions.
  22. I doubt that Whedon does Episode 9 since he sounded like he wanted to take some time off after Age of Ultron and probably not involve himself in such a big movie again right away afterwards. Not sure why they don't get Abrams to do Episode 9.
  23. So the Patriots are going to have to sign a veteran QB to start the first four games of the season, since their current 2 backup QB's neither are ready to start the first 25% of your season for the team. You need someone who's at least adequate in a starting role.
  24. With the success of Age of Ultron, Samuel L. Jackson has now surpassed Tom Hanks as the #1 grossing actor of all time. Which is kind of ironic since his biggest movies with the Star Wars prequels and MCU movies he's playing like #6 or #7 lead role. But hey it counts all the same.
  25. Felicity Jones is playing the lead in the Rogue One movie, any possibility that the character that shes playing is a young Mon Mothma? Also good possibility that the second Anthology movie will be about Boba Fett. Since Trank is out, I think they should go with a proven commodity with someone like Joe Johnston. Instead of rolling the dice on another young director with only 1 or 2 movies under his belt.
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