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  1. Guess, who made first return today??? i don't make any speculation of this young girl, but this is probably Nanae give her job
  2. well, best luck for him. in other news, Japanese government's had a plan to cease production of light tubes (and to stop imports of light tubes) by 2020 goes ahead, and the impact on deathmatches.news.livedoor.com/article/detail/10968162/
  3. so Tokyo Sports released Tokyo Sports awards 2015. and the winners are : shocked? that is all...
  4. it's make sense why akebono leave from AJPW just like few decades back : - Misawa gone build NOAH - Mutoh gone build Wrestle-1 - Kobashi gone build Fortune Dream (probably don't make this as your list) - Okebono gone build Oudou
  5. not surprised at all, she hinted this on her comeback match in september.
  6. here's that main event match of SEAdLINNNG next year on January, 11th
  7. i heard the rumors he return at Road to Tokyo Dome potentially.. i'm not sure he is in 100%, i'm still aware of his neck injury
  8. trouble never stop in AJPW directions, today Kanemaru announced leave All Japan in December this year. battle-news.com/?p=16834
  9. his daughter Ayano Shimada a President of Tenryu Project
  10. i think it's true if that happen and Kotaro Suzuki leave from AJPW and vacating his Jr. HVT title.. i guess, he will following Shiozaki after that
  11. got news from Enuhito today apparently, Go Shiozaki is going to NOAH show at Korakuen on November, 20. i don't know what he doing there since i'm not sure he want a title shot
  12. i got news from here, they announced former JWP Junior Championship (before unified with POP Champion) Erika Watanabe diagnosed had stomach Cancer stage 3B and liver. for those who didn't know her, she competed in JWP in the end of 90's and mid of 2000. and the JWP event at JWP Dojo on November, 8 merch and ticket sells will be donated for her treatment. get well soon! https://m.facebook.com/JapanesePuroresuIchiban/photos/a.649601758467354.1073741828.649570988470431/910162545744606/?type=3&source=46
  13. my logic is, he's going to All Japan next year (pretty hope he did it) .but, he like to Freelancing until end of the year
  14. yeah, Hudson Envy at her finest performance but she will take a long rest on November because she had injury, she posted on her social media account earlier today
  15. To dispel any rumors, Act Yasukawa has not retired. She hinted at it, but she said that any announcement is "to be continued..." She will be in Los Angeles next weekend for Stardom USA. according to Stardom English page https://www.facebook.com/StardomJoshiPuroresu
  16. in the other news, Aoi Kizuki suffering knee injury after match at Yokohama Radiant Hall on September 23rd, several cards has been changed. no idea if Tag title will be stripped, but she will be back soon as possible. so, get well soon!
  17. aired on NJPW World. just click the English Coverage picture and click a row which has "3AM EDT / 0AM PDT" sentence on your NJPW WORLD to watch it in English commentary. You can change the language into English on the top of the page
  18. so, apparently King Corino and Kevin Kelly calling King of Pro Wrestling for New Japan. Don't want to hear anymore geeks whining about how they can't graps the language. but according to PWInsider.com, Matt Striker will be on commentary too.
  19. So Apparently Mio Shirai Fiance is a K-dojo Roster, his name is!
  20. according to Yahoo Sports Kensuke Sasaki announced she has been healing but need several months to recovery http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20150924-00000097-dal-ent
  21. Apparently Joshi Puroresu Legend Akira Hokuto diagnosed had a breast cancer and tomorrow she's going to hospital for undergoing surgery and removing her tumor which is taken a few months for this. it's hard to say but Get well soon and hope you back in television again as possible.
  22. Yuna Manase hasn't retired yet, she working in another promotion called "Actress girl'Z" www.hello-agz.com/member/index.html
  23. pretty excited but since Mio retired i had no idea if Kana got good threatening by E
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